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söndag 7 september 2014

Dreams About Angels, Archons and Aliens

This is a blog I have wanted to write a very long time, though I have touched on many of these dreams in different other blogs. But I like to put them all in one blog as there is a pattern in them that I think will be more visible if I put them all together as they came to me. First I will try and sort out what these different names for entities actually stands for. I've heard many claim there are no real angels, only archons, and they are all evil and inorganic, or something. But then I heard someone claim that an archon is a ruler, that it's what that word stands for, some kind of non-physical entities that created our solar system (or so some people claim they did) and ever since want to rule it and rule over us. The archons are those we call "god", so there should be plenty of these so called gods as there are plenty of archons. But, the word angel means "messager" and are some non-physical entity that runs errands for the gods, so hence it would be wrong to assume that angels are the same as archons? I think so, as I have had many dreams about angels and they are never shown as evil, power hungry or acting controlling, like a ruler would. 

All my dreams about angels have come with a strong message and it has been the total opposite of what one would contribute to the archonic forces trying to run this world behind the scene. Or as some people claim the archonic forces try to. Remember, that I have no intel about archons from any of my dreams, only about angels, demons, archangels, gods, fairies and of course aliens. I think that is it. I don't think I have met anything else in my dreams, besides human beings and lots of animals. My dreams are mainly filled with cats, but also other animals, but nothing competing with the volumes of cats. The aliens have all been the blond kind, some looking really light haired and others a little mixed with slightly darker, almost brown hair. I've never met weird looking creatures in my dreams that were aliens. One person I met looked like a Greek god, with curly dark brown hair and brown eyes, and I met him in what looked like the Olympus, but I will not speak about that dream here, as it was a personal visit I was allowed to get to gain access to more life energy, as I was seriously ill at the time and unknowingly slowly dying. 
The visit left me with loads of energy to go on, but I understood it was a one off as I had to finish what I had started here before I was to see my true family of origin again. I also saw a couple there, whom I understood were my real parents. I didn't get a close look at them, but they were very worried about me and sent me so much love it revitalized me. The younger man was my real husband from home, and he was waiting for me to finish this job and come back home when it was done. The love from these three people was something so strong and wonderful I have never felt anything like it in the so called real life. The only thing near to it was the feeling I had in me before I went down the blue tunnel into our reality as I was being put in this body to be born into this world. That is when I was still home. I have written about that before, and all I remember is the blackness behind me, the feeling of enormous knowledge, love and wisdom, before being squeezed down the tunnel. I saw the whole universe in a blue light, and now I know that the energy that holds our material universe together is blue. 

Which makes sense as non-physical entities here are often blue in colour, like the Jinns. Blue is also the colour of knowledge, the fifth chacra and the colour of Lucifer, who seeks the truth and knowledge and has nothing to do with the Devil. The Devil is the opposition, the one who goes against. It's a title. There are so many names on entities and many people get sucked up into believes about who is what and reads books telling them to believe this or that, and they end up fighting others who have another idea about what name means this or that. All that is foolish and it's quite sad to see how rude and cruel people behave to those who don't share their own delusions. Most of this reality is actually only just that - delusions. The most deluded are those believing they are the carriers of the ultimate truth, as some spirit has come into their body and explained it all to them, often through some miracle or manifestation that left them with feelings of awe. If they believed that was some religious entity, that choose them cause they were so very special and deserving, they are normally not possible to reach, whatever you tell them. 
They will claim you are of the Devil, or Lucifer, or working for the Darkness, Satan, or whatever funny words they might come up with in the attempt to do harm unto you. That without them having one ounce of understanding what they are talking about. They use words they have not understood, for things not connected to what they want to project unto you. For instance, if I have recollections of the Source and how I came here, one of these spirit possessed persons might tell me that Source is the Void and in there is NOTHING. But he will not answer my question about what he experienced when he was one with the Creator - which is the Source of everything - only claim he knows much more about the Creator then me. But when I ask him what he can tell about Source/Creator he calls the origin of everything NOTHING - void. It is nonsensical, of course, but that is how the deluded minds in this world work. 

