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onsdag 21 december 2016

Women abusers, threats, and lies

Copied and pasted from another place. About women abuse. What is it really? And about people helping the abuser to abuse, by shaming the victim instead of the abuser. And also how women help abusers to abuse other women. So hence I paste it here.

So annoyed still about the OTHER man phoning me up, yelling at me. A man who knows nothing about this man, met him for a few minutes, fallen for his charm (he's very good playing the victim, lying about women and others) and also totally buying into his sister's "rightful anger", while SHE in turn been lied to and still is. This other man refused to let me reply to ANYTHING, and explain he's gotten everything backwards. He denied 100% my reality, of what really happened, and demanded that I should stop having FEELINGS for this charmer. Feelings he himself seems to suddenly gotten alot of! Yep, that is how good he is. Buhu, poor guy suffering evil women abusing him... Sob sob. I could not believe how this man (phoning me) who I thought was a FRIEND (blood bond is about friendship) would turn on me, after all I had told him. Totally believing the shit his sister told him, which I can prove are LIES. Most likely created for her benefit. How could he not see HIS SISTER is with a woman abuser? A CONVICTED one at that! And he's attacking ME!!! 

I'm out of there for sure, only wanted a straight answer, and not more bogus texts from the charmer about "hang on", "I'll phone you", "I'm in deep problem", and so on, making me wonder what was I waiting for. Yep, that is how he does it. Tells you that you are "special", that he can't get you out of his head, been thinking quite alot about you, wishing to meet you atlast. Then he says you are totally "right" for him, and that he wishes to keep up the relationship, tells you to keep calling him and he'll get back to you too. Then he doesn't really, and when you do text he rarely replies, and when you do call him he always doesn't have time to pick up. I was told this 17 November, that we would keep seeing each other, reassured the next day I would for sure see him again. On the 23 I got a weird text as if he was depressed and also seemed to blame ME for what had happened! Yep, that he always does. Always the evil woman. After that several weird texts not saying much, as if alot was going on and he had issues to solve. And not more then 16 days later (not long at all, right?) I got him to pick up the phone. Obviously he had already deleted my number! 

That was when I finally HEARD in his voice the MALICE, and knew he'd only been messing with my head. And knew that he obviously was only trying to make me out as a stalker again. That is what he does to women who are in love with him. Tells them to call him and then pretends to his other woman that she's a nutter. He's the nutter. He keeps leading beautiful women on he's avaliable, when he's not. He's with an ugly skank now who has nothing but tons of kids with different fathers. She's never had a proper marriage or steady life. He's had good women he's lost cause he's an asshole. I am a VERY good catch, who's been faithful and forgiving to the one and only man I ever lived with. The ONLY distraction has been this man, who for years was "best friends" with my husband. It is obvious that his main agenda seducing me was to get one over his old friend. He talked ALOT about him for sure! Wanting to hear he was better then him in every way. Maybe he should had slept with his ex friend instead of me? They both have GAY vibes, so why not. Spent plenty of nights together out in the wilderness, so maybe they did. 

I know, I'm hitting low here, but honestly. He did tell me - admitted to me what I already knew - he'd contemplated being gay. And my husband is not the least interested in me. I could as well be a piece of furniture, when it comes to "that" side. There is nothing stiring up there looking at me, so either I'm that ugly, or he's just not attracted to me. As I see it he's not attracted that much to women at all. He mostly adores some man he's taken a shine to. And back in the days I had a super gay co-worker who was totally smithen by my husband. Told him to divorce his wife (he didn't know it was my husband he was flirting with). He did look good in make up too, so I once remade him into a girl. We were kind of "friends" more then anything, and then we married and had kids. Which was very hard to get, as you need sex to get pregnant. Luckily I was very fertile! I loved having kids. That charmer guy so hates me having all those children, so that was one of the things he picked on me for. That I kept being pregnant, and now he'd bashed me for driving around with my children back when we lived in the same small town. What an odd thing to say! 

Why even mention my kids like that? And when he for some reason had freaked out on me, AFTER he'd told me to divorce my husband and become HIS woman, he'd gone to the social office scolding me as a bad mother to my children. Maybe he wished he was their father? I'm sure he deep down do, as I can tell he's having alot of weird bottled up shit going on in there, he does not want to deal with. There are layers upon layers of this, those new people in his life have no clue about, and do not understand. Shit that made him fall apart and become the crazy murderer he then became to many. I'm sure running away to Stockholm seems like the best option. Criminals often hide in big cities. His rapist friend said the same thing to me, that him being in Gothenburg he could vanish, and people didn't care what he'd done. Which was raping a woman. Yup, he for sure had. And the rapist also told me his friend, the murderer, for sure had cut that woman's throat on purpose. Which was what I believed too after reading the court papers. 

Then I wanted him to not have done it, when speaking to him. I so wanted him to be innocent. But he's guilty as hell. Cause he's a woman abuser. He mainly abuse women emotionally. Makes them believe he loves them, then he hurts them by abandoning them. This he admitted to me doing since his teens. He also likes to torment them by leading them on they have a chance, like he did with me now, and smears them to others behind their backs, making them look stupid and crazy. Back when he did that the first time he totally devestated me. He knows all about that, and how depressed I got. So he obviously is aiming for me getting depressed again, and hopefully commit suicide. That is something woman abusers like to do - destroy women's lives by destroying their mental health, and even MURDER THROUGH SUICIDE. It's well documented.

If you seduce a woman to have sex with you, you are not a rapist. Even if you actually are, as you are lying to her and making her think she's now your woman, but she had no chance ever being that. If you break a woman's spirit so she kills herself, you are not a murderer. Even if you actually are, as you killed her will to live by mistreating her until she is broken, hurting her on the deepest levels of her soul and heart. And all abusers become WORSE AND WORSE by time. Not better. So no wonder he later started to more and more openly verbally abusing women, then hitting them, and then cutting that woman. Now he's with a stupid woman who thinks she is better then everyone else he's been with. She's the fat cow who lost weight, and has a loud sharp voice. She should know he already was beginning to get annoyed with her when he "dated" me. Already getting bored with her. So he lured another woman into his little den. Not that I needed much luring as I was out on a quest. I needed to see him, talk to him, feel him, know that despite his craziness, deep down under all of that, he's the one I know from beyond time and space. 

