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söndag 10 augusti 2014

Golden Children Are Dumb

A blog about the goldies being dumb. True they are, still, they consider themselves genius. But they must be really dumb as they buy the con they are superior to the scapegoats of their narcissistic parent and enabling parent. There is normally one of each in a dysfunctional family. It's the narcissistic parent who choose their golden child who's spoiled rotten. Their superiority is supported by the projections by the parents. Even when the child says really dumb things nobody seem to hear them. If the scapegoat on the other hand says something brilliant there seem to be a filter that instantly translates it into something ridiculous. One way for the narcissistic parent and the golden child to ensure this illusion is to twist all the words the scapegoat says, focus on the least important argument, or deliberately misquote and interpret what they say. It is so obvious some golden children use these tricks alot and are well aware they are destroying the others arguments with foul play. If in disagreement they will INVENT proof of being right, like lying about what you claim and bullshit everyone into believing that is what you've said. This they do cause they are mortally afraid of being caught as the ordinary humans they are, with no special gifts that make them above their scapegoated siblings. It's just an illusion and they are caught in the game and don't have the guts to leave. That is the main reason they are definitely stupid - as any sane, intelligent person would like to leave such a silly game.

The other weekend golden sis re-invented the past so now ME and a brother is framed for all her shit. It was so EASY to prove wrong, but our golden brother believed all of it. Then he too started to make wild accusation based on her lies. We were told we were on a place at a time when we were not. This sociopathic baby sister I helped to raise when I was a child myself, changed her dipers, taught her to go potty, and tended to her till I moved away from home when she was 13, this sister wrote to a brother of mine that I had done ALL of the shit she did. She claimed I had stayed over the night between Friday to Saturday (the night SHE did what she did). I left for home in the morning on that Friday to walk the dog, my NM (who actually WAS there this night) dumped on me months before. And then I had to get my FOUR children and one grandchild home from schools and daycare. So NO - I was HOME. But my golden brother believes HER and goes on a rant how I have stolen BOTH her and his legal papers that night (when I was HOME). I guess it means our SISTER stole it? I have no idea why anyone would steel them as they OWN THE ORIGINAL papers. Why would anyone steel them then? Makes no sense. As the golden boy starts to accuse me of doing even more stuff, I'm sure he KNOWS I am innocent as he never even has mentioned that paper EVER before. So suddenly HE has a paper too, and needs a scapegoat? So they both - the sick GOLDEN ones - make up a story that I didn't go home!!!! How STUPID ISN'T THAT!!! I have FOUR people who can testify I was bloody home. 

I have proof in my computer of working with my stuff in it Friday evening. Working on my webpage making a bloody BIRTHDAY PAGE for my lying brothers only SON. Nobody in that family couldn't even bother to thank me for it - and now THIS. Is THIS my brothers thank you for ALL THAT BLOODY HARD WORK???? I don't cough up a page and gift from my bloody arse. It takes TIME from my busy schedule. I so hate these people now I have seriously cursed them even worse then I did last year for everyone believing my lying sister. I know most people think I am WRONG to hate them, but they just lack empathy for others. Wait till they are blamed for EVERYTHING that bloody WHORE has done. I used to love her and I seriously HATE her now. I wish I hadn't sacrificed my own childhood to be her parent and give her confidence and make her feel loved and not like I did. She just kicked me in my face as thank you for that. If I'd been her mother for real everyone would despise her for what she's doing, but since I am "only" her sister nobody cares. They are so wrong. I lost my childhood to her and didn't start behaving like my age until I could move away from home and get silly and irresponsible at University. And that was not very much.

I also went home as our cat was having kitties ANY DAY, and only I know what to do if stuff went wrong. I went home as I wont stay over in others houses due to a health problem I have which makes it troublesome. I went home cause my husband had to work late as he'd had to take care of everything that morning that I normally do. And both me and the brother can prove we went home as we BOTH used our computers. If our golden brother can't understand that his computer freak brother would not leave tons of proof on his computer of being home, he's really STUPID. And I worked that weekend on our golden brothers only sons birthday page, finishing it up to send it on Monday. But according to this ungrateful arsehole brother I was helping myself to steeling stuff that weekend, instead of taking care of my family. Father died on Friday morning and he believes that I neglects my family the whole WEEKEND to search for papers I had no idea existed as NO-ONE has EVER told me they existed. They have ALL OF THEM said there ARE NO PAPERS. So why in hell would I do that? These people are sick and insane and I can tell you I hate them more for every LIE they tell. I curse them back to hell from hence they came to fuck with me and my children. I so hate them.

Thanks to everyone who are telling it like it is - these kind of people are SICK - they are DEVILS in human bodies. You can be the bestest friend to them, and they treat you like SHIT. If you only knew how kind I've been to all of these fucktards you would know from were my rage towards them now comes. I'm now sure they never cared for me and always wanted my death. Now I see why mother let the nurses inject me with TBC-vaccine when new born, though she is immune since childhood. Now I know why my golden brother abandoned me TWICE when we were train hiking in Europe when I was a teen. A young girl in latin land - all alone. Seems like a good idea... Not. I ended up with gun fights as there were lots of trouble in NW Spain, and there he had left me. Luckily a nice older danish girl helped me home. I'm bloody sure he wanted rid of me and mother too, who had sent him with me. She didn't seem bothered he came home ALONE days before I came. A few months before she had phoned the POLICE cause I was on a date and didn't come home that night. She knew were I was, on a date quite far off, and made a HUGE affair out of it cause I didn't phone home 2 o'clock after the disco closed. Then she's like CARE FACE when I am stranded in Spain when people are rioting, police are shooting and the tourist office I'd been at the other day had been blown up by a bomb. No big deal? Unbelievable!!! Nobody EVER talked about how my GOLDEN BROTHER dumped me in Spain. The first time he dumped me I managed to find him again in a big town. Cause I am smart. He was very angry when I arrived at the hostel. He was MAD. Not happy to see me ALIVE. As he's left me all alone in a strange place where a parish guy was trying to get into my pants, and he thought it was a good idea to leave me there? If my sons left their baby sister with a slimy married parish guy on a romantic mountain hostel I would call them CRAZY. Imagine getting your teenager home PREGNANT !!! Luckily I could take care of myself and told him off, and he was slimey but not a bad person, so he left me alone. What did my GOLDEN BROTHER DO? When he came home he told everyone I had had SEX with that guy. He even told the guy I was fond of, so thank you very much. I found out as one of his friends told me. I was so upset, so bloody mad at my brother. He's a bloody ARSE and he does not deserve me as a sister. He's been such an ARSE so many times.