Their heads are filled with religious dogma they have been fed by others. Many are possessed by nasty little demons, which is non-physical entities who needs to feed on living beings who are still connected to Source. I felt that this person had a soul that was reaching out, trying to get back to Source, so I told him about this wonderful place, and he made blasphemies about what we truly are, from the beginning of everything. The hate for the Source is of the archons, have I heard from the Gnostics. The archons once came from the Source, the Pleroma, they say, but then left to rule in this realm instead. I know nothing about archons, but my guess is that they are the ones I've been calling demons. I don't think they are the big heads, whom I call gods. The gods are the ones I believe created this universe from the start, and they are one with the Source. They are Source, and Source are them, just like all souls are from the beginning. We are many and we are One. 

These big heads are not the gods people talk about, in my opinion. I think they are talking about demons as they need worship. The big heads with no bodies don't need any worship and they truly love us all so very much, but they only created this world and are not allowed to interfere while the program is running. They have the angels who are allowed to do this as angels are also a part of the program. Angels are, in my opinion, very much like the archons as they've been described to me, but they are working for the benefit of the original thought by the creators. Those who are doing bad things have become very powerful indeed, but none of them are as powerful as an angel, though angels are not in it for the power. I will try and explain this further as I get into my dreams, as this in the beginning is just a few thoughts I have about these issues. 

I have tried to explain how I use the words, as it's the meaning I put into the word that makes it into what it is, and not the meaning you might put into the same word. For instance, some people believe that Satan is Lucifer, but there is no proof of that, none what so ever. Not in the bible and not in any sense of logical thinking nowhere. Satan is considered to be Saturn, who ate his children and killed people in general - a dark and ugly looking entity. But Lucifer is described as the fairest of them all, the fairest star in the sky, the morning star. Also the guy Jesus is said to be the morning star, and we all know that is Venus. There is one great star yet and that is Jupiter. Either way those constantly mixing Satan together with Lucifer is severely deluded. But we must also remember that people can call themselves "satanists" and love puppies and little babies, while they can call themselves "christians" and go out and slaughter the same. It's only words, and it's in our actions we show who we truly are.

Here is my first dream.
This dream did I have when I was in my early 20's, I think. It was before I had met my future husband and when I was still struggling with what I wanted out of life. When she came to me I could not see any wings on her. It was just a lovely young woman with sand coloured long hair and a nice and soft face. She was not stunningly beautiful or had anything magnificent about her that filled me with awe. She just was. She took me by the hand and said with her thoughts into mine that she wanted to show me all that could be mine. It was up to me what I choose, as all of this was mine to have. Then we flew off into the world. She truly showed me marvelous futures I could have, where I would have much money and wealth, living in mansions and having servants. She showed me business corporations, and the possibility to have power over others lives. She took me to the theater, where the celebrities were worshiped on the red carpet, and that was fame. We flew around for awhile seeing all the things that I could choose and ended up inside a huge mall, with big shops filled with beautiful cloths and expensive furs.

As I looked at all the cloths I could have, all the beautiful outfits that could be mine and I could choose to use in my life as a wealthy and prosperous person, my eyes caught a row of grey knitted cardigans hanging from one of those typical hanging devices they have in shops. It was standing far away from all the rest of the cloths, far back beside a small white backdoor, that I assumed went to the storage room. I told the angel to take me there and we floated towards the rack filled with these plain looking cardigans. They were kind of rough, made out of pure wool, and looked very old fashioned and nothing fancy at all. There was nothing special at all with them, but I felt drawn to them. I reached out my hand and put it into the small pocket of one of the cardigans and I felt something small and hard. I took it up and handed it over to the angel. She looked at it and she smiled a mild and kind little smile, then she handed it over to me and held her hand over mine when I heard in my head her say that it was a good choice. I looked down at my hand and saw that what I had picked up was a chain with a tiny silver heart on and I instantly knew that I had chosen true love.
This is my second dream.
Not so long after the first dream I had another dream with the same angel coming to me. This time she had only a message to deliver to me. This was not a very long dream, and the message was very obscure and nothing clear and obvious. It's like this angel wanted to help me, but not to push me into something, as if it was very important that whatever I choose it was coming from myself. And I felt like the reason she came back had to do with the choice I had made in the first dream. She took me this time to an antique shop filled with old things. It was one of those shops with only one row you could walk in straight in from the door and into the store. I walked inside and turned around and looked towards the door. I had the cashier to the left, which was one of those old ones. Everything in the room was old and genuine, which I really like. I looked at the angel in front of me and she handed over a key to me. She said I would know when I was to use it.

