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lördag 21 februari 2015

The Mysterious Walrus Tooth

There are big mysteries in the world and there are pathetic little ones. The walrus tooth would count as a very puny one indeed. Still I will talk about it and while doing so I will mention other things, connected to that issue or just things that I wish to bring up. The walrus tooth is of absolutely no interest or value to anyone else, but to our family. And it's questionable if many care there too. I hardly do, though it's a nice item and it has a sentimental value to anyone still remembering our grandfather, or who wish to uphold his memory despite never meeting him in person. To any other people in this world it is a piece of pretty worthless crap, and if anyone would have had access to this tooth, would have had access to far more interesting objects to obtain and sell on. There were several gold rings, a golden watch, and there was a big silver bowl that all were obvious objects any thief would had favored before such an odd object as a tooth set in white metal, that might be silver, but not in such amount as the bowl. Either way there were loads of more easy to sell objects then the tooth. Objects you could sell just for the worth of the metal, if you liked. Still, of some weird reason we are supposed to believe that our dad's new wife stole this tooth to get money for her criminal friends? Come on! I mean, come on! How stupid do these conners think we are?

I admit that I'd never tell them this straight in their little faces, as it would make them so very sad hearing me think they are totally ridiculous and ever so stupid for believing this story. I will tell you what I think happened, which is something I've figured out eventually, as I for a long time had no idea why someone would be so stupid as to steal the tooth. I said it from the beginning that it would be the most stupid thing to do, and that the person stealing it would not get anything for it. I remember even mentioning it to them, who thought our dad's wife had done it, that whoever stole it must had realized it was worthless and that the fuzz it caused made it not worth it. I just could not get my head around why someone would steal such a worthless object - only worthless to anyone outside the family. And this thought stuck with me for years after I totally ruled out the idea that dad's wife did it. Atleast the idea that dad's second wife did it, as I would much rather believe dad's first wife stole it. Yes, that is the conclusion I eventually draw, that the only person who truly and totally had everything to gain to steal that object for awhile, was his first wife. By doing that she'd rally up the anger and upset from all her ex-husband's relatives, and particularly her second son, who she claims behind his back is exactly as dog-mad-crazy as her youngest brother was. 
If it's true her brother was acting crazy I'd not hold any credit to, as she lies about others state of mental health all the time, as soon as she has something to gain from it. And at the time she made that "diagnosis" of her brother they were in conflict over their parents leftovers, just like we are now. We own that alot to mothers meddling, by the way. She could had shut the fuck up and let us deal with it, but she had to offer to testify, like she knew the content of the paper I'd read. She would in other words lie, as she never read the deal, and since she has a very dodgy, selective, memory I'd not trust a word that lying cow says. She just wrote the lawyer settling the estate and lied the other week. Claimed she was married and living with dad in 1992, while fully well knowing they divorced in 1991 and separated many years before that. She lied and said the sister was the only one not getting a car from dad, while he gave the car to me last, after he'd helped my siblings and he wanted to even things out. Now the oldest brother told me he never got a car, except the leftovers from his brothers car, which this brother had gotten many years before I got one. Remember that me and the oldest brother are those with many children, while those actually getting help to get cars first were one child families. And our sister only wanted a sport car, but she was also helped to get the house in her divorce. 

But all this mother "forgets" in her mail to the lawyer, and frames her THREE older children as the only ones getting anything from their father. She lies and tells him her baby girl got nothing but the summer house. Which actually our sister was to inherent to the value it has when the inheritance is being settled, IF we were to follow the agreement that is. As we all know dad never signed any will (not for those bitches not trying to make him do so) and now we know that he had even changed their suggested sum of 110 K to 210 K, and still he didn't sign the will. I will also tell you why dad didn't sign it. Cause it was a will. He wanted it to be by free will we siblings were to follow the agreement, so he didn't put it as a will. I've mentioned this already to those concerned, but at the time I had no proof my "vision" was true, and when we found the drafts on the will before this last Christmas (2014), laying in a drawer all the time, it became clear that I'd been right all along. Dad had been pressured by sister and mother and god knows who, to sign this will so the house was sisters, and he refused and made the agreement I read. The draft on the will was dated 1996, and the same name on my sister (now changed) as on the agreement I read. 
So the same year I remember and the same name and they call me crazy? I think the crazy people are those believing liars or those bullying and harassing truth-tellers. That are the crazy people, as that will only lead to corruption and soul destruction when you choose the road of the deceiver. Yeah, you know the guy? We call him Loki. He's the trickster, the scammer, the con-artist. He'll make out he's your blood brother, but he'll sell you out for peanuts. That's the real sad part when someone is morally disordered, that they truly don't understand what they are in for. This place is not the worst you can live in. Even on Earth there are worse places, but there are places that have no such pretty places as there are on Earth, only bad places. When people talk about "Hell" they mean a place the bad and dead go to, but what people fail to understand is that there are plenty of "Hells" and you just don't go there cause you've died, but you go there to live, until you die. The question is if this so called "life" we are living not should be called "death" as we die. We always die. That's the only certainty with this existence. There is no escaping it, we will all die. So perhaps "Hell" is a place for the dead after all? And this Earth, as we know it is just another kind of "Hell", but not one of the truly bad ones, as there are good here too. 