My sociopathic baby sister made up stuff to blame me doing what she did a couple of years ago. EVERYTHING she claimed was so EASY to prove wrong, but our golden brother believed all of it. Then he too started to make wild accusation based on her lies. One "proof" he based all his assumptions on was that me and another brother were on a place at a time when we were not. I worked on the Golden Brother's SONS birthday page and fathers memorial page and on next months PSP-course on my computer and my brother was doing loads of work, mailing, posting on forums. All on our computers! I have FOUR of age eyewitnesses I was at home. One other witness is the sociopathic sister herself who is writing a bloody MAIL to us telling us about the day when we're supposed to be with her. In that mail she writes a list over people who was there and ME and the brother is not on her own bloody list!!! Then they both claim I must be lying about reading a paper, bringing up something totally irrelevant and claims I got it wrong, like me remembering every line on the paper is the important issue, and not the fact I both have a witness who sees me reading it and I can myself testify I read it. All they proved to me is that they never even bothered to LISTEN to what I did say. I put it in a video I posted on YouTube so they could listen to it properly. And they NEVER DID, as what SHE claims I said is not true and the selfimportant golden brother AGREES with her, that what SHE says is proof I am lying.

They both claim I must be lying about reading my sister's deal with our father on her house, as this lying bitch claims I have said she used her married name when she signed it and when she got the house she was not married. Which PROOFS it to me NONE of these morons EVER even listened to what I did say. I have it on a recording, which is still on the net, so no cheating. I clearly states the bloody deal was signed AFTER she was married. Last time I looked 1996 is AFTER 1994. STUPID LIARS. In the video I tell them I think it was signed in 1996. For YEARS my sister was telling me dad would not give her papers on the house. For years AFTER 1992? Our golden brother knows this, they ALL do, as that is the story they've been telling us up till dad died. Now suddenly they claim we ALWAYS KNOWN about this deal, and this weekend our golden brother suddenly also claims HE HAS SUCH A DEAL. Big news to us!!! And he claims that when I was in TWO PLACES at the same time, I was also stealing this paper, as I now - of course - have stolen my sisters. BUT - even if I stole them, I never bothered to read them !!! How utterly insane. I have BOTH never read it AND stolen it ???

The sociopathic liar writes: "Ingis is also right that the document I showed her was signed XX. By that she has also testified that it could NOT be the deal about the house I showed her. Since as you should know I changed my name to X 18/6 1994, hence a couple of years after I took over the house." Even if she'd been right that would prove NOTHING. I read that deal 8 months earlier and she says that if I would get ONE detail wrong it proves I didn't see it at all. It's so stupid I wish to smash their faces with their stupidity. I clearly stated I was NOT sure about all the wordings in the deal, just that it WAS THE BLOODY DEAL !!!! They are picking on STRAWMEN to avoid the point - she showed me the fucking deal and one brother walked in on us and now she is lying to cover it up. I was supposed to be ALONE, so she could ABUSE me together with her SICK BASTARD of husband and my SICK BASTARD of golden brother.


These people are DANGEROUS. They are SICK! They treat you like DIRT even if you have treated them with LOVE and helped them for - in my case 50 YEARS. No-one of them visited me at hospital when I was in so poor condition I might not make it. Nobody called. They'd not told any of their family members about it either. They want everyone to HATE me - they've been lying about me to everyone. I have cursed them to hell and to hell they will go. Never had a curse not come true and I have NEVER cursed them before. I've blessed others in my life who's let me down and I've removed my blessings and given the curses and their whole lives changes. Whatever they deserve they will get. Karma will hit their butts harder then they'll believe is possible, and when it does I will laugh all the way to the end. The veil will fall from the eyes of their enablers and they will abandon them. I've seen it before, as I said it was. I've done it before and so it was fulfilled. Every single thing that mattered ripped from the person who hurt me, cause he wanted to. What a fool. They are all fools and I laugh at them, cause they do not yet know what she will befall them.


Mother seems to be in on it as she was phone harassing me for a long time trying to talk to me. I refused talking about this with her, as her parents had come to me and told me to NOT talk to my mother on this issue. This was mothers last CHANCE to get this right. They were very sad, but showed me they loved me very much. Dad was there too, but it was not time for me to talk to him. Then they were all gone. Later I've met dad on his own, and all was well with him. He adviced us last year to get a lawyer to handle our Golden ones. The lawyer has told them they need written papers on stuff, their words is not enough. Still, they both believe they can con the Court with bullshit, cause their mother has told them they can. A mother who's been lying for 25 years about her divorse with dad, claiming nothing of her money went into the divorse settlement. Most of it did - I did the math, and she's been lying. The court said her word was not enough, she needed papers!!!! LOL

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