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lördag 4 april 2015

Goddess Myths

At last I've come to my last red site - the sixth. Recently it was my fifth red site, but now it's the last. However, don't get confused by me calling this site a red site, with that the design actually is red on the site. It's more green and brown, then red. When I call sites red it's cause they are under the Red Pill category and are dealing with deeper secrets. This last one is the most secret of them all, obviously, and is straight out dealing with the occult, the hidden and what has been kept a secret. You will also find out about our old gods and goddesses that my ancestors fought and died for to keep, while others saw the chance to get ahead and betrayed the old ways and joined the new church instead. Therefore they fought on both sides, while the later pagan sainted Sigrid fought for the old ways, being the queen of the Eastern Realms, on the other side in the West was the king on the Romans side. There is no other way to say this, but he seemed to have been a true shithead and betrayed the others and thanks to that the pagans had to both fight their kin in the west, while fighting the hordes from the south. You can visit my site here - Goddess Myths.

The most famous Asir gods and goddesses have their own webpages, and there is also a page listing many more. It's been a long time since it's updated, but there are a few nice items still. These Gods and Goddesses however were living people with their blood traced back to those that are not humans. The Nordics came here about 3000 years ago, which is about the same time as the ruling family in Sumer left that place. This is not the only connection, but they've found a DNA connection too. It's said that Sumer were hit by a Black Death like plague at that time and more then half of the population died, if not more. The rulers were blamed, as they were supposingly choosen by the Gods to rule, and were also of the bloodline of the Gods. When so many people died it's said that the people considered that the rulers had fallen out of grace, that the Gods did not support them anymore, so they had to leave. The interesting thing is that as Sumer seems to have fallen due to a massive plague, so did the Roman Empire totally transform after a plague. Another interesting matter is that it's said that a huge meteorite hit Sumer shortly before the plague, which is something many have commented on, how these plagues seem to follow after a meteorite hit.
So about 1500 years after Sumer vanished, or rather the rulers of that land vanished as the land is still there, a similar plague hit Rome and caused a severe crisis there. Shortly after that next plague, surely causing enormous amounts of death and suffering, the Catholic Church came to be, and then all those wars and the attacks that reached the Nordic countries. Just like the Scots built a big wall to defend against these raving murderers, so did the Goths of the north. There was a huge wall built to separate northern Europe from the south as the Roman hords went into the Gothic countries and pillaged and murdered thousands of thousands of innocent people. It was after one of those pillages, where they'd slaughtered thousands of people in a big village that the idea came to strike back. This is the origin of the Lindisfarne attack, and it's nothing like that stupid television program makes it out to be. The vikings knew very well there was a very big and important settlement by the Roman Church, filled with soldiers and of course monks as there was a monestry. They didn't go look for land and just happened to arrive at this little cute monastery, which that stupid program says. No, they went there to crush their enemies like any nation would that was in war with a fierceful and brutal enemy.

Remember, that the Catholic Church in reality was just an evolution of the Roman Empire, which used war as a major tactic. This new tactic by using the image of innocence and victim was a way to take away the guilt of the same blood shed the Empire had caused. Nothing had changed really, only the propaganda. Now they were holy men out on a holy war for the innocent sacrifice of Jesus Christ. What a con! Also, remember that the Goths were the people that founded England, and had intermarried and defended Mercia for hundreds of years together with their Gaelics friends. Actually, if you ask me the Gaelics and the Goths both originate from the same source and are really not that different, but only moved a little differently. The Gaelics became that when they arrived to the British Ilses and what is told is that they came there from Scytia actually. Their Queen is said to have been Scota, the daughter of Akhenaton and Nephertite and her King had been a prince of Scytia who became King of Iberia, or Spain. He is the guy that gave name to the word military, most likely as he was a very warring type of guy. Scytia is the same place as much later was Khazar, which is the source of the eastern jews, who in no way are semites, like arabs are.
So the myth is that the prince of Scytia, which thousands years later became Khazar and converted to judaism to be able to use interest and not have to pay to either Rome, nore Bagdad, married the Egypt princess Scota and went and conquered Iberia, which is the penisula Spain is on, and then he - Militus - died and his sons and wife went to conquer places like Ireland and Scotland, which got it's name from Scota, of course. Scota died and are buried in Tara, where they've found the exact same necklace as they've found in Egypt, in Thutakamon's grave, who's a son of Akhenaton and Nephertite. So that's more or less the myth. For awhile also Ireland had a name after this Scota chick, but I don't remember what that was right now. Ireland has had many names and I don't remember what the vikings called the island, nore what Tuta de Danan called it. But I remember that it's said that the gaelic language where created by these people conquering Ireland from Tuta de Danan. Another thing I remember is that Nephertite's grandparents were from Sumer, so hence there is all these connections back to these people, which later on is said to be related to the Goths, and of course the vikings.