I've been calling Earth Purgatory for a long time, as our souls are tested here. If we are weak we fall for the wicked, and the wicked are already fallen and their job is to lure weak people into traps so they do evil deeds to good people and harm them. When they will not repent and ask for forgiveness they give their soul over to the wicked ones and they win. It's a beautiful game and you have to admire it's setup, though I do pity all the lost souls. But I'm done pitying those who've chosen to harm the innocent. It was their choice and nobody forced them to ignore all the warning signs, believe lies, harm an innocent, refuse to repent when realizing an error has been made by them. It's all down to arrogant souls that then think that lying their way out of the mess will do it. No, you cannot trick this game. It's in many ways a very tricky game, and if you are easily fooled you will be in great need to repent many times. If you are in the slightest degree a wise individual you will seize every chance you are given to ask for forgiveness and repent the harm you have caused the innocent. Those that will not do that is out of reach and cannot be helped. Any pitying of such selfish, pigheaded liars is a waste of time. 
Too many have too long been focusing on these degenerates, while we should be focusing on the good people. There are so many good, honest people out there. Such people don't go around and frame others for stupid crimes, like the one who set up the stealing of the walrus tooth. Whoever did that is a sick bastard and I can promise you it had nothing to do with dad's new wife. Her son was very small at the time, so imagining he'd been playing around and getting his hands on the tooth is hardly possible either. He was something like 3 years at the time, and the tooth used to lay in a drawer in an antique bureau, that was hard to open even for a grown up. Also he didn't use to be in that living room and play and him and his mother had hardly arrived when the tooth suddenly went missing. Nothing adds up and whoever would gain anything from stealing the tooth would be someone jealous of this woman. The only one of my present tormentors I don't suspect has taken the tooth is my second brother, as he's been mad as hell over this "theft" ever since. It did come back and thank god for that. Now he's spent a small fortune to get the tooth, as that is how precious this tooth is to this brother. 

Someone has been playing on his emotions and the two women I know are doing this concerning the inheritance are his mother and his baby sister. They are actually both comparing him to our youngest uncle, whom ever since mother's crazy behavior at their inheritance hell has been really avoiding her and for years refused to have anything to do with his sister. I think he gave up the totally avoiding her part in the end, but he's not inviting her to their family dinners on the farmhouse where they all grew up. So mother uses him to compare her second son with, and he sides with her? Why? I'd not side with a bitch who slagged me off like that, and compared me to a person she'd made out to be like some crazy psychopath for years. Why does he believe a shit that woman says? Does he likes to be compared to a psychopath? Not that I believe anything mother has said about her brothers, so I'm not saying my uncle is a psychopath, just that mother has said so. The thing is that all cheating and conniving and lying is psychopathic, so if someone does that the person indeed show psychopathic traits. Does the person have no empathy or regrets when hurting others it's even more clear what's up. If this has anything to do with my uncle, or is just mere projections from mother I would vote for the second choice.
Unfortunately many suffering from temporary suspension of their conscience seem to not mind being compared this way, by their partners in crime. It's like some trauma bonding and they don't care when their original abuser smears them. They only care about what their hate object might have said. I make that clear, a trauma bonded person will not care no matter how abusive a comrade is to them, or how ill they speak about them behind their back. They will fret more over imaginary insults their targeted hate object might have said about them. Fiction goes before facts in crazy town. No matter if the person is not per se a psychopath the behavior will be pathological, hence the temporary suspension part. Unless healed this state might get fixed and you have yourself a secondary psychopath, someone made one. True wicked ones are born that way and no amount of love, care, support, and loving bonding will change them into true souls. They are just not able to embrace this concept, just like a dog can not fly. The only one who can is a secondary one, as there was a time they did know how to fly, but then they choose to forget and become dogs in their minds only. Not slagging dogs here, just using them as a metaphor. 

However, once a person has taken the step to become a psychopath it's a hard and long road to get back to be a good person again. It's almost impossible as the reason they choose this road is to not feel pain anymore, the pain of the suffering they cause, and to repent they have to feel it all. So it's not likely to happen. It's easier to blame the innocent they've harmed and cause them more harm. By doing that worsening their pathology and deepening their own predicament, as you loose yourself when you stop feeling the pain of others. Being in emotional connection is what creates the bond between beings and cause them to help and assist each other, instead of sneakingly try and con and take advantage of others. The more the choice of parting from others emotions, and selfishly try and use others instead, the worse also the world as a whole will get around people doing this. In their small actions they create Hell here on Earth, and then we all have to live in what's been created. By living that way they will make sure they come to an even more suitable place in their next round in this game. Good for them! That will teach them that we reap what we sow, and I'm sure they that time will no more be the baddest wolves in the neighborhood, as in such a place there most likely will be old timers, much worse then them.
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