Yes, I had a vision. He's butt shit nuts in a cute and annoying way, but he's also a SOUL. So that makes it hard to know what is truthful of what he says and does, and what is his acting. I could feel him going from authentic feelings to charmer mood now and then. And I am sure he knows how to turn feelings off, and to turn feelings of devotion into deep disrespect. Women loving him will in most cases end up being despised by him, for the slightest reasons. So this new loud mouthed woman got him straight out of jail, picked him up when he was broken, and she's his MOTHER figure. He needs mothers, so he has a few. But he will move on from her eventually. Just so she knows that. If he already are acting like this, shit will just get worse by time. He will pretend for awhile, get annoyed by stuff, feel overwhelmed with day to day life and all her screaming kids. It will feel secure and like a soft blanket until he feels stronger and then he will leave her. Or just start abusing her in subtle ways, as this he did to her now - cheating with another woman - THAT was abuse! It truly was. 

Her knee jerk reaction lashing out on ME, trying to harm ME, was her DENIAL. She's in denial and believes by getting ME out of his life, suddenly they will get happy. No, they won't. What happened had nothing to do with me. He was the one stalking my Facebook accounts (yep several and he kept being friends on one long after officially unfriending me). He was also the one starting to send me messages, and inviting me over to see him. Him telling me he was thinking about me alot, and flattering me with how good looking I still was. Telling me he not at all ever hated me, but the opposite. So now I'm supposed to think he hates me for good? I thought so last time, and he didn't. He seems to hate for awhile then he cools down and forgets why he was so mad for nothing. He knows what he did. He knows that it's himself he should be mad at, as he more or less admitted that in a weird way in his texts. Well, on the 23rd he kind of blamed me, but in later texts he seems to realize he did it. 

For some bizarre reason he will not tell me to go away. For good. It's when his girlfriend gets his story about me stalking him she starts to yell and scream. That is when he seems to finally realize he has to delete me from that secret Facebook account and stop messing with my head. He's had his little fun. His girlfriend's brother was right about the charmer having his fun. But telling ME it was fun being messed around, smeared and lied to and about? Where was the fun in THAT? It was educational. Not "fun". It was fun seeing him, and feeling as if we did belong together, and that I was not nuts for having feelings for him. But this brother believing I could move on and still be friends with the brother to Janne's girlfriend. Now THAT is nuts. I have had huge problems even staying with my husband, as he is a constant reminder of Janne. As they used to be friends. It's like always having a small piece of Janne, whos's not the slightest attracted to me, and it drives me nuts. 

Now I know that the REAL Janne is VERY much attracted to me. That he makes me feel beautiful, happy and calm. As if I was at home. But he doesn't want that. For some reason. I have a feeling he would maybe - don't know - rather want me to divorce first. He did tell me that 15 years ago, but he never mentioned it now. Just hinted if I was still married. SO I took it as him being a coward, just wanting me to be single, more vulnerable. Many people just stay married, as they see no point in not being it. My advice however is to avoide marriage, as that will end you in jail for life. You have no freedom as married. If your partner ends your relationship by starting with others, and you get nothing, you are stuck, if you don't divorce, live all by yourself and struggle with paying your rent and taking all alone care of your children. I could not possibly had stayed in the house we had. I had not enough income. Not even to pay rent for an appartment. Where would I go? Live on the street? 

All women I know who got out of marriages or solid relationships in a good way, they got stolen by ANOTHER MAN. Hence ending up on their feet, being loved, cared for and strong enough to take care of their children. This Janne has now told me enough times he thinks I deserve so much better treatment and painting himself out as the one able to do so. But all his words so far has been utter shit worth. And now he lets people threatening me!!! Which is again - WOMEN ABUSE. As nobody is stalking anybody for 2-3 WEEKS. That is what happens when you lie to a woman and leads her on and refuses to tell her what is up and behaves like a proper shithead. Imagine that every man seducing women, getting angry texts or just flirty texts or normal texts from this woman a few weeks afterwards could SUE her for stalking would be totally nuts. So these two sibblings threatening me ARE NUTS.

He tells me no texts TODAY. He will get in touch tomorrow.
Late at night I get a text he will phone me the next day.
Why is he doing this? I don't know. As he'd already choosen
the ugly slutty girlfriend he should had told me so!
The abusers here I will shame are obviously the brother, who helped out and BACKSTABBED me - a friend. Friends are those you share BLOOD with, by the way. Siblings you share WATER with only. Stupid retard. Knows nothing about anything, like minions don't. Knows nothing about me, or my wisdom, or what he's been messing with. And the charmer obviously is an abuser, as he keeps breaking my heart by misleadning me, then shaming me for deeds of his or what I see as mutual feelings. If he doesn't have them, more shame on him for what he did. I totally stand by my feelings for him. His girlfriend is also an abuser, however being abused too, as she now found out her new boyfriend is not treating her with proper respect. Not that I now think she deserves any, due to how she treated me. I will and can post their photos and will and can post their real full names and dates and everything, to shame them as the ABUSERS they are. Trying to scare a lonely kindhearted soul who's been tricked to keep in contact with this convicted murderer. Does not look very good for them, does it? As I'm a respected woman, with friends in very high places. Their mistake? Believing their own fiction about me. They know nothing, nore what I'm capable of doing, or what I already done.

Blessed be the Truth, and in Deception lays your destruction, dear murderer of bodies, hearts and souls. Stay true to your Heart, try remember what was Good, and find Peace.

LunaIngRuna - Kärlekens Cirkel

söndag 25 september 2016

Venus i Jungfrun och Zeus

En gång bodde jag någon annanstans och av någon märklig anledning var det rent omöjligt att få vettiga vänner där, eller ens känna sig det minsta accepterad. Vad det berodde på begrep jag inte för inte har jag direkt haft problem med det förut, utom när någon illvillig person visat sig bedrivit en hatkampanj emot mig, men så var väl ändå inte fallet nu. Eller? Nu vet jag inte såhär många år senare hur saker låg till, men en hel del illvilja och somliga förtalskampanjer avslöjade jag innan jag flyttade. Jag hittade även opåverkade människor, som inte verkade ha minsta problem med att bete sig normalt och trevligt mot mig. En jag nu vet ljög om mig var en granne, som hade en fru som fattade underlig illvilja emot mig. Antagligen pga hans påhitt. En annan som jag förstår ljög om mig och min familj visade sig vara den enda jag trodde var något sånär en vän. Vilket var dumt av mig, för hon hade redan från början betett sig märkligt. Hon var min dotters dagmamma och istället för att fråga varför jag kom en halvtimme för sent varje dag, gick hon och beklagade sig till sin överordnad, som då ringde ett obehagligt samtal till mig. 

