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fredag 31 januari 2014

In Search for Truth Suppression

This post will be dealing somewhat about the use of these psychopathic manipulation tactics in the dealings between people in general, and not only political, as the former post delt with. It's cause to most people in Daily Life we will now and then be attacked by psychopathic minds out to ruin you and your reputation. Normally they'll do it for Money or Power. But sometimes just cause it amuses them. For the fun of tearing you down, more or less. Well, to an observer it seems like that is the only reason, but if you look closer there is almost always a vendetta going on in some way or another. To ignore a psychopaths needs and to put other peoples need before the psychopaths will be enough reason for a psychopath to steal your most precious belongings and share them with her friends. For instance. There is many examples on what a psychopath would do, but they all have one thing in common. It goes totally over the head of all outsiders. They will just not be able to comprehend that what the poor psycho is doing is a vendetta to revenge some ancient wrongdoing the psycho feels you have done them. This is cause it will in many cases be so unrelated and so distant in the time that it will hardly be able even for yourself to understand that the origin of this persons horrible actions today has its origin long time ago, when you ignored her and put other interests before her. That is cause in your world you did not ignore her and you did your best to stay in touch and make her feel included. She still will not like it and will feel like second best and no psychopath will ever accept the position of second best.


So back to the list. A psychopath will dummy up a subject. That is the first thing she will do. To take an example. To make a Court believe she has nothing to do with an errand put forth to them, and she being an innocent party, she will make claims making it out as such. The subject is then stupid as those going to the Court of course went there cause when she was in charge she did illegal things, errors, kept secrets, didn't send out stuff and so on. But she will write like this to the Court:

"As discord unfortunatly occurs I see it as preferable that regard is shown to that the designated administrator is a good communicator and that the person concerned works to get the parties to cooperate again. Also highlights that the parties are represented by themselves and not by spouses or other parties."

Ok, what has she done here is very simple. She has totally deflected from the truth that she's been caught lying and withholding documents, saying they don't exist, and many more complaints. It's not a matter of different opinions, misunderstanding, or anything else I've been told by others she says is the case. Here she calls it discord, like we are arguing with her. We have not been arguing with her, only trying to make her follow agreements and sharing information instead of going over our heads and lying about talking to estate folks who claims - according to her - that summer cottages have been a stagnant market for 20 years, when the truth is it's been a booming market going up hundreds of procent over the general inflation rate. Lying and telling your associates fairy tales are not something I'd place under "discord" but an attempt to fraud. So she dummies it up so the Court will think it's us being unreasonable, dragging in outsiders, not talking ourselves, like stupid imbeciles. It's all lies. Actually it's in real Life HER husband who has meddled. Once he phoned home to my husband and told him to handle me, as if I was out of order for asking a legit question to his wife and she was really nasty in her reply. I've only asked her if what she'd noted was truly the correct value of a car that the car firm had reported. The person who had taken in the report from the car firm acknowledge that she had NOT used the correct figure, hence my question was fair and valid. Still she claimed I now needed to pay what she had dreamt up and not what the car was actually worth. So her husband phoned and tried to talk sense to us, and HE talked to my husband instead of me, like I was an imbecile. Her husband also claimed I lied about a document they are withholding, even though there is a witness, the third party present when I read it, who knows that I really did read it and that this person, the husband's wife, took away the document after I read it. Nothing of this is some little discord and nothing has to do with my husband or the other complainers wife. It's all doings of the letter writer herself and HER husband.


That was point number 1 about dumming up the subject, like it's not even real and never happened. Which is what she's doing there when she tries to explain it, but fails to tell anything about it. There are more things she's very good at and she excel on I would say. If I'd be her professor in the Academy of Lying I'd give her an A for Point 2, which is to wax indignant and put up a "how dare you" act. She is so good at playing the victim she by now has me convinced, and I'm not kidding you. I have to go back to reality and check that she indeed is lying and really rude and brushing me off like a little annoying bug all the time, before I see that she has no right to act that way. She's the one spreading out ever since God knows when that I have mental issues. My co-complainer even got one of those smear mails from her where she wrote that him and her would from now on work together behind the other TWO parties backs, and that BOTH of us was mentally instable. I doubt the party in the US realizes she's been smearing him too, but she has ALOT. So what she wrote up there - "get the parties to cooperate again" and "by themselves and not by spouses or other parties" are pure bullocks. When my co-complainer wrote to the other parties about an important issue they had totally missed in the property care, she even replied to him that she was so thrilled "we are ALL talking again", while I was not in that conversation at all. Only represented by my co-complainer. So, again, she's telling she want us ALL to talk, while in reality is happy I am out of the game. Her talk about her wish for all of us to communicate is there to make her sound like an agreeable person, only out for everyones best. In the next paragraph she indeed mentions that she's the one we put our faith in before, so the logical conclusion by the Court ought to be that SHE is the reason we went to the Court. But by using tactic number 2, showing she is the willing party and only done all her best, she will manipulate them to think she's been wronged, hence a slight act of indignation, but not one of the better ones I have from her:

