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tisdag 12 augusti 2014

We Have Loved Psychopaths

Indeed, you have loved them your whole life. You might call me a liar, but that is the truth. And the bottom cause of all evil done in this world is due to these pathological in-humans. The only big problem is that their mind has infected all of us. To find one adult person who has never been infected by one would be a hard task. You would have to look at children to find one. 

This I wrote a few months back but it's so very true. I've had dreams telling me for years about this unhealthy "love". One dream told me the story of an alien invasion. The invaders where very kind, loving and always so very happy. They were blond and nordic looking, or atleast how the nordics used to look before the huge invasion of earth born aliens. How they used to look when my children were tiny back in the 90's. That is, how the children used to look as many parents grow dark when they mature into adulthood. So these dream aliens looked like the blond children of my nordic homeland. And they were so very positive and loving and would not accept any negativity from any direction. Sadness and negativity was banished from earth. It was mandatory to be happy and have positive thoughts. That was inforced after they took over, but what did happen WHEN they took over was that all the psychopaths ran away to hide. They told their families that it was no use all of them died, so by letting them run away into safety and let themselves stay put they would act like "human shields" for the psychopathic parent. 

In the example I saw in the dream it was a psychopathic father who left his wife and children this way. He actually wanted them to stay as bait for the aliens to catch, which would buy him time to escape. "No need for all of us to die" was his excuse. It was so horrifying seeing this father reasoning like this, as if his life exceeded in importance to that of his wife and their children. Then he ran away and the ET's arrived on their space ships and took over the society, with love and light. All seemed perfect and nobody was killed, like that father had thought they would be. His wife and children where all fine, but they missed him terribly and worried about him and what had come of him. I tried to help them out and to help all out whom was missing dear ones, who'd gone missing during the invasion. All of them psychopaths, who selfishly had run away leaving their families and friends to cope for themselves. 

We were all so very worried about what had happened to them and asked ourselves what possibly could had happened to them and why they never returned. This made us all not able to put up such a happy and jolly face as the aliens wanted us to have. They wanted us all to feel joy and bliss, and not brood on things we could not change, but rejoice in the miracle of life. Their whole teachings were not in error, it was US that was in error. We could not feel what they wanted us to feel, as we were so very sad due to all the missing psychopaths. We missed them and we cared for them. Where had they gone, why would they not return. And we all, in secret, suspected that the aliens were to blame. That they'd killed all of them and would not tell us. This suspicion was so immense we could not ignore it. It gave us anger against the happy and kind aliens, that did nothing but kind things to us. They created the most perfect world to us, and all they asked of us was to be happy and enjoy it. We could not. But as it was forbidden to be negative, feel hate and anger, we had to pretend we did not feel this way. So all of us, who missed psychopaths, had to wear masks with happy faces on, to con the aliens we were as happy as they wished us to be. 

This dream bugged me for a long time, for so many reasons. First it told me we can not expect some outside source to come and "fix" us, as the problem is ourselves and so the solution must come from ourselves. That was very troublesome as the trouble is that we don't know what's wrong with our way of being. Everyone is telling us "love will cure everything", it seems like. We've all heard that mantra enough times. Will it? But if it's "love", or so called love, that has got us into this mess to begin with? What if we are giving our love away to a parasite, a non-human entity that does not "love" us back? It's like thinking caring for a tape-worm will make him nicer and not suck our life energy from us. It will not. After so long time thinking about this dream I must admit there is no other way then the way those aliens choose - to get rid of the psychopaths somehow. In the dream it seemed in the end that they were only banished to a safe zone, and not allowed to return to the caring and loving people they took care of and wanted to be happy. They hadn't actually "killed" any of them, only banished them so they could not hurt us anymore.

This theme of banishing toxic people re-occured in another dream I had with aliens from another realm, also nordic looking. All my aliens look like perfect nazi-youth, if you ask me. Some even flew nazi-flying saucers in one dream, which was very toxic so not a good idea to fly. But back to the next dream I had. These aliens also invaded earth - that is the standard theme in almost all my alien dreams - and when doing so they started to pack people into huge trucks. The people were sucked into the trucks with a light beam and the inside of the containers on the truck was shining with an intense light. They were sucked into the light. I tried to help people escape from this fate, but to my great pain nobody seemed to care. I did find another woman who also tried to help people. She was kind of rich, from an old wealthy family and she lived in a huge posh house. She was someone I would not expect to be that caring and empathetic, but she was. We tried to make people hide inside her big house, but very few followed our offer of help. They just didn't seem to care what was going on around them, like they were not seeing or something.

