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fredag 13 mars 2015

Smear Anonymously

Today I got this video via a young woman with similar problems that I've had in my life, calling herself Scapegoated Daughter. She has only one sister, no brothers, so in her family she had to take all the burden of being the bad child. In reality she's the good child, who always paid everything herself, worked hard, took care of herself, and never got much help or assistance from her FOO. Her younger sister at the other hand is considered a darling and has gotten away with doing anything. She did not bother to educate herself and she's sponging off her parents. She seems totally unaware of how unfairly their parents are treating her sister as while she's gotten a house, a car and whatever she wanted, her sister even been robbed by their NM.

So not only does some children have to pay almost everything for themselves, like educations, houses, cars, but then they will also be stolen from by their parents. That's how unfairly these narcissists will treat their children, depending on how they look upon each of them. Some times a narcissist will change how they treat a child and be kinder to someone for awhile and less kind to another. I believe that is mostly due to them falling out in some way or that someone has moved away. I just have not paid enough attention to figure out how you get into favor all of a sudden, then out of favor. There is no love or loyalty in a narcissist, so they only treat their children as either a nuisance or an extensions of themselves.
Picture of the last homeland of the evil killers of worlds.
That said about Scapegoated Daughter, whom I'd say is a pretty normal case of narcissistic abuse, since there is no sexual or physical abuse, but it's economic and emotional abuse. In that aspect it's very identical to the abuse forms that's been most normal in my family, though there was also physical abuse in some way, but it was not the physical pain that was the worst, but the mental abuse that came with it. It was done for no reason, or in many cases to punish us scapegoats for things the Golden Child had done. I grew up watching the oldest brother be punished for things his younger brother had done, and I also got many spankings for unknown reasons. It was so common it was normal, and I never connected the spanking to a punishment for anything I've done.

I'm pretty sure I hadn't done anything naughty as I so clearly remember every time I did do naughty stuff. I was extremely satisfied when I'd been naughty to the babysitter, for instance, and she smacked me in my face again and again. Every time she smacked me for a good reason, I felt very satisfied. I didn't mind the pain as that was mere physical. There were no mental pain, no pain in my heart, when she smacked me, cause I'd been well and good naughty with her, speaking up against her, not doing as I was told. So I'm pretty sure I'd know if I'd been naughty, as I got shaky all over my body of angst when I did a naughty thing to my mom and dad when I was four years old. I still remember how shaken up I was over the absolutely naughtiness of it all, and I was so afraid what horrible punishment I would get when I actually had made something in real life that was naughty towards them. 
The wicked leave wastelands after themselves.
I'd poured some water into their beds as punishment for not letting me go to granddad's funeral. The anti-climax came when they came home and went to bed, without noticing. I could not understand that when I in fact did act naughty, the only time I can remember EVER doing anything naughty to my parents I was NOT punished. In the end I figured out that the spanking had nothing to do with us two doing naughty things, but all to do with whom we were. We just were made to be punished and our Golden Brother was made to get praised. How weird a world we'd landed in, where some are born to be saints, no matter how much pain and suffering he causes others, and others are born to be maggots, no matter how much they work and try to do good. It's like the English saying goes - can't do right for doing wrong, and can't do wrong for doing right. 

The Golden Boy could do whatever, and he was loved and fabulous still, while we could not work enough hard and we were still not worth the time of a day. It gets normal and you accept it, until one day you don't. That day came and went and now we live in the NEW WORLD were this is not acceptable. We were not created as less then them, as the truth is that a kind and unselfish heart is better then a cruel and selfish one. So in reality the Golden Boy is the lesser of us three oldest children. He's just as low as his envious witch of a baby sister actually. I say that as they both are having a huge smear campaign going about me since May 2013 (atleast). I believe they've smeared me far longer then that, as I've been told a few things through the years that was either outrageous lies that must had originated from either one of them, or their wicked mother, or it was huge misunderstandings only a moron could make. 
Even the greatest civilizations have been ravaged by the greedy liars.
People must have heard something to make such false assumptions and I think I know a few ways they achieved this through the years, without really having to lie alot. Narcissists often use a method that is very sly and slow in it's working, while also being devastating for the victim of the smear. They like to put little things "out there", very slowly. I'm talking about sociopaths really, as malignancy is psychopathy and when I am talking about a socially well performed psychopath I like to call them a sociopath. There are a few different schools on this, liking different terms, but I prefere that one, as to me a typical psychopath is like the brute who kicked my son in his face, for no good reason. To the evil psychopath it was a revenge for my son reporting him to the police after he had punched my son in the face the other day, for no good reason. 