The next moment I felt how I was lifted up slightly and glided off to the right into another room, that I hadn't seen before. I saw a little wooden cupboard of some kind with beautiful carvings in lovely colours. I felt like this was some kind of symbolism and I saw the key being put in the lock of the little cute cupboard and it opened up. This was symbolism of the actual opening up I needed to do in the future and I had no idea when and where that was supposed to take place. She said something more with her telepathic way of communicating that told me that I would know what to do with the key in the future. She said I was a key bearer. It's so long ago this dream, like the first one, that I have forgotten so many things and details about both of these dreams. All I remember clearly are the essence of the message the angel wanted to convey to me. I think the first one was a test, and when I chose like I did the next dream showed me I had now become qualified to become one of many key bearers of this world. We are many, have I been told, and we are greatly needed.
I will take a short pause here in my dream telling as I want to talk a bit about what else these two dreams showed me. Both these dreams are very much like what could happen if you are playing some computer game, which was not around when I was in my 20's. But in a game you are given challenges and depending on how you choose different new things happens. I think that whatever I had chosen I would had been given some assignment. I don't think that if I had chosen something else a big bucket of ice water would had dropped on my head and some huge FAIL sign had turned up. No, I think this is a very clever game, just like many games today are like, instead of easy choices of right or wrong. Just like in real life there are some easy choices in games, that truly is either or, but I have the feeling that the angel would had accepted whatever I had chosen. Still I had a feeling she was very pleased that I had made the hard choice, as most will choose the goodies of this world and this world needs people who reaches further then the basic materialistic perspective as all that is mostly distraction from the truth.

The next dream I will talk about came much later and had nothing to do with the two above. The following dreams are more educational and does not let me make choices or give me assignments. They seemed to have a total different objective to connect things with each other to show how this reality has entities whom are magnificent in some ways but also helpless in others. It was several dreams that came shortly after each other and a couple of them I had the very same night. I also want to add that I normally dream a lot about UFO's invading Earth and creating huge wars and havoc all over the planet. I rarely dream about seeing any actual aliens, and the only ones I have met are always Nordic looking. I know that the evil UFO's shooting and waring are not the same as the Nordics in other dreams. I don't know what the UFO's represent. Perhaps it's the archons? I also normally never dream about angels and these things, nore am I obsessed with angels. I am not religious and don't think I see angels in windows and such things I've heard others do. These dreams came for no reason I know of.
My third dream in this blog.
I think I had this one before the next one, but I had them the same night and perhaps one could argue it's the same dream, so I will make them into one. In this first part of the dream I was only a big head and I knew that I was a god. I felt myself flying through the universe and I came to Earth and flew down and watched everyone. I saw great pains and sufferings and my heart cried out as I wanted to help out, but I was told in my head that I could not interfere as this had to be. I was only allowed to watch and had not the right to do anything to change anything of what happened in this world. I asked why, and understood that I was not of this world and only those of this world had the right to change or interfere in anything going on in this world. All I could do was float around and watch and love the beautiful creations that all life on Earth are. I felt so much love for everything and I felt how it was to be one of the creators of the universe. It was both a wonderful feeling and a sad feeling as my heart was with the living down on the planet. I so wanted to make a difference and help out and I felt it was frustrating to be so powerful as I was and not be allowed to do so.