So no way the vikings were these stupid wildlings that they are portraited as now, but they were travelers and knew how to go to west and east, south and north. They knew the way back to Sumer, or Iraq. They knew how to travel to the Americas, and the Egypts traveled to Australia. And what about the redhead Phonecians? Why is their letters exactly the same from beginning to end as the runes? Yes, if you look at the meaning of each letter they are the same. And the Kazarian rulers are said to have been redhead. This land lies by the Crimerian, where the crimerian goths lived. Another name that popes up there are the Tauries, or the "earthlings" if you watch television programs like STG1. Perhaps cause they came from the Tauri system? There is this very old and big star called Aldebaran, which in reality is the star Alpha Tauri, and it's the big red eye in the starsign of the Bull. So now do you see the reason the bull is so celebrated in so many cultures? In my opinion all these people are the same and related, but they lived in different areas and inter-married. That this is the reason the vikings married with the irish, the english and so on.
By letting us think nothing is inter-connected we don't see the obvious, that it is connected. These are the same families and people and they are related, though they have mixed in with people wherever they've lived so on a surface they might look a bit different after awhile, but to start with I would suggest they were all very much alike. I think this is the reason there are the same kind of constructs all over the planet. There were many more in the old times, but many have been destroyed as they were the same in America as you find here. Also the objects found there were too much like what are found here, so I think it needed to be covered up to make the fairytale about how this continent was "found". It was always there and those knowing about it always did and were there many times and even lived there and interbred with the natives, who really are the same people as all the rest you find around the globe, living in the far north. It's the same people as the natives in my own country, and the same people that live in Siberia that are native there. So they lived all around the globe and they were asian. They were living here when the Goths arrived 3000 years ago, and they are still here.

A thought I've had is that people move around and it can go very fast when it happens. So the stories about white people living in Japan long ago, before those that live there now, might be true, just like the stories of the whites living in other places, where they are not supposed to have lived according to mainstream history. Like in America, where there are such stories and there were tribes where they lived in longhuts and some had blonder hair and blue eyes. These traits are very easily breeded out of a group of people, so to have blond people with blue eyes will soon be a very rare things in only 200 years of interbreeding with asian, blacks or any of these more dominant races. That's a fact. You take a blond, blue eyed girl and get her together with a really black guy and their children will all have very dark skins and eyes. There will not be one trace of the blond girl in any of her children and all will look like their dad. If you keep breeding these children with other children like them you might get 25% blue eyed, but still very coloured, children. You might get a few with a little lighter hair, more straight hair, but as soon as you interbreed them with totally black people all these things are all gone very rapidly.
This is the reason there are so many whites scared of being breeded out of this planet, so in 200 years there will be no more Nordics. You know, the true blonds with these clear blue eyes. This might be the reason why people in the ancient times tried to interbreed mostly within the same kind of groups, cause of some scare of loosing a specific look. Now it's very hip to mingle, and it's true that if you, as a breeder of any kind, don't take care of the weaker looks they will disappear and you will no longer have any of these kinds of looks anymore. Like the white cats, which would totally disappear if people wasn't so eager to breed on these cats. White cats would barely make it as tougher kinds do. They are often deaf and they seem to also be more fragile in their health. Many totally hearing white cats I've known have still been more inclined to get harmed when let out, running free, then others seems to. But it might just had been a fluke, but considering how few white cats there are, I must say they do seem to live very short lives. So by likening the very pale human races with the white cats, I am not really meaning that whites are weaker, but the whiteness, the blondness, the blue eyes are the weaker DNA, and the DNA of coloured skin, dark hair and brown eyes are dominating genes.