Psychopaths bully people, punch people and then they feel entitled to harm people for not liking to be harmed. They start fights and then they frame their victims for the fight, as they've made up the saying that it takes two to fight. No, it takes one psychopath to hit another person, who's only crime is to try and stop the assault. That is not two fighting, but one as the other is protecting themselves only and would never had been fighting at all if it was not for the bloody psychopath! So to me the term psychopath is a violent person who has no empathy for their victims rights to defend themselves. It's both physical violence and verbal where they consider it their right to abuse others, who are expected to take it like poor, beaten dogs. Sociopaths are to me the sly, socially well adapted person, who walks like a wolf among the sheep, unseen by the herd, while they snatch out their victims and kill them. 
Whole blossoming cities and lands in dust and ruin by the evil.
Sociopaths use social aggression, which is smear and toxic remarks taken out of context and very unfair and cruel to the victim. But most bystanders are being enchanted by this sly bully, who will make out that the true victim is the one doing the bullying, so the ones standing around will begin to help out to cause the victim further trauma. All that is a deliberate goal of the sociopath, who wish to make their target feel alone, left out, unwanted. As their other goal is to make others adore them, never question anything they say, they will be very careful to make out that they want their target to visit, that they feel so neglected by their target. All lies to make others feel sorry for the bully and guilt trip the target of the abuse, so they feel bad when being there, and guilt for avoiding the horrible situation. It's cause the sociopath wish to have their targets nearby so their abuse can be ongoing. 

If the target goes away and wont let themselves be abused the bully will gather all their minions and with their help start a smear campaign bigger then anyone they've made with the victim nearby. Everyone I've been in contact with have the same experience that going no contact with abusive people will cause them to amp up their abuse. They will always do their torment with the use of proxies, as that will render the victim more helpless when they see how many more who hate them. It's quite easy for a sociopath to do this as they've been surrounding themselves with narcissists their whole life, and any narcissist will become far more malignant then before under the influence of a sociopath. It takes only one truly rotten egg to make a whole basket rotten, as the saying goes.
They came to destroy what once was a flowering planet.
Often there are more then one very malignant person in a family where there are a sociopath. There can be a malignant narcissistic mother, who shamelessly didn't follow the rules of motherhood, but was good at making outsiders buy that she was the perfect mother. Such mothers tend to raise malignant children, aswell as rejecting anyone who's too moral or empathetic to become one. You know the difference between a typical narcissist and a real sociopath (how I look upon them and how the ones agreeing with this description look upon it) by how they behave. If you have a selfentitled, selfcentered narcissist in your house, you will notice it on how he or she wants all the love and attention from the parents. So much that they frame their brothers and sisters for all their own mischief, and push them to act out in rage by gaslighting them and taunting them with tricks and false statements. 

Narcissists are openly bullies and there is no question about it, and now I'm talking about the overt, classical kind - the typical type. When people talk about the sly covert kind of narcissist, I hear them talk about sociopaths. I believe they are the same type of being, more or less. They will not act like the most entitled ones, but fake humility, which is all an act. They will pretend to want to help others, take over situations and by that get control over both material and economic resources. To distract from what they are really doing they normally frame someone, so they can use the upset everyone feel to make them busy in attacking the innocent victim. While everyone is focusing their attention towards the innocent, framed target, the sociopath can go on and do whatever she wishes to do as noone is watching.
That way the target cannot even breath in secret, without being accused of breathing too much, while the sociopath can run around and "conspire" with all sorts of people to find some who will help her out. That is the insane thing with this situation, as while the innocent one has done NOTHING, the vile lying sociopath is doing everything and all her minions, under her mind control, totally blames the victim! One of their favorite is to smear the target with having a smear campaign about them. It's the sociopaths main trick, to immediately frame their target for "smear" when they reveal the naughtiness the sociopath been up to. It does not take much revealing and you can be ever so kind and joke even, but you will be attacked with so hateful insults about your person that it will shock you. It's their shock and awe trick, as they wish their victim to get quiet and stop revealing them. 