Jag blev förstås ursinnig, då hon alltså klagat ett bra tag utan att ha sagt ett ord till mig, och nu "måste det vara nog". Jaså, det var de här tiderna jag hade fyllt i och angivet till hennes arbetsgivare. Det är inte mitt fel de anställer analfabeter och halvidioter. Så det var inte jag som gjort fel, utan hennes överordnad hade gett henne fel tid. Någon egentlig ursäkt fick jag inte, för det begriper ju jag att hon samtidigt gått runt och ojat sig över min hänsynslöshet till både höger och vänster, så nu ville hon väl inte tala mer om saken när jag var oskyldig. Så snart som den andra grannen och hans fru satte igång deras förtalskampanj var ju givetvis den här fd dagmamman genast igång på deras linje. Strax hade hon även fått med sin man och han gav sig på mig och gjorde löjliga anklagelser mot min äldsta dotter. Saker som det var självklart deras betydligt yngre son var skyldig till. Så småsinta människor som använder lögner och överdrifter för att svartmåla mig och göra sig själva till oskyldiga offer är det inte ont om. En annan lömsk figur visade sig vara en överordnad på mitt eget jobb. Naivt trodde jag hon var min vän och istället gick hon bakom min rygg och förtalade mig högre upp i organisationen, vilket en lojal arbetskamrat och överordnad varnade mig för. 

Hon var inte den ende heller, för en dag kom en annan från arbetet hem och berättade att den än högre chefen även han gillade att ljuga om mig och beskylla mig för sina egna tillkortakommanden. Så trevligt det är när charmörer, avundsjuka kärringar och gamla gubbsjuka karlar tycker man är den perfekta syndabocken. Trots det tycker jag mest synd om dem, då allt de gör mot en sån som mig alltid kommer tillbaka och straffar dem själva. Det för att de ska få chansen att lära sig och ändra sig och bli bättre människor. Jag har således idag stor förhoppning att åtminstone EN av dessa personer som förtalat mig har ändrat sig och blivit en bättre människa. Den personen kallar jag Hera i nedan gamla historia jag skrev 2008, eller ännu tidigare. Det är osäkert när jag skrev det. Det är hon som förut var gift med charmören, som jag i historien kallar Zeus. Nu tänker jag inte skriva mer om detta just här, men har en del tillägg i slutet, då mycket som skrivs här 2008 långt senare blir sant. Som jag sa så ska man inte göra orätt mot andra. Inte bara för att man kan ge sig på "fel person", utan för att det alltid kommer tillbaka som smärta och lidande på dig själv. Detta skrev jag också om 2008, så låt oss läsa det istället. 

SKRIVET 2008 (tror jag)

Efter de hackat mina sidor satte jag ihop de här sidorna (förklaring: websidor med deras låtar) för att visa att jag inte hyser något agg mot dessa "pojkar". Jag tycker de är omogna och inskränkta möjligtvis. Varför de känns mer inskränkta än vad jag själv känner mig är kanske pga våra alltför olika bakgrunder. De flesta släkter tycks vara väldigt ortstrogna, även om de har somliga rötter från utlandet. Jag uppfattade t ex sångaren i Zebrus som av franskt påbrå, dels för att han var otroligt lik en typisk fransman, men dels för att trakten han kom ifrån är ett vida känt område dit franska bergsmän invandrade. De kom dit som arbetare åt herrarna. Där ligger skillnaden, eftersom jag nästan uteslutande i min egen släktforskning hittat borgare och handelsmän med rötter bak ända till 1500-talet. En Nordtysk guldsmedsfamilj hette Wall och jag undrar om de inte var judar, eftersom man inte kallade det för "judar" på den tiden, men det var de som av tradition var guldsmeder och som sen startade banker av sina bänkar där de sparade folks guld. Wallenberg lär ha flyttat till Östergötland ifrån Nordtyskland och startat bank här i Sverige. De var ialla fall judar och om man tänker efter så är namnet Enberg svenskt så jag tror det var Wall som flyttade hit och gifte in sig i en rik släkt. Men mina förfäder flyttade till norska Hansa-staden Bergen där de fortsatte med guldsmederi, rederiverksamhet och allmän handel.

Det är en liten tråd jag snappat upp och inte kunnat släppa efter min ene bror sa något om att vi kanske hade blodsband till dessa världens elit och att det är därför vi har förmågan att förstå och avslöja vad de gör. Vad jag vet är att de som har makten vill hålla ner alla "arbetarbinas" intelligensnivå och livslängd och det är det som är anledningen att det sen urminnestider - ända tillbaka till långt före Egypten - varit viktigt att hålla blodet rent. De har hellre gift sig med sina egna systrar än riskera orenheter från mer avlägsna släktingar. Faktum är att hela den så underbara bibel alla fanatiska kristna viftar med är full av incest och andra slemmigheter. Det är ingen tillfällighet och ju mer man förstår av deras okulta hemligheter, ju mer förstår man anledningen att de vill hålla sitt blod oblandat med den övriga befolkningens. Ändå förekommer det mängder av oäktingar, eller avfällingar från äldre släktled, som kan ha återknutit sina blodsband långt senare och på något vis snappat upp de gener som de önskat hålla för sig själva. Och om man sen haft tur sluppit få deras psykopat-gen på köpet, utan blivit en sann och kärleksfull människa istället med förmågan att se bakom den charad av lögner som vår verklighet består av. När man sett bakom alltings illusion tycks små pojkars rackartyg och elakheter som rent trams och oväsentligheter. Jag har tänkt att jag kanske skulle ta bort den, men bandets ledare gav mig tillåtelse att publicera deras musik och i dagsläget kan jag inte hitta den publicerad någon annanstans (förklaring: sidorna är nere sen länge, men musikern i bandet har flera av sina alster på nätet, dock inte dessa med sångaren). Det finns tusentals mycket bättre band så det borde inte spela någon roll, ändå tycker jag att de kan spela och sjunga lite till.