I then was shown that I needed to be something else but a godhead to be able to help out, something I have called a guardian angel. It's someone who is both ethereal but also of this world. Someone who could fly like the god did, but not so far away, as the god could go back to Source whenever wanting to, while an angel is of this world and cannot. Or atleast I guess this is so as the angel is part of the program. These guardian angels are the miracle makers of this world. I was shown how I flew down to a man who was drowning and lifted him up from the branch he was hanging on up to the shore. There was no-one else there but him and I and nobody else but him would know the miracle that occurred as he felt himself be lifted up by this force and taken to safety. I loved how I could help out and save people from harm and tragedy and I felt great joy as I was this guardian angel who was able to do all this great work on this planet. 
Before I move on to more dreams I like to add some thoughts about this dream. There are many sorts of angels and the guardian angel is one that has this special task of looking after people here on Earth. Many have felt like they are miraculously helped in hopeless situations and what I feel about this is that just as I was both a person asleep in my dream, I was also this guardian angel and I was this godhead. I was all three at the same time, only I am only experiencing each one at once. So whenever we are helped we are helped by us humans own guardian selves, when manifesting in the program like these helpers. We can also be angels in the flesh and help out in real life, while being humans. That's when we tell someone that they were a real angel, helping us out like that. So no harm in angels as such, just like there's no harm in being a human, it all depends on what kind of human you are. There are good people and bad people doing bad things. Just like there might be bad angels.

If an angel is becoming very low in its energy or vibration and due to that looses the way they will become programs that are like demonic in character. I suspect it's from bad working angels that the Gnostics get the idea about the archons, but I'm not sure. They claim the archons created this solar system, but I feel that is wrong. I think the big heads did that, and everything else, as they work for the Source and are the Source manifesting itself as different heads. Just like it's actually the Source manifesting itself as angels, or humans or whatever creature. Everything has a spark of the Creator in them, and are hence the same as the Creator/Source. Like a fractal, I would think is the best comparison. The ones that do bad things are the ones that destroy for others on purpose and try to put others down to rise themselves. This game is done in many ways and it all comes down to the imaginary limitation, which gives entities the idea they need to take from others to gain themselves, instead of creating themselves from nothing, like we're supposed to do.

This is the fourth dream.
In this dream I am not on Earth, but on another planet I feel is in some other dimension or reality. I've been to this world many times in my dreams so I am well aware of it. I will first describe it to you as it's a marvelous place. The sky is always in a greyish colour or it's night and all dark. I have never seen a blue sky or any stars as it seems to be thick clouds covering the sky. The ground is more amazing as there is only rocks and they are totally vertical, standing straight up from the ground. I have tried to see the bottom, but it's covered in clouds or a mist or just darkness. It's a very colourless world and the environment seems very harsh. Still there are great buildings up on the vertical rocks, that seems to be flat on top, or they've been flattened out. The buildings are very wide stretched and I cannot see where they end. They are made out of steel and glass with a walk way all around outside of them, so you can walk by a railing and look down into the abyss.

This time when I was there I came upon some souls from planet Earth that were there too. They wanted me to join them and let demon spirits into me aswell. They promised me great powers if I only let me be taken over by a spirit. I declined the offer and backed away from them out on the balcony and to the railing. They called on me and they mocked me for my "cowardness" as I climbed to the outside of the railing. They then yelled at me to not be stupid, "what are you doing" and I could feel that they thought I was insane, trying to kill myself. I then backed out into the thin air and they all gasped as they expected me to fall to my death. But I hung in the air looking at them. They then realized I could levitate, which they could not inspite of all their powers. That made them jealous and the started raging at me. I then opened up my huge wings from my back and they realized in terror that I was an arch angel. I don't think they knew what that was, but they clearly feared me. They launched an attack towards me and I lifted up my right hand and made them all float up in the air and be gently tossed backwards and onto the ground. The message they got was that their powers were nothing compared to the power of a being in tune with the Source, which is all love.