I saw the whole river through the town was filled with human bodies, flowing down down. I got very upset, scared they were all dying, drowning, but when I came to the edge, by the railing, I could see they were all alive and there didn't seem to be any water. They were oddly just flowing down together like a huge mass of people. A girl popped up from the mass, holding up her expensive i-phone (or whatever brand it was) and laughing while taking pictures. She didn't seem aware what predicament she was in. She acted totally oblivious. I don't really remember what happened first, but I think I met this girl before I met the nice lady with the posh house. I was very scared what was going on. I asked myself where all these people were taken and I was very very scared that I was going to be taken too, as I didn't want to go somewhere not knowing where that somewhere was to be. I tried to make people follow me to a safe place and I pulled and pushed alot of people and tried to make them wake up and run away from all this.

That was how I ended up in the posh house with the empathic lady who too had tried to call on people to come and save themselves in her big and safe house. A few people had listened to us and we were all hiding in the house when the aliens finally found us. It was really no use so I felt I had to talk to them and see what they wanted atleast. I asked them if they were going to kill all these people or where they were taking them and they replied that they were not going to harm anyone, but that these people could not stay on earth anymore as they were not in harmony with her. She was becoming really ill from them and she needed them to be moved away. So they were just moving away people that was damaging to our planet, was the message I got. I then asked them if they were going to take me now, and they replied they would not. I asked them WHY? And they told me it was cause I was an original. The ones they had to take were all clones. Only the originals were in harmony with earth and we would stay and help her heal. 

In the next scene I was in a big building, like one of those with machines and working equipment the town uses to keep things neat and tidy. I was wearing an orange working overall, like those working for town might use when working in the parks and all over the place. I was surrounded with other people wearing orange outfits, the same kind as mine. I understood that we were all originals and I also understood we had much work to do. All the toxic people, the clones, had been removed and the very few of us still here had to take care of everything ourselves. I don't know how many where taken and how many was left, but I would guess it was less then 10% left. This is very similar to the elite agenda to rid earth of 90-95% of it's population. There is plenty of evidence on this intent from them. There are also these aliens, nordic looking type, who is supposed to have mentioned the same number that is on those peculiar Georgian guide stones - half a billion. That is all they think there should be, and I think that was about what these aliens in my dream left earth with.

Later on I've heard people who claim to channel aliens have the same message as my dream. The same number too, like I said above. They've channeled this message that they will come and collect the "chosen ones" in containers and bring to the new earth. Exactly like my dream said. I've heard people tell me they have dreamt that aliens come and fetch them on their ships and take them elsewhere. Which is like a total other perspective from mine, where I was to stay on earth and heal her and do a great work. Earth was dying in my dream, and if you ask me - look around. Earth is dying. All life on earth is dying. So perhaps it's to rescue also all the "clones" the aliens had to come and fetch them? I got the feeling they were somewhat responsible for them being "clones". Perhaps they'd helped to create them in the first place? In my opinion a "clone" is a re-cycled soul, whom not been home to source before getting re-uploaded to a new body. Hence a "clone". 

An original hence is a soul that has come straight from the source, which I remember I did before I was born. I remember leaving the source, the void, and coming here through the blue vortex, into the blue matrix, which is our universe. The void is fabolous, by the way. Just wanted to add that at the end, as I've heard many slagg it off like it was some kind of empty, horrible place. It's not. It's everything and wonderful, so very wonderful it cannot be described with words. Words are not enough to describe what source is, from hence original souls come. Many do remember and they all say the same thing - you are huge, knowing everything, when in source, before getting downloaded here into limits and time. Those souls not experiencing this before entering into a new body might never have left, but only been re-cycled in the program. So everyones "death" experience might be different depending on if you went back to the source, or only were re-cycled in the program itself. My opinion based on a few early pre-birth memories. :)

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