Det som tilltalar mig mest med Zebrus texter är att de är så gammeldags och färgstarka. Varför jag bara har låtar med text här beror på att det var sångaren jag kände. Egentligen är inte termen "kände" riktigt rätt, eftersom jag aldrig fick någon möjlighet till verkligt samtal och alltså inte kan känna honom som jag menar man känner någon. Skulle lätt säga jag känner de flesta människor jag "känner" mer än denne Jan, eftersom jag talat med de flesta andra lite mer än artighetsfraser och ytligheter. Så jag "känner" honom inte, men då han var vän med den jag delar mitt liv med kändes det ändå som så. Att jag valt att kalla honom "Zeus" här på sidorna är för att han liksom denne var en oförbätterlig Casanova, som bakom ryggen på sin fru "Hera" flörtade hejdlöst och hade kärleksaffärer. Att det verkligen var så förstod jag först när jag själv blev "drabbad" av den stora charmoffensiven och inte bara vanlig vardaglig småflört, vilken kan vara påfrestande nog när man känner sig halvdassig och får sådan uppmärksamhet. Så någon större "vän" skulle jag inte kalla honom.

Min bror sa en gång att en make alltid låtsas avsky de kvinnor han är mest attraherad av inför sin hustru. Den teorin sa han i samband just med den här sångaren, efter jag känt mig tvungen att konfrontera honom med alla de fagra löften han ringt mig och avgett och istället fått hans fru på tråden och haft chansen att känna henne på pulsen. Hennes avskyvärda påståenden om mig, helt osanna, fick mig att se att min bror hade rätt. Dessutom avslöjade hon i sitt uppträdande att mina misstankar att det var hon, Hera, som legat bakom alla mina närmaste grannars plötsliga och helt oförklarliga attitydförändring till mig. Jag hade inget otalt med dem, tvärtom, och plötsligt och i samband med besök från henne, betedde de sig högst otrevligt och undvikande. Så hon hade verkligen trakasserat mig och mobbat mig, utan någon som helst anledning än pga saker hennes make, Zeus, sagt. Precis som i gudasagan om desamma. Det här var det enda telefonsamtal jag någonsin gjorde till någon av dem, ändå påstod de i över fem års tid på sin hemsida att det var jag som förföljt dem. Dels bodde jag hela den tiden över 45 mil ifrån dem, dels var det bevisligen de som hackade mina hemsidor och fyllde med elakheter. Så mycket för den förföljelsen.

Vad gäller vem som mobbat vem hade jag redan innan mitt samtal med frun fått ett erkännande från sångaren själv att de mobbat mig, och avsiktligt dessutom. Därefter kom den känslomässiga utpressningen och alla fagra "guld och gröna skogar" löften han kunde komma på. Som han sen snabbt tog tillbaka med råge när han fick veta att jag talat med hans fru, om mobbningen och inget annat. Han var väl livrädd att hans charmeri hade kommit på tal och satte istället in storklutarna att trakassera mig. Gick till socialen och hotade mina barn och mycket annat sjukt. Allt det här gjorde mig väldigt, väldigt arg och när jag blir väldigt arg brukar jag göra något åt det. Så jag skrev ner hela historien på mina hemsidor, utan att nämna namn, och jag gjorde en besvärjelse över dem. En sån som alla egentligen kan göra, men som bara har effekt om den du besvärjer vet att den gjort fel och svikit dig. Av någon anledning fungerar inte sånt här på riktigt psykopatiska samvetslösa typer, så försök inte på politiker, kommungubbar eller höjdare som Bush. De är skyddade av mäktiga negativa krafter och finns bara till för att suga kraften ur oss vanliga dödliga. Men på andra som oss fungerar den utmärkt på. Kanske förresten på lägre tjänsteman och små-politiker också. Ge inte upp därom, för någon skada på dig gör det inte, tvärtemot vad somliga försöker påskina.

Besvärjelsen jag la gick ut på att Zeus skulle inom loppet av fyra år överge Hera för en betydligt yngre kvinna, som hade både mer självförtroende och aggressivitet än Hera själv. De flesta tjejer kände sig nog väldigt obehagliga av hennes sätt, så en sån tjej var inte precis lättfunnen. Men fem år efter det här, när fortfarande deras förtalssida av mig fanns uppe på internet, gick jag in på eniro.se eller hitta.se och såg att Hera nu bodde i en lägenhet i stan och inte längre i Zeus barndomshem i Odensvi, som de övertagit från hans mamma strax innan jag flyttat söderut. Zeus hade sitt telefonnummer på samma adress som en tjej, vilken jag hittade på en gymnasieskolans hemsida, och som måste vara minst 15 år yngre än han. Det såg ut som en stentuff tjej, webmistress på sin skola, och då med en ung pojkvän otroligt lik Zeus i yngre tappning. Ett så ovanligt namn för en sån liten stad att det inte gick att ta miste på att det här var tjejen han valt att leva med istället för sin nu alltmer rugguggliga hustru Hera. Eftersom nu besvärjelsen uppfyllts så la jag en ny. Förhoppningsvis hittade Hera en annan man, som inte bedrar henne, och lever nu lycklig. Och Zeus han får vad han förtjänar, vad det nu är. Inte bryr jag mig längre om dessa fåniga människor. Det enda jag tycker är att en del musik de gjorde var helt ok. Kanske inte i världsklass, men den duger. Nu lever jag på den mest hippa platsen musikmässigt i hela landet. Finns så många otroligt bra band här att bandet Zebrus låter bedrövligt i jämförelse. Så kan det gå!

Där var det slut på det jag skrivit då för några år sen och efter det så gick det ju faktiskt ordentligt käpprätt åt skogen för den där charmören. Förhoppningsvis så lärde han sig något utav det och slutar vara en skitstövel mot folk som bryr sig om honom, för det ska Gudarna veta, att människor som bryr sig växer inte på träd för oss andra, men tydligen tyckte han att det var sånt man kunde gödsla med. Jodå, jag har mött den arrogansen mången gång från högfärdiga som tyckt de är överlägsna och inte behöver besvära sig med onödiga "vänner". Sanningen är att vänner är få, medan falska bekanta är rikliga. Vänner är såna som bryr sig även när man klantat till sig och gjort saker andra genast fördömer en för. Vänner är såna som ger en chansen att göra bättre i framtiden. Det finns många som är falska och använder ens vänskap till att undergräva en istället. Eller såna som tror att allting är "oss" och "dem", så helt huvudlöst ger dig sig på sina "vänners" fiender, som då faktiskt kan råka vara helt oskyldiga offer för en bedräglig och falsk människa, som ljugit för att gynna sig själv. Detta är läror som somliga måste lära, att man ljuger inte om oskyldiga i tron att det på något vis kan gynna en själv. Det gör det sällan i slutändan.