At last the fifth dream and some aliens.
In this dream I was back at work in the old hometown and my boss, the vicar, wanted me to sort out a huge mystery. All the church choirs were gone missing from all over the country and he wanted me to go and find them. It was quite a long dream and I don't remember all the ins and outs anylonger, but eventually I found myself on a spaceship that was landed on our Earth. Inside of the ship was all the missing choirs. I spoke to them and tried to make them come out of the ship and go back to their homes, but they would not have it. They said they were needed by these "gods" that they were playing for all day long. They were not appreciated as much at home as they were by these wonderful beings. So they had decided to stay on their ship and play for them. I went and spoke to the aliens, who where nice enough, but it turned out that the reason they wanted the choirs was cause their music was energy for them, and they only wanted them to play so they could travel the universe. I went back to the choirs and told them this, that all they really was to these aliens was batteries. When hearing that they swiftly changed their minds and departured from the ship.

But I was not so sure I wanted to go back to Earth and I felt like I really wanted to go with the aliens and see their home world. My youngest two children were with me and the daughter wanted also to go with the aliens, but the son didn't. He left with the choirs and I had a huge choice to make. Either I would leave with my youngest daughter and most likely never return, as the aliens only had energy for the trip home, but not back again as they had lost their batteries. Or I would had to pass this exciting opportunity to see the Galaxy, the Universe, and choose my love for my son before my love for adventure. Both me and my daughter had to make this hard choice and we both realized that we loved our son and brother too much to never see him again. So we ran to the busses, that was picking up all the people from the huge space ship, and told our son and brother that we loved him and wanted to stay with him just cause of that. 
I feel like I need to say something about this last dream. I think the other dream with the demons and the arch angel spoke for itself, but this one was a little more tricky. There is this tale about the backside of the Moon, where you can hear church music. It's actually said that it comes up from the Moon itself. It's weird tale and I heard it only after I'd had this dream. Also I've heard that any form of worship is energy that can be harvested and church music might also very well be such an energy source, just like the dream suggested. At least the church choirs could be symbolizing worship on this planet, and the aliens might be the false gods people worship daily. These creatures are no gods as no god needs worship to sustain himself or herself. Just like these aliens in their huge space ship were no gods. They were not worse then humans, as I figured out and I wanted to join them and didn't find them evil in any way. But they were leaving this planet and wanted most likely to return one day, so therefore they wanted to bring their batteries with them. The people who gave them their energy. 

This makes me think about all those wanting to be taken by god, raptured. I've had another dream about such events taking place, but where they actually just took people away. But in this dream it was different aliens, kind of human looking, but not the same intensely fair people that was in the dream where they took away most people on Earth to another place to live. No, these were not taking the choirs for any other reason then the selfish need of energy. The ones the fairer aliens took were not worshipers, they were just souls that had not evolved enough to be in harmony with Source and Earth, so they had to go to another place. This dream with the choirs was all about worship, I was working at the Church again, and I was stopping the people to give themselves away as slaves to a lying system that only used them, while conning the people that they loved them and adored them.

Also a last dream about the big heads.
There was one other dream I had when I wasn't the big head floating around myself, but just little old earthly me. I found myself in some huge library or university building. It was enormous and very futuristic. I heard someone speaking to me and saw a giant head floating to the left of me. Infront of me a huge screen was shown and loads and loads of facts were shown to me. It was facts about this universe and how it was created, how long ago and by what process. I was downloaded enormous amounts of facts and I sat there and watched this huge screen, that just seemed to hang in the air, showing me all these things. I was shown how long it would had taken for this creation to have been made by chance, like so many scientists think. That all came about from things just happening randomly. It was a bigger number then fitted on the screen and the number grew so long in years that it vanished out to the left of the screen. It was like the big head found it amusing showing the ridiculous thought that this was how it was done to me. 