So it's the genes of the darker races that are dominating, and in that way stronger, though as a person this might not be true. A white person does not need to be weaker then any other, is what I want to say, it's just that this planet seems to have favored some DNA and not others. This is due to the conditions of the planet, I would guess. That you are much better off with a darker skin, as the sun can burn pretty hard on most places. The rest I don't really understand the reason of, like what is better with brown eyes then blue. Perhaps it's due to the sun too, as there was this boy in China that could see in the dark, and could not stand the sunlight, and he was born with bright blue eyes. So maybe the blue eyes are better off in dark places, like the Nordic countries in the winter? And perhaps in a planet with a weaker sun, a darker sun? Just a thought. As there are pyramids both on Earth, on the Moon and even on Mars, one might consider that whoever came here long ago, changed the beings on this planet into humans, as there have been many other races here then humans that surely were very human like and had nothing to do with apes. And these people might had come from a darker world, like perhaps a red star system, like Aldebaran.
Lets talk about the gifts I've shown so far and leave my thoughts about all these myths and stories for awhile. The top gift of the lovely blond maiden was made using a tutorial, while the second one of Odin was made all by myself, using a graphic. The third and forth gifts are both made from lovely tutorials and the fifth gift is a lady I made from a tutorial, with a frame I've made. The pretty girl above is from a frame tutorial, just like all the ones you see below. Most of them are symbolizing the goddess, so therefore all the beautiful girls. I now wish to talk about more modern myths, as those ruling us right now are big on creating confusion and myths. They make false flags and make up stories using their mediums to enchanted us with. Their tales are really convincing and they are repeated many times, as you need to tell a tale atleast three times to make it magically true. This it the reason they tell their stories so many times, as if they'd only told their lies one time we'd not really believe them. What they do tell us one time is the truth. So listen carefully what they only tell you one time, as that is the truth. 

The reason they only tell us the truth one time is cause those ruling us now are very evil and this very destructive energy is not allowed to do what they do, unless they get our consent. By letting us know and us not reacting and doing anything against their intentions, we give our consent. It's a very dirty trick, but that is how they do it. Then they will use all their parlor tricks they got up their sleeves to fool us, which is allowed as they've always first told the truth. They will bewilder us with their images, and stories, and crying people. They will point with their whole hands and tell us their tales. All lies, or twisted truths. They do use truth when it's useful, but twists it slightly. This is how they've done so many things that it's even hard to remember and recollect even the many I've figured out or heard about. But the lies and deceptions go so deep that sometimes it's hard to know where the lies end and the truth begins. It's hard cause they are so good at double lies and triple deceptions. One of the major ones in this millenia is of course the events going down in 2001. In my opinion all of that was a huge scam, a big magic trick, and they made three skyscrapers vanish using their own tech, while blaming all sorts of other reasons.
I don't like to talk about these events as I figured them out long ago and it's boring to me to see how many are still running around in the deceptors wheel of lies and double lies. They love to make us do that, run around in circles and argue with each other. So they use people to put us freethinkers in check and you will know when you are thinking "wrong" as someone will contact you and tell you to stop thinking these thoughts. That's when you are guilt tripped for thinking freely and told you are a bad person for having own thoughts, and that you are all sorts of bad things. You might be told to be gullible, or mean, or just ruining it for all humans on this planet, cause you think your own thoughts, instead of some group, which in most likelyhood was set up by the perpetrators themselves, to rear in everyone who starts to question things going on here on planet Earth. These groups are called things referring to "truth", as that is what freethinkers are looking for. We are all looking for the truth, so by calling these groups by that word we are supposed to go there and look. And when there we are told to stop looking for the truth and follow the dogma of the group, which forbids you to think further, as thinking will ruin things for us all.

No, it's not thinking freely that will ruin it for us all, and it's this very fight against all freethinkers that is the conflict that destroys us. It's those very people that blame us for fighting, that is the ones that are fighting. They are fighting against freethinking, against revelations of the occult, the secrets, the hidden truths, and they want to silence the voice of the many and only allow a few chosen voices. That is not freedom and it's not the best for us all. It's the best for the perpetrators of the lies and deceptions of this world, if we are not allowed to reveal them. This principle goes with any questioning and search for the truth, in any area. That some people will work against this and help out to stop your quest. Most will do it as people are under severe group think, and they are needy of leaders and they don't believe in themselves, so they need someone to follow and believe in instead. They are looking for saviors, so they see freethinkers as a danger, as they are not their chosen Messiah. Actually there is a very small amount of people that knowingly do this destruction of truth on this planet, as 99% that does it don't even understand what they are doing.
The above group think is the same as when people that don't do anything when they see a person being mistreated and smeared as they see that everyone else seem to agree with this. They are the enablers of the wrongdoings as they don't take responsibility for their own thinking and instead they hang out and admire some leader, whom they trust to save them. This is what the enablers of a bully do too. They believe that by agreeing with all the shit the bully does and says they will themselves become uplifted in the hierarchy and gain some sort of award for their loyalty. What most likely will happen is instead that they will one day themselves do something that does not fit the bully and then become the target of this ruthless person themselves. It's like the old saying about how when you don't stand up for others rights, there might be noone left to stand up for yours, the day they come for you. So beware of who you sacrifice on the way up the ladder, as one day you might be on your way down and you don't want to meet those you've thread on, when falling down. Why do you think they say that we should treat others like we'd liked to be treated ourselves? As that is Karma in real life.