Det glädjande som hände är att Hera i historien faktiskt redan runt det här året, 2008, hade förlovat sig med en både stilig och till synes intelligent man. Sen verkar hon läst böcker och tänkt och utvecklats till en betydligt vackrare människa än den skata som sa alla de där dumheterna till mig. Så förhoppningsvis lärde hon sig något på vägen och är numer en lyckligare människa, som är snäll och rar mot andra som bryr sig om henne. Mig var hon ju mest bara intresserad av att prata illa om och vara elak mot, vilket jag verkligen inte förtjänat. Att hon pratade illa om alla damer hennes man lägrat kan man ju ha lite förståelse för, men jag har ändå svårt att förstå att hon inte tyckte synd om dem också, då han ljög så det stod härliga till om deras äktenskap för att få till det. Om hur förfärlig fru hon var, och hur slut det "nästan" eller faktiskt var mellan dem. Jag vet förstås inte allt han brukade ljuga om, men får väl försöka åminna de lögner han sa till mig och hur övertygande han lät, för att se att det inte var helt dessa kvinnors fel, som Hera hade gjort gällande. Klart de var sårade, när någon lovat guld och gröna skogar och allt var bara nys!

Till slut kanske jag skulle förklara lite varför jag kallar denna post för Venus i Jungfrun. Medans jag jobbade på mina websidor och la upp lite astrologivideosar för min eget horoskop, kom jag ifatt just att någon med Venus i Jungfrun är lite flyktig och gärna också otrogen. De sa också en del andra Venus-tecken som visst kunde vara besvärliga att hantera, och jag gick på jakt efter vem som hade vad. Jag mindes lite svagt att denne sångare nog hade haft just sin Venus i Jungfrun och medans jag kollade hittade jag den här texten om Zeus. Hade han Venus i Jungfrun, kanske du undrar? Svaret är ja. Att alltid leta efter den perfekta kvinnan och att irritera sig på minsta fel, när man väl hittat någon kandidat, ser jag ju direkt är en stor akilleshäl, då det inte låter som om någon sån person direkt går på djupet med en relation innan denne dels binder upp sig med någon han alls inte passar ihop med, eller ratar någon utan att ha en aning om vem den här personen egentligen är. Att det kan bli himla många relationer när man agerar på det här viset är ju då troligt, även om det inte nödvändigt behöver vara av romantisk natur. Men i det här fallet var det visst just så det mest var, för vänner behövde han ju inte på den tiden. För 15 år sedan alltså. Nu verkar han behöva alla han kan få, men jag inbillar mig ingenting. Ja, sen är jag ju fortfarande ganska arg på honom för det han gjorde. 

Luna IngRuna - Kärlekens Cirkel

onsdag 22 juni 2016

When I met a Draco Hypbrid she told me this

Laura Knight-Jadczyk wrote shit about me on her site and stalked me and she should be happy that i didn´t reported her to international police for her stupid narcistic disorder, spreading bullshit about me on internet and for her stalking. She´s a criminal person if she´s doing stalking and she did it because she even put my name on her site and called me a illuminati member agent, which is a lie, but thousands of people started because of her to call me a hostile illuminati member and shit like this. Laura Knight-Jadczyk needs a slap into her bold mouth!

Laura Knight-Jadczyk is not a enemy for me. Its just bitter to see that someone with so much attention on internet, is so narcistic, bold, impertinent and selfish to attack everyone thats talking about her on internet in a critical way. Laura Knight-Jadczyk feels like the ultimate queen of knowledge and nobody has the right to say one word about her, but I will spit on her face, forever. Why? Because she started to spit on me, but she messed with the wrong one. I absolutly SPIT on Laura Knight-Jadczyk and I give a FUCK about anything she says on her site(s) about me, because she has not more rights to open her mouth, as anyone else, on the fucking internet!

Teaching should not be allowed. Teaching is always indoctrination. A soft advise is ok, but teachings are not ok. Thats how I sense it, so I open up my mouth, without teaching a thought school. STO and STS concepts are useless, because STO is only promoting the mind of a slave status entity thats serving others loyal and STS is promoting only psychopathic narcistic disorders to control and manipulate others. You understand this point. But Laura doesn´t and her fans support her indoctrinations. I do not respect the propaganda that you find on internet about ETs, gods, organic portals and demons. I can shapeshift. I´m not into religion or god concepts. I do not like religion in any way and I do not like the NWO or the illuminati in any way. I do not want to be part of any agenda or any kind of "thought school". I also do not accept gnostic teachings. Also I would like to say that there is also a green light illuminati and a yellow light illuminati but there are no informations about it on internet or anywhere. But there is a lot more going on as anyone of you knows. Also I have to say that there is no typical "plejadian" perspective or a typical "reptile person" perspective and also there is no typical "draco hybrid" or "annunaki" perspective. 

I do not like humans, because humans are for the most part useless cattle to my understanding. But also my wish is to protect universal harmony and saving one reality, will destroy the reality of someone else. I have the option to enter 228 dimensions. Existing as a draco hybrid with plejadian and lyrian background means also to design a script for very exotic and new energy thats coming from a background that goes far beyond the reality threshold of the genetic evolution that humans are familiar with, but also its a chilled mood that you have. Actually its not like YOU ARE this race or that species, because you are EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING at the same time. So its no wonder if some see a demonic entity in me while others see a angelic entity in me, BECAUSE I PULL ALL STRINGS THAT I LIKE TO PULL AND I DO NOT FEEL EMPATHY, but I like to respect the protection of universal harmony and positivity. But I also got my little insanity. Its not like you become a vampire. You are already born with a capacity to be a demonic entity, but you can also be a diamond for everyone, because you pull strings on quantum levels and on many other levels.

My wish is universal harmony for everyone, but I will not let anyone attack someone or I will attack if the attacker is using my reality for his abusing intentions. I don´t need satan or the lower astral spectrum and I don´t need angelic higher vibrational intelligence. I´m already everything that can be on highest and lower level because I´m all in one at the fullest and most intense peak. I´m very quiet, super meditative and chilled. Humans should stop their stupid respect for authority.