When I woke up it took only a second and all the memories of all the knowledge that had been downloaded into me where gone. All but that ridiculous huge number that was so big that I didn't really see how big it was. It was trillions of years for the slightest little one celled creature to have been created by chance, and trillions of trillions of more years for a bigger one. No, all is created perfectly and exactly from the start, but like all programs and creations they tend to grow as the creator comes up with more fun items to put into his work. That is why it doesn't happen by chance as there is great minds behind everything done and we are all part of the creation, creating it together. Cause remember this - we are also the big heads and we are also part of the Source/Creator. That is why the true god loves us, cause we are all made out of love, like all true pieces of art should be. 
I say this not cause I want to be obscure and odd, but cause I find no better words to describe something that is not of this world. The creative force comes into this world as it's being made, but it comes from Source. It's not a place in this Universe and I don't really know the physics of all this. It's all beyond my head and I didn't understand any of this, as soon as I found myself being downloaded into this physical body. I only remember thinking before that happened as if it was totally obvious and clear as a day how all was and is. But then I forgot. So I am not taking you for a ride, trying to show off, or whatever nonsense deluded people filled with hate and anger has projected at me for speaking my truth, of the little I remember from pre-birth and what I have seen during my dream travels. And some are things I have concluded on the way to try and piece the tiny pieces together of all that I have forgotten. I might have gotten some wrong, but I'm sure that I am not evil and of the devil, hateful and judgemental. I would say that those who say such things should look into the mirror and find the one they are talking about.

I will also talk now a little bit more about the behavior that will ensue when you have let a spirit into you who crave worship and obedience. One of the first clear signs is that the creature wants you to believe things, to trust what you don't know. The next thing is that it will want you to shun those who are opposing these believes, not listening to them, not taking in any other angles (angels). That means that the spirit don't want you to take in any other spirits, for instance those wanting you to not worship and be a dumb goose? This will result in the possessed person starting to change the words and meaning of the words spoken by the one not sharing the same "belief". That is done for the purpose of playing abused and a victim of evil intent. By changing what is said to something else then was actually said or intended by what was said, the religious zealot can cast curses and abuse on the one he spoke to. From then on you see how it proceeds? The self righteous zealot is now spouting "demon", "satan", "devil" onto the other, who have never killed anyone, never tried to kill anyone, never tried to hurt anyone, except in self defense. Which it is to speak your truth, and truth might hurt.
That said about the possessed people and they are plenty on this planet today. Many have gone over to be not only believers but straight out satanists in their rigid and hateful ways. They have no understanding of what evil is, and believe that killing children is a good thing, done in the name of the god. They say that the children are seeds of Satan, so it's fine. They say that they are defending themselves by killing and murdering. They have a totally twisted way of what self defense is. Speak your mind, tell others how you see things, but don't make up stuff about others. It's alright to speak your truth, that is not evil, but in this world many want to shut others up. They call others knowledge wrong and evil and must be forbidden. That is truly a return to the Dark Ages, as we forbid people to find their own way in life. That is what true satanism is, not the popular kind where they have mixed in Luciferianism to make it prettier. Or to dirty up Luciferianism, I don't really know why they use all these terms in such a random way. You can't even use "satanism" on childkillers anymore as a bunch of "cool" people have decided that satanism is cuddly and cute and needs to be respected. 

I doubt that mainstream satanism going on in America even is satanism, as I've heard it's just a sham to con people into believing satanism is just cool and dark and nothing evil at all. Actually Satan ate his children, he's a pedophile and he's the archetype of the traitor, the backstabber, the coward, the thief in the night, the liar, the spineless shit head that don't give a crap about anyone else but himself. The archetype of a typical psychopath. That is what true satanism is for real, but now that word is hijacked by kitty-cuddling lovies so we hardly can use it any more. I don't know what word to use then as I'm sure if I use the old Asir name Loki there is some other kitty-cuddling group using that name, but are nothing of what I described above. So lets agree that words are impossible to use in this plane of delusions, and lets agree that the way I used them here meant what I said they meant, and not what somebody else wants them to mean. Cause that is the bottom line of love and goodness, that we try and understand what others truly mean, and don't put meaning into their words that wasn't their intention. 
To put meanings into others words that was not the speakers intention with the words, that is and will always be a part of the evil mind that is now ruling this world into oblivion. That is the twisters, the deceivers game to baffle and confuse us all into believing what is not true. This will continue until all the creation is made undone unless us originals, the key bearers, can make a dent on their plan, and create a wonderful place for all loving, caring humans to live together with all other lifeforms on Earth.

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