"As I up to now have signed for the estate I find it of importance that the administrator who is appointed as soon as possible gets a status report of both economy and agricultural activities."


As I said I have really over the top ones where she is totally clothing herself in the White gown of martyrdoom. I have TWO mails from her husband too, where he is doing the same thing and accusing me of all sorts of criminal behavior, and God knows what absurdities he's pertaining to, as the context of them is that he will report me to the police if I don't shut the F**k up. Truth is not very high in value in their marriage, obviously. As I said we went to Court cause we found out she was constantly lying to us. The biggest lie was that she never showed us the agreement she'd signed for a house and now she wanted the whole house for free, more or less. She's been saying since 2011 that she's paid that house two times over. In reality she didn't pay any rent at all for it, no electricity and very little maintainance costs, if any. Many times she even rented out the house as a summer cottage to foreigners willing to spend money in our beautiful country. It was not her house to rent out, but at that time even I believed it was, but the paper she showed me proved it to me that those people telling me it was NOT her house had been telling the truth. Putting together all the rent and all the electricity bills and all she's ever earned on renting out another persons house I think she must have gotten somewhere around 1-1½ million of worth more, and that is before she even managed to swindle the whole house off us aswell. The agreement she had signed with the owner was that she could buy it out after his death at a fair amount, the accurate amount, nothing else. And it was to be part of her lawful share, which is 1/4 of the whole property. For instance, I could at tops get from the estate something like 1½ million at the end. Even if I put all gifts on top of that I will end up far less then 2 millions. If we'd agree to give her the house on top of her 1½ million, she'd have 2 millions already there, and if we added her old gifts and benifits from having this house for free, she'd end up somewhere atleast twice as much of value then what I'd get. And in our country ALL is shared equally if nothing else is stated in a testament, and it's not. All the old gifts and the house rent free I can't do much about, but to give her the house, against the will of the previous owner, is just too much of a nasty criminal behavior for me to accept. She will still end up with 1-1½ million MORE then me, even without a house worth about ½ million. So should I just let her have her way - steel from the dead? What do you think? Perhaps that's the best way when dealing with psychos, who will do anything to harm you if you stand in their way. But is she really a full fledged psycho? Does she really not have any real human emotions?


Her whole life she's been calling me more a mother to her then her real mother, who used to smack her if she had the nerve to disturb her nap on the sofa - atleast according to her, as I've not seen it myself. And it's absolutely true. Ever since she was born when I was at the ripe age of 9 have I tried to look out for her, help her, encourage her, and love her. I knew very much about how to love little children as my "real" mother had taught me all about that. Of course, my "real" mother was a made up entity I had found at the back corner of a closet, while closing my eyes and pretending it was the arms of my real mother enfolding me, while it was just the corner in the wall in reality. I did that alot when I was a very small child and my mother used to have father punish me physically on my bare naked buttom for all sorts of unknown reasons, I remember not having a clue about as at the time. So of course my biological mother was the same as hers, but for conveniance I was the one to look after her, which I in many occasions failed to. I knocked her front teeth out when on a swing, thinking mother took care of her, but she went to look for me and when she entered under the trees tightly hanging branches it was too late and I smacked her in her face, poor child. I think I was an old responsible woman of about 11 years old at the time. Still, it felt horrible to have hurt the toddler, but I really didn't know that I was on babysitting duty at that time, so I did try and have some quality playtime by myself. I did tell her I didn't mean to punch her teeth out and that I had tried to not hit her by parting my legs, which of course only made the damage worse, so was I the dumb one for doing that. It was a reflex and nothing I did consciously as all I didn't want to do was to hurt her. I never wanted to hurt her and it was to her I made up those famous lines I've been telling children in my care ever since. The lines goes like this "you are sweet and kind and wonderful". That was words I could had died to have heard from my biological mother, but she is more talented in devaluation then the other kind.