And to make my point perfectly clear. Every lawyer told me that this Laura Knight-Jadczyk did very wrong things with her pathological behaviour. Let me explain and do not erase what I have to say! At the core point in the past I never said something bad about her, BUT I QUOTED a site and LINKED a site that wrote that she´s a possessed and a liar thats working for demons and stuff like that - BUT WHAT HAPPENED? Laura Knight-Jadczyk put my name on her site and wrote a long report full of defamations about me! And she even wrote that I would get paid because I would be a illuminati member! And this is not right because I only quoted what SOMEONE ELSE wrote on a site about her. I DID NOT EVEN KNEW LAURA AT THAT POINT! But after she made her criminal mistake to write shit about me on her site, it was clear what kind of person Laura Knight-Jadczyk is - she´s seeking for higher status as everyone else to find godlike status attention and therefore she abused her fun hobby for her channelings. So her joy and fun suddenly turned into a sick control game and everyone suddenly was for Laura a very evil agent of the illuminati or something else. But in my case, thats not the case! I only quoted what someone else wrote about her and Laura did a big mistake and Laura should really say thanks to me that I did not reported her ass to international police! 

Internet is full of people that act like they are someone special and Laura is someone of that nature. She should first ask a person in a nice and friendly polite way, if its true what she was reading and why someone thinks like that, because in normal cases of normal people, you always can talk and find a polite friendly solution for every problem or misunderstanding. But I´m very angry about Laura and I will never ever again say something positive about her, because Laura does not deserves any positive comments. Laura did not excuse herself till today. And I really have a lot to say about her pathological behaviour and indoctrinations! STS means in her terminology "Service To Self" and she says its negative, but the truth is that she´s making people believe that only STO ("Service To Others") is the right path - but service to others ("STO") is nothing else as "Creating a human slave class" thats working trough service to others for the intention of others! And I also got to say that I´m ABSOLUTLY - STS - and I do not go any STO path and I will never (!!!) respect her so called channeling messages, because I know it so much better. 

Already what Laura wrote about so called reptile hosts and stuff of that nature is so wrong. Laura will never get the chance to be a friend of me, because I don´t like people like Laura Knight-Jadczyk, because her behaviour is not positive, so I have nothing positive to say about her. I also don´t like Laura Knight-Jadczyk because she is writing only negative stuff about what she calls REPTILE PEOPLE and I get vertical slits sometimes, so I don´t like her at all, because she has also messages that explain that we reptile people eat human flesh and thats not true. We all are different and I´m so positive that I sometimes even enjoy negativity, but I´m a draco hybrid and I can shapeshift. I even uploaded my vertical slit eyes and people wrote shit about me and that I would probably drink human blood, but I don´t and I respect life, but I don´t have emotions and I don´t need empathy for mental garbage like Laura Knight-Jadczyk. I really spit on Laura in a metaphorical way, because she wrote lies about me on internet. Everyone has the right on internet to say something AGAINST her and Laura has no right to keep anyone quiet! 

You and everyone else on internet can ABSOLUTLY say critical words about Laura Knight-Jadczyk or ask other people on different forums about their point of view about Laura Knight-Jadczyk and its absolutly not a problem if people say negative things about her or her problematic messages. She attacks everyone directzly with statements that she will go to court, call her lawyers and and stuff like she wrote on her site in her defamation section. She tries to create fear, so nobody opens up his mouth against or about her on internet, and this is a fascist stragedy. She acts like she´s having the ultimate rights for knowledge and everyone thats having a problem with her messages or with her pathological psychopath behaviour, ends on her site as as a targeted individual of her strange community, full of pre-programmed afraid people that have not the balls to say one word about or against Laura Knight-Jadczyk. 

Also she started the negative subject about "Organic Portals" and "Soulless Humans" that should be open portals for demonic and interdimensional forces and stuff of that nature, so people on internet that are stupid enough, follow her indoctrination and because of Laura Knight-Jadczyk people like you and me and others who can deconstruct her behaviour and messages as a psychopathic insanity, will get defined from her even as a organic portal of a demonic reptilian nature or we are a illuminati agent thats getting paid to spread lies and hate about her on internet - thats what Laura Knight-Jadczyk thinks, because she never learned in her life that she´s not the princess that owns the rights for knowledge, but she acts like she´s on a throne, but to be perfectly honest, the truth about her is actually inverted and Laura Knight-Jadczyk is what she´s writing about when she´s writing about people that are a wolf in a sheeps clothing. 

So I tell all sheeps that there is one sheep thats actually a wolf and the sheep look is only a costume. And I do not say all this to make Laura or her fans feel hurt. I say all this because she´s a liar and a pathological psychopatic stalker thats spreading on internet lies about me and many others. We don´t need the cruelness of Laura Knight-Jadczyk and I also don´t need her stupid shit mouth talking about me on internet. But she started it, so I also have the right to talk about her. And I give a fuck if Laura Knight-Jadczyk is writing on her site that I´m a bad person thats writing bullshit on internet about her, because its the truth and not bullshit what I have to say about her. Plus I also want to say that I do not like how Laura Knight-Jadczyk talks about, what she calls, reptile people, because I also get vertical slits and I´m not eating human flesh or drinking blood after satanic rituals. I don´t need satan or other god concepts near me.

One last statement: Every lawyer told me that Laura did very bad things. I quoted a sites statement about her, that was very negative, and Laura again put me on her site and started to spread that I would write shit about her on other forums! But I never said a word about Laura! But now I say a word about Laura! Now I am angry about her pathological behaviour. My advice to Laura: Learn to be friendly and don´t attack others just because you think its intelligent to attack others, because its never nice to hurt others. You don´t kick someone into his face, just to build up your own status. Plus trying to act like you are in control over others is a sign of pathological fear and Laura tries to heal this pathological fear with the behaviour of pathological hate because Laura is using hate as a instrument 2 build up a bridge for her messages that actually are nothing else as indoctrinations for the most part. Laura´s behaviour is not nice and very problematic, so Laura should not wonder if someone is telling her the truth - like she never experienced the truth before! 