One thing that the liars also like to do is to make worse and worse lies, the more they notice that others just believe whatever shit they put out there. It's cause they deep down want to be revealed. They really want us to see their lies and not believe them. You might think they don't, but that's the truth that they want to be stopped and they want that people will see what horrible liars they really are. That's the reason they con us so much, as they hope that the worse they con and lies we surely must react, but somehow most people still don't. Whenever they manage to con and be believed by all their enablers, they both feel a high due to their great ability to fool people, but deep down they feel sick. That's the reason they will target their enablers too later on and sacrifice each and everyone that's been in their corner. They will not help those that loyally supported them, as at one point they will punish them severely. Most people don't matter to them, so they don't care that they are punished and they even feel deep contempt for anyone helping them out, either fully knowing they are helping liars or just willfully being ignorant. That is the reason behind the contempt the true perpetrators always feel for their enablers.
The reason I know this is cause this world is fractal, so all going on in the smaller perspectives, in private relationships, will be going on on a greater scale in how people are being used and fooled. So by studying personal relationships, school yard bullying, sibling rivalry and all sorts of connections with other humans, you will notice how the liars among us react to those willfully helping them out to torment their innocent targets. They don't admire those licking their butts. They feel deep contempt for them. The only way to treat a bully is to stand your ground and speak the truth. When you see someone being mistreated you stand by their side, so they are no more alone. This is the only way, as by joining the bully train you are judging yourself to be a target and you might not be as lucky as a truly innocent target will be. A guilty target will most likely get it much worse as the amount of shit that can be used against a guilty person is automatically so much more. It's hard to find shit to use on someone innocent, so the bully will rely solely on lies and framing. Which they of course if very good at. But then imagine how easy it is to ruin the life of a person they know shit about, and then frame them with ten times worse.

Now and then the perpetrators behind alot of this worlds horrors need to give the pretense there is some kind of justice in this world. They need that to make people more happy. So they will then make a huge scandal and it will be all over the news, where they hang out some famous person who they know alot of shit about. This is what happens on the bigger scale, but it will happen also in families and smaller groups. When this happen it's my opinion that the bully will also use this event to frame alot of their own doings onto their former enabler. Remember that many enablers truly believe themselves to be good people, and they don't understand that they have been enabling evil people in their lies and abuse of innocent others. They truly think that these poor souls deserved all the mistreatment, but the reason they believed this is cause they chose to not bother to find out the truth and only listen to the words of the bully. This is how it's done - to both feel good about yourself and at the same time hurt someone else. You only fool yourself by listening to tales told by liars. This is the reason why I'm both very angry at such enablers, while also pitying them as they truly want to have faith in what they believe in. But it's all lies. 
I think the deep down problem here is that too many people are not connected on a spiritual level with others, so they chose to trust seemingly "trustworthy" people to tell them what to think about others. If they'd instead been directly connected to the others true souls they'd known them and not been fooled by tales. Remember that it's unwise to listen to gossip and if you think about it almost everything today is just that - gossip. The seemingly most upstanding, clever and loved people I know personally, are the ones that work the hardest on their images, while telling bad things about others all the time. If you listen carefully on what they tell about people connected to them, you will soon hear how they slightly put down others, and rise up themselves. So their uprightness is just a trick, an illusion, where they step on others to make themselves out as the good guys. They will brag about the slightest little thing they've done, and drag with others to help them tell how fantastic they are. The very same people helping them, admiring them, will they then step on, behind their backs! So they will walk all over people close to them, to make themselves look better. 

Everyone will seemingly lift them up, talk well about them, while some of those close by them that is not ever bragging about themselves will be talked ill about by these braggers. So noone is talking good about these humble people. Not cause they are misbehaving, but cause they are humble about their own deeds and rather lift others up. You see now how the liars use humble people. They con them to brag about them to others, and then they stab them in the back by lying about them. They tell people that the humble person is a failure, lazy, selfish, greedy, or whatever ill tale they wish. Alot of the nice things they say about themselves are actually stories they've stolen from their humble friends! They will listen to your stories, look bored and then steel it. If you later on tell others the same tale you will find out you've stolen the story from the bragger! Yes, that's something very common that the liars steel their friends nice stories and make them theirs, and then nobody believe the person actually owning the story, when they happen to mention it. People believe the first thing they hear, and they believe the story belongs to the person first telling it.

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