I will not bring up the third point, claiming all the allegations are paranoid rumours and not true at all, as that one has not manifested quite yet - officially - in the Court case. She does use bringing up straw men on Point 4, when she claims my complaint is about me thinking her choices of administrators are not qualified enough, which I never ever have stated anywhere. I only states in my first request that I do not want anyone from two specific firms. This request is then not acknowledge by the Court, who instead claims that I've stated that I did not want ONE particular person from each of these firms. So they choose another person from one of the firms I've said I didn't want ANYONE from, and that without even commenting on my request, which makes it an invalid judging. Bringing up straw men is used to divert attention from the REAL issue and to make everyone think your opponent is talking about a totally irrelevant subject that is of no concern. Here I have a great example of this in her new letter to the Court:

"The reasons for why (my full name) sees Hakan (surname), Amber laywers, as not suitable can not be seen as adequate. He happens to work on the same firm as Niklas (surname) who in what I understand earlier case at Vaxjo Courthouse on the injured party represented (my full name) of age and no longer living at home son."

The case had nothing to do with the suitability of said laywer, as she puts it, but that I did not want him or anyone else on the same firm my son used, due to the risk OTHERS might think I have an advantage due to that, and also due to the fact she's such a clever smearer. She's also misrepresenting the truth with two statements in this short paragraph: 1) My son's case is ongoing and we are still in close contact with that firm. 2) My son is still living at home and has been living at home all the time this has been going on. It's true he's of age as he'd recently turned 18 when all this came to be. The old age of 18... Well, very recently he turned 19 and he might be moving out as soon as he gets some kind of income. At the moment he has none so what does she think he's living on in his fancy house of his own? Roses and fairy tales? Well, then she might help him out, and top it off with some of all that champagne they like to sprinkle on their little helpers. My guess is that her favorite little helper, the biological mother who used to smack her whenever she bothered her, has read my son's girlfriends Facebook page and she's been bragging to her friends her father rented an apartment to her. Good for her, but it's HERS (actually her fathers) and even if my son spends alot of time in it since she moved there the other week, it happened this month, it's really close to us and he's still officially totally living with us as he can't even pay half that bloody rent with no income. So that's my guess where that little misconception came from. Good old drama Queen mother. I did tell the girlfriend to ban the old hag long time ago, but she pitties the little old granny, who acts so sweet and caring to her, asking about how her dog is doing with us. As if she really cared, dumping the dog in April 2012 on me and never been seen ever after. She's never asked me in any of her mails since I went NC back in April 2013. They are so masters of making people pitty them while they are ripping the throats off their victims.


Here is the proof I was right from the start to oppose to have the lawfirm Amber, as my sister here claims it's to MY advantage to choose this firm, so hence I have no right to oppose it. She wants to make the Court believe that is not the very reason I declined them, which I clearly state to them, that I do not want them as it does not "feel right" to have the same firm we are using. It does not feel right cause my lying sister will and here does imply it's somehow to my advantage:

"If possible it should in that case be to (my full name) positive advantage this connection, but as I presume that Hakan (surname) is a professional and clever professional and Amber attorneys is a serious business I consider that risk not existing. There is no challenge."

Later on in the letter to the Court she describes how her own attorney in her hometown recommended this particular person for the job. It's a lawyer working directly under another lawyer she recommended earlier on. That lawyer was the same lawyer mother and she had contact with in 2005 when they tried to have dad declared "unfit" so I'd not call either of them "unpartial" in any sense of the word as this is the firm they took in to have father declared legally incompetent for re-marrying. So the story how my sister found this lawyer is weird, so weird she even offers to give the Court proof that this is how she found him. No proof on how she found his boss though earlier on. The lawyer Hakan was contacted by us as soon as we found out that he'd been suggested and we told him we didn't want him on the job. Still he ignored our request and took the job, inspite of finding out that we didn't want the affairs of our son being mixed up with these issues. That this attorney so totally ignored us is evidence he's actually HOSTILE towards us, as he never replied to our plead to honour our feelings in this issue. The thought that choosing him would be in favour for me is implanted by my sister so I can never get any fair deals whatsoever, as anything going in my favour will hence on by her and our US-brother be put down to my connection with this lawfirm. You see the manipulation? She knows full well this is the lawfirm we're using and she's known it since atleast September and writing this in January she proofs she wants to make sure I am in the dog house. Cause this lawyer will do his BEST to never do anything in my favour to show the Court he's not partial towards me in any way, shape or form.