And no, I´m not saying all this to hurt Laura or to make her look bad - I say this because I don´t let someone else on internet destroy my public identity and Laura destroyed my identity trough her internert stalking activity because she wrote lies about me on her site! Oh and yes, please continue to write shit about me. You will get everything back. Every lawyer told me that Laura did very bad things. I spit on Laura Knight-Jadczyk. She´s mental garbage and a narcistic psychopath. Why? Because Laura is a stalker and destroying the identity of others on internet and telling lies and doing defamations and after all Laura acts like others are bad people. Laura is a complete childish person. And yes - Laura deserves a slap into her mouth for talking shit about me on her site. I would slap her in her face if she would be in front of me! She talked shit about many people. I can report Laura Knight-Jadczyk any time to the international police. 24 hours. But I did not do it yet, because Laura Knight-Jadczyk is already PUNISHED. I don´t respect her at all. People like her only make you angry. Nice words here, nice sounding truth messages there - but a complete pathological shit personality behind it, but what else can you expect from someone like Laura Knight-Jadczyk?

Her cassiopaean "little helpers" even protect my point of view, but they "fragmented" it a bit to much to make it simple enough, so their for Laura "converted" STS and STO concepts are wrong, because its just to much a concept of black and white. I´m STS and therefore I´m by this definition pure evil and absolutly negative. So Laura created on internet a false identity of me, while in reality, people all enjoy me and everyone is loving me and happy to make a friendship with me, because I´m nice to everyone and able to help everyone. But Laura again is very far from understanding the real difference between good and bad and different natures of reality layouts, but I´m not attacking her, its more some kind of help. I do not hate anyone. I even like the way Laura talks in her videos. But Laura destroyed every sympathy with her hystery and psychopathic disorder. 

The soul as example is only the elements between different incarnations thats still intact and part of your "new" life on earth or another planet or inorganic realm and her cassiopaeans are just a echo answer of her negative, neutral and positive incarnations. I have no emotions. Anger is not a emotion because aggressivity is a resistance against a certain kind of reality. Plus I´m very chilled and super calm. But I can get aggressive like a jaguar when I sense the repulsiveness in someone else. I guess a pitbull isn´t very different like me. I like it that everyone is full of harmony, but I´m not into emotions, so I bite because I´m merciless, especially to Laura and her messages. She wrote a lot bad stuff about the ones that get defined as draco and reptilians and I´m a draco hybrid with lyrian and plejadian background, so I will not let Laura get away with that. My intention is also to heal the negative context because many people on YouTube uploaded their videos that show their vertical slits and they also say that its not true what Laura and others promote with their intense indoctrination on internet. I like the idea of love and harmony, but I will not allow Laura to spread indoctrinations.

I like Hillary Clinton, because my stepfather is a very high level general and HIllary Clinton knows my family and there is no problem, so I don´t like it that Laura Knight-Jadczyk defines political high level people as psychopaths that should be reptilian aliens of a evil or demonic nature. Everyone can shapeshift or be cruel. Its so easy to be cruel or change your appearance if you are possessed with the evil forces of hades or with something else, but these forces of evilness again also are just something else that went the wrong path and I define this path as the path of poison because it will destroy slowly every living energy, every harmony, every joy, every balance and every positivity. People need to get away from the mechanical computer like view of human nature or reality design because the so called matrix is NOT a computer simulation and the mind also is NOT a simulation. 

People should be more off-world and go astral or start dreaming with open eyes, because there is no bad or good reality, everything is actually very meaningless in a certain kind of way, but not on every possible level. You have to go your way and choose, but if evil energy comes your way, you have to convert the evil energy into positivity or you could get converted into evil energy, from another source or certain element(s). I´m not into religion or god concepts, but the teaching of Jesus Christ are a good start to find the right way. But I go deeper and I like also to go astral and navigate trough astral realms. I´m at home in many worlds. I don´t like this planet. Planet earth is just so patetic. I like harmony.

I´m much to strong on mental and other levels, to fight back or destroy her energy at will, so it makes no sense for Laura Knight-Jadczyk to start trouble with me. She´s allowed to write about me, but the problem is that she does not know me on private level, so she can only use internet statements to describe my personality or more, and thats the fatality that will create a error. She´s a channeling medium, but I´m a indigo child with a rainbow aura and I have a full opened 3th eye and I do not need to "ask" demons or other forces for knowledge, because I´m super fused as a multidimensional energy already with everything that I like or desire, and what I don´t like or desire, isn´t something that I want to sense. On a lower level, all this mess here is actually very childish and super stupid, but on a middle high level its just something that happens 24 hours on planet earth, because people always end up in a mess with someone else, if energies resonate with each other, but one energy can´t fuse with the other energy. 

So there is a harmony and a disharmony, but its more like the disharmony is the only possible harmony. I want peace and harmony and I wish Laura Knight-Jadczyk harmony and peace. She will not respond. But I sense also that she´s very amused about the situation. She knows that I actually liked her a lot, because she knows what I know, but she pushed the knowledge into a to controlled little context of evil and heavenly, so its for her therefore just about organic soulless psychopathic portals and demonic hosts that try to block the truth. Actually there is no truth. Truth is not existing, just a perspective is existing.

If positive people want power, they share and give. If negative people want power, they take, control, lie, manipulate and destroy. And if a complete empire is based up on such a negative path, it will go down and fall, but its their karma, not yours. So keep away from their reality, its not good for your reality. People that are so cruel that they kill children, are under influence of something else and this other element is installed inside their chakras. These people are, in a metaphorical sense, mechanical portals for remote controlled society systems. Their karma is so bad that they pull dark matter into earth realities. 

Dark matter is the energy that opens interdimensional portals to the forces of hades. Transhumanism is installing evilness inside everyone thats containing dark matter. If you are very fused with multidimensionality, there will be less problems with different energies of negativity, because negativity is actually not resonating very good with inorganic or astral systems, thats the reason why the astral realms need a physical existing host to manifest negativity trough others that are using the physical form. Its actually very simple. And I don´t go for negativity. I like harmony. Meditation also is nice. The joy of heavenly energies is always supporting angelic intentions.

We got the capacity to be demonic or feed demonic energy, but it will not work for you after all, but against YOU, so its important to make a clear point and line between yourself and the demonic energy that you could create, feed or support. It makes more sense to be angelic and heavenly and support joy, harmony and positivity. These days the demonic energy is "just waiting" for someone to do a crime or torture to someone so just stay out of negativity and spread joy, harmony and support the open awareness on everything! ;o) the ones who want to be evil, they will get what they deserve, its called karmic quantum mechanics. so people should wish everyone positivity. i always try to transform it when i get angry, into sports activity and it works - give the demons of evilness no chance in your life and spread positivity! ;o)

Before I got born a blue strange looking being told me that this life on earth will be my last incarnation as a physical being and my consciousness would be so advanced, clean and beyond the threshold that both sides, light and darkness, will pull me on their sides, so exactly this happened. But here on earth, as a human with a additional draco hybrid and a additional plejadian background because of past incarnations, there are demonic and angelic forces and energies that feel in a very natural way connected to me and I have no problem with demonic and angelic forces or energies, because I´m the best capacity of both poles, but I don´t use my capacity to hurt or destroy others or to take energy away from people. I have a vampire like energy body, but I do not use it, but my vampire like energy body is a dangerous gift that I "could" use, but I don´t use it to kill by thought or will power and THATS already a positive path. You don´t use your poison, because you try to be nice and spread positive vibrations, instead of activating demonic qualities. 