By attacking this way they try to make others distrust the one doing the revealing, so they will not listen to reason anymore. It's very effective as everyone will believe there must have been going on alot more then they know about for the "poor" sociopath to get so upset. It's all a ruse, as there has NEVER happened anything more. I've seen this trick too many times now, and I've totally figured it out. They only do it to make you shut the fuck up and go along with their scam. They always have a scam and they need everyone to obey them, so noone can go and report them afterwards for something illegal. I've heard about people being straight out robbed by their so called best friends, but since they didn't try to stop them when they came and took what was not theirs, the police will not accept their cases. That is why they do the shock and awe, so people are standing there in disbelieve and not be able to speak out. 
You will feel so stunned that your BEST FRIEND is doing this to you and you can't believe what you are seeing with your own eyes. The most common target is someone the sociopath knows have done alot for them and someone who's been very loyal and loving, caring, and most of all a trusting person who always sees the good in others. The more abuse and small toxic deeds this person has been through and decided to overlook to keep the relationship with the sociopath, the more worthy of being targeted. It's cause it will create the worst pain and suffering when you bestray and backstab someone who does not deserve it one bit. That is the enjoyment of the sociopath, the malignant covert narcissist, when she stabs a knife in the back of the person who's been doing so much for them for so long. 

I've thought about reasons they do this, and came up with the explanation that the sociopath has found someone else who does all these things for them now, so it's time to "fire" their ex-best friend. People call this the discard fase and that is a good word for it. If normal friends don't need the help of someone else anymore they will not ruthlessly crush the person they are about to dump. People normally don't want to hurt others, and not end a friendship on bad foot. Even if you've fallen out you will not go about revenging the end of your friendship. This is not the case with malignant people. They will stalk you, either in real life or in the cyber world, and try to find "bad stuff" about you they can use to smear you with. While doing this they will make out the excuse that it's YOU, their target, who's doing "bad stuff" somewhere and they must find it and document it. 
As they know that people wont ask for proof, and they can always manufacture any proof they need if someone would, it's a safe method for malignant people to use when they are smearing someone. If they'd only been talking bad about their target, like normal people do who's mad as hell at someone, people might think that they are being rude, and nothing else. But by pretending to be the victims of this horrible smear, the real victim is framed with, they now can smear and lie as much as they wish. Atleast the sociopaths seem to believe this is how people work. Too bad for those demons they are wrong. There are people out there who will get fed up with their made up horror stories, sob stories where they are poor victims, when they themselves NEVER seen one slight proof on anything they've heard about this target. Never in their whole lives. 

All they've heard are nasty "wife tales", but when seeing the person who's been defamed for ever it does not add up. It does not add up cause it's all lies and when you hear lies you know it's lies. Everyone know truth from a lie, but we've been taught by the liars to ignore the lie. That is why I've received the message that we must stop loving the psychopaths, as accepting their lies are the same as loving them. When we wont accept their lies, and listen to ourselves, we will know the truth and never again help out to abuse the innocent. To speak the truth is everyones right, but the liars always want to silence the truth, while they openly defame and lie without any doubt about who they are smearing. They are very cruel beings, and I call them demons, as I truly don't think they are real humans anymore. 
What a cruel being would stalk others sites, to find their inner thoughts and feelings and lie to others that it's smear, when it's the truth they are feeling? Smear anonymously can never be smear, and these liars know that, but they are defiled copies of human beings, so they don't care for facts or reason. They only care for ONE THING - themselves and their pleasures, and they get great pleasure from harming others. What goes around comes around, and I will take great pleasure when the curse they've brought on themselves comes and bite them in their asses. Everyone who's lied about me are cursed, everyone who choose to ignore the truth in favor of the lies are cursed. That's those under this curse really and what the curse will do to them is all up to their intent with the harm they've caused me. 

Was it for selfish greed, one result will come. Was it to aid loyally another, there will be another result as noone should aid evil. Was it just for the fun of causing havoc in our family, there will be a very funny result. Well, to me it will be funny, not to the one who took great joy in destroying innocence. I think you get my drift with this - that I don't make a curse that is simple, but very complex and the worse deeds the person has done and the more deliberate they've been in their malice, the worse curse will come and the longer it will manifest. Oh yes, I've also deleted each and every well wish I had on all of them. I regret ever making them and I will never make another to any liars in this world ever. I will never forget whom the liars are again, never shrug my shoulders that it's just me being over sensitive. 
Now I know that a thief and a liar is always a thief and a liar. Shame on you and for all your madness. Shame on you for coming into this world and harming good people. Go away and come never back. I'm talking really bad people here, not the kind that lies, get found out and repent with true shame. I'm not talking about people who steal some small thing, and feel guilt. I'm talking about those who NEVER repent, never admit to anything evil they've done. Those who ALWAYS frame the innocent and thrive when they can belittle and hurt those who've been nothing but kind to them. This kind of person will pretend to be your friend, but fester with malice and jealousy. This is NOT a friend, this is a dangerous enemy you need to get rid of. The way to do it is to make sure you live far away from them and share nothing with them. Don't even share friends and family with them, so if you need to you have to stop all contact with all your relatives who rather keep their friendship with the sociopaths and narcissists then with you. 