Shortly I will post many more letters our two "enemies" have sent in to Court as they are so full of different tactics straight from the list in my precious blog. Go back and read that list VERY carefully. You will surely have use for it in your own dealings with psychopathic minds. Remember, alot of people are not truly psychopaths in general, but are prone to selfish narcissism, where they deliberatly go out to hurt others if it is in their own favor. They will excuse this behaviour with the success myth our society promotes. That you need to be out there and take your winnings to succeed. So they do just that - walk all over other people to gain money, fame, power, property, or whatever they want to get from other people. Alot of the times they will use other peoples work and take credit for it. I say that as in this case my co-complainer has done a horse work to sort things out, and then "she" comes in and sign it, send it in and took all the credit for it in all letters she wrote to the Court. Most she has done is phone people behind our backs, smear me (obviously) and make people believe she is trustworthy and honest. Typical con artist stuff. The taxes she had my husband do, but he really didn't want to do any of it, but she begged him. Now he's mad as hell for her slander that he had meddled without her consent. Not only her consent - like I said she BEGGED him to help her every time. When it comes to the caretaking of the property she phoned a young couple next door, paid them to do some work, but not from her own pocket, and one time she took her 19 year old son up there to cut some of the grass. Not much, but a small part that was seen from the neighbors windows so she thought they'd done it all. In reality I've been the one working the garden with the help of many other relatives on my side and my co-complainers. So what has she done really? Made phone calls, paid others to do work, and had others, including myself, to do the actual work. I did my part freely and gladly, and even paid others myself to help out, but I do not approve of her taking credit for any of it, neither does anyone else. Her hard work is phoning people, she loves her phone and phoning people, cause it's easy to be phony in a phone. Get it? It was a joke.

Psychopaths do not like jokes. They do not get jokes. They get hysterical, angry, threatening, but they never ever get jokes. They might pretend that they understand a joke, but they don't. If they make jokes themselves they are mostly plain insulting to someone and not funny at all, then they'll state that you have no sense of humour cause you got insulted by the insult, they call a joke. They are the jokes, cause they don't get that a joke needs to be funny and not only insulting. If you are mad at someone I can get that you make insulting jokes, but they make them anyways. My joke about the phony phone might seem insulting, but hey, I'm mad as hell so I'm entitled to tell a kind of insulting joke about someone who's been insulting me with smear campaign for God knows how long now just cause she has some kind of grudge towards me. Perhaps it's cause I moved away from home when she was 13? Or that I married when she was 18? Or was it the baby girl I had when she was 20 - shortly she got her hands on that house?

Without the con artists we work well together - atleast we can endure each other. So remember, it's important to find out who are the liars, and who are lied about, or you are decived by evil.

Yes indeed, shortly after I gave birth to the families first grandchild, my little sister, just a girl herself, gets a house to play in none of us grown ups could use when coming to visit. At the time I had no idea and I think it took me a couple of years before I realized that she had "gotten" it, and then I truly thought she had gotten the house for nothing and free, just cause she was worth it. She told me she had and that it was all hers, and I believed her. It took me a few years before I thought it was quite unfair, as for instance I had four times the number of children she had. Oh, she does try and make it out as her old new husbands earlier children from his previous marrige are hers too, but they are not. She's tried to describe herself as a mother of three, while she's a mother of one who divorced her first husband when the boy was five and ever since only had him half time, until he moved totally to his father. I was his godmother, but I hardly ever saw him. There was a time I asked if he could come and visit in the summers, on vacations, but it never happened. Honestly I don't think neither she or the boys father wanted me to get to know the boy and put ideas in his head. Ideas which could have enrichened his life from their total materialism.

Honestly I have a quite resent candidate for causing a typical psycho-revenge. My guess is that a major revenge is about dad appointing ME in 2005 to be the handler of the estate in case he got indisposed due to illness. I seriously doubt someone like her would forget and she did tell us back in 2012 that she'd been in contact with those appointing such handlers, and that dad had not given ANY such directives. Why would he lie to me back in 2005? Why would he show me a paper where he signed it on to me? Why tell me he had booked a time with their office? Someone has been telling fibs, and I doubt that was dad doing it. So go back, read the tactics and look for them whenever you accounter mischief in this World. You will be amazed how many times you will see them used, in media, on forums, everywhere. To reveal this is crucial for all our survival. We need to learn to see when people are pulling the wool over our eyes, trying to make us see things as they are not. Good luck with that, my friend!

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