As I said I´m not at all into religion, but Jesus Christ´s teachings are messages that I also like because they are important and necessary for human existence. Demonic forces are living energy that has no body so it needs a body from someone thats still alive and these demonic forces are frustrated and therefore very aggressive and super violent interested in destruction of everyone thats having his peace or thats about to find some peace. Demons actually ask for love and positivity, but they are so disconnected from the energetic nature of peace, that they just fluctuate in a super irrational way trough all possible energies and sometimes they also can try to be nice or help spread knowledge or informations, but they fall back into their wrong operation mode because they are missing the connection to the energetic nature of peace. So, demons need someone to look up to and also humans need someone to look up to, because there is not so much difference as most people think, between demons and humans. If you can´t find psychological peace or even energetic peace, you create wrong karmic reality scrips and they create a echo of situations full of negative energy for you and others.

I´m the child of a high level general and therefore i do not like people like Laura that feed this illuminati empire lies. i can see easily - trough - the blurry negative layout of Laura´s messages, because there is not truth behind most of her statements. my stepfather is a very high level general that even knows hillary clinton and military police was always friendly and sweet when they had to show respect for my stepfather and me (i was a child at the time of his service) and there is nothing like a psychopath empire thats working for a illuminati or evilness. So its just natural for me to dislike every word and move of Laura Knight-Jadczyk because every word of her is about to support the lies that help the news papers to sell something. Its all about zombie people that are psychopaths in STS mode that work for illuminati off-world at 4th and 5th density in her views.
 But thats bullshit. People can only be in STS mode because there is no STO mode. And it should not be called STS, its just about "growing and expanding yourself to do what makes you happy" and to be a slave for others is nothing that anyone should accept or respect, so STO is the last bullshit that anyone should accept, because thats what the new world order is promoting via Laura Knight-Jadczyk. They use her without her awareness and stupid naive people are into her messages because people do not think thoughts to the end. People just start a thought, but never finish a thought. I finished all thoughts and therefore I´m free from the prison that Laura still promotes with her statements. People should be positive and love the moment because there is just the moment. Life is to short to play criminal detective with world realities. In the end anyway world realities are useless because they are collective.

This was an interview I made awhile back by someone having a really bad experience from Laura K-L. She obviously both was very angry with Laura, but also could see through this and understand where Laura comes from. A mix of feelings you get when you are badly treated by humans of a lesser ability to understand others messages and intention. The practice to demonize others and play act offended is a huge problem here. You need to differentiate between true liars and psychological bullies, and those only trying to express themselves and like in this case - report what they've seen others claim. The inability to understand quoting is a huge one, I've noticed. That people can't understand when you are repeating others views and that this is not your own. This often leads to you, as the one doing the quoting, getting shunned and hated and blamed for the uncomfortable opinions by someone else, whom you did not even agree with in alot of cases! This level of stupid is truly disturbing and what makes me very drained and tired on most of humanity.

Luna IngRuna - Kärlekens Cirkel

torsdag 24 mars 2016

Merry Christmases & Surviving Psychopaths

This is my Merry Christmases video for Circle of Love.

This was my video for last Christmas and showing first a Christmas from the past (2004), that first was so promising and normal, only to turn into drama, death and psychopathic insanity. From there on I have fast forward to 2011 and my sickbed, and some disturbing, very weird behaviors, and goes on to my father's funeral. After that I  mostly focus on the insanity around the estate, and end with my wish for the new year 2016. Not that this ever will happen, as narcissists rather loose everything then admit they've been wrong, that they've wrongfully treated someone as the guilty one, that they themselves helped out to lie to help a true psychopath out in their cons and tricks. 

This will never ever happen when you have a too insane narcissist at hand. The more you prove to them that they are the ones in the wrong, with solid proof, the more they'll revenge you and try and hurt you. So my wish will never happen. All I have to look forward to is to loose everything from my family of origin. And then I'm not only talking about father's lovely farm, but every single person who's been conned by these liars and charmers. To survive I know that is the only option as there is no reasoning with the dead. The ones that abandoned all reason. 

Luna IngRuna - Circle of Love

Paradise Stolen - Episode 1 - DON'T SHOW YOUR CHILDREN!

 Anti-War video showing another side to the cost of war - the life you could have had.


Paradise Stolen - Episode 2 - The Myth of Efficiency!

Answering some of the arguments against the idea that small sustainable communities are impractical.

Zombified and won't think for herself - like Caren in my Christmas video!

Paradise Stolen - Episode 3 -The Myth of Overpopulation!

Part three in the series shows the myth of overpopulation as the cause of poverty.


Paradise Stolen - Episode 4 - The Myth of Terrorism!

 Part 4 and possibly the most controversial of the series, The Myth of Terrorism reveals the real reason for the war on terror.

Lying so very well - just like Marge in my Christmas video!


Paradise Stolen - Episode 5 - Why We Are Poor!

 When you find out what the government really takes from you, you’ll be shocked and outraged, but the evidence is indisputable.


Defense Against the Psychopath!

 Defense Against the Psychopath is a documentary excerpted from chapter one of my book; The Art of Urban Survival. Teaches people how to recognize and defend against our society's most dangerous predators, psychopaths.

Turned evil - just like brother Brian in my Christmas video!


 Stefan Verstappen – Defense Against the Psychopath, Pt. 1

 This episode is part 1 of how to identify and deal with psychopaths, and is called “Defense Against the Psychopath,” and was recorded on Thursday, September 18, 2014, and was released on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.


Stefan Verstappen – Defense Against the Psychopath, Pt. 2

This episode is part 2 of how to identify and deal with psychopaths, and is called “Defense Against the Psychopath,” and was recorded on Thursday, September 18, 2014, and was released on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.

Thanks to the old Obama fan Hope is trashed.