If you tell them you will seize all contact with anyone still befriending these liars and they still choose to be friends with them and rather loose you, it's a choice you need to accept. They never loved you, and all the love you had for them was wasted. I know it's hard to accept, but it's the truth. If a person rather keeps a friendship with a known liar, who's been bullying you, hurting you, lying about you, then keep their friendship with you, who's done nothing wrong, they must never have loved you back and also deserve to reap what they've sowed by this choice. We need to let go of such people and know that they will one day have to lay in the bed they choose to make. One day they might be betrayed and stabbed in their back, is what I'm saying. A sociopath will change their target when one is lost, so beware all you psychopath-lovers. You might be next on the list to be bullied!
I will end off with an article about bullying - and cyber bullying. I'll do that to EDUCATE my cyber- and REAL LIFE bullies: 


Bullying happens when there is an imbalance of power; where someone purposely and repeatedly says or does hurtful things to someone else. Bullying can occur one on one or in a group(s) of people. There are many different forms of bullying:
  • Physical bullying (using your body or objects to cause harm): includes hitting, punching, kicking, spitting or breaking someone else's belongings.
  • Verbal bullying (using words to hurt someone): includes name calling, put-downs, threats and teasing.
  • Social bullying (using your friends and relationships to hurt someone): includes spreading rumours, gossiping, excluding others from a group or making others look foolish or unintelligent. This form of bullying is most common among girls (Canadian Children's Rights Council).


    Cyberbullying involves the use of communication technologies such as the Internet, social networking sites, websites, email, text messaging and instant messaging to repeatedly intimidate or harass others.

    Cyberbullying includes:
      • Sending mean or threatening emails or text/instant messages.
      • Posting embarrassing photos of someone online.
      • Creating a website to make fun of others.
      • Pretending to be someone by using their name.
      • Tricking someone into revealing personal or embarrassing information and sending it to others.
        Cyberbullying affects victims in different ways than traditional bullying. It can follow a victim everywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from school, to the mall and all the way into the comfort of their home - usually safe from traditional forms of bullying.


        Over time, youth who are bullied or bully others find their own ways of dealing with it. While some victims/bullies may become depressed and begin to withdraw socially, others react aggressively and turn to violence.

        Dangers for Children and Adolescents Who Are Bullied:

        • Depression
        • Social anxiety, loneliness, isolation
        • Stress related health problems (e.g., headaches, stomach aches)
        • Low self esteem
        • School absenteeism and academic problems
        • Aggressive behaviours
        • Contemplating, attempting, or committing suicide

        Dangers for Children and Adolescents Who Bully Others:

        • Not knowing the difference between right and wrong
        • Delinquency and substance use
        • Academic problems and increased school dropout rate
        • Aggression
        • Sexual harassment and dating aggression
        • Gang involvement and criminal adulthood
        • Difficulties in their relationships with others
        • Being bullied at the hands of others

        Bullying and the Law

        Bullying can be a traumatic experience, and some forms of bullying can even be considered illegal. These include:
        • Threats - whether done face to face, online, over the phone or through text messaging.
        • Assaults - including pushing, tripping, slapping, hitting or spitting.
        • Theft of personal items - like a backpack, books, electronic devices, etc.
        • Harassment - repeated tormenting online, with texts, phone calls and/or emails.
        • Sexual Exploitation - sharing videos or photos with nudity of people under 18.
        • Hate crime - bullying based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc.

        IMPORTANT clarification to the mentally retarded - bullying is when a person CONTACTS you or others with wicked lies and accusations, smear and made up stories ment to put the bullied person in a bad light. Which is EXACTLY what my tormentors are doing to ME !!!!

        Bullying and stalking is not me talking to MY FRIENDS about any issue concerning MY LIFE. It's not people talking about others ANONYMOUSLY on the internet either, without giving names on whom they are discussing, or only nick-names or made up names or even when they ARE giving out their first names, but not their last. That is NOT smear and you imbeciles know this and are only BULLYING me and SMEARING me with your LYING accusations. I hope you rot yourself in the hell you've all created. I will not be joining you - ever - as I plan to go home. Your dear MAMA knows where I came from, as I told her when I was two years old.

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