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måndag 11 september 2017

The Players Game With Women

When I met that old aquantance Janne last year I told him what I've been up to since my awakening 2006 (mostly). Which is why his lies about me is blatant, and everyone believing them are nuts. Of course I'm "obsessed" now!!!! That is called "being in love". If he ghosts his slapper from the suburbs without any explaination and sending out people to threaten her if she ever tries to contact him - for no reason - and ignores her and lies about her... Will she just say "oh, I'm over him - care face"??? I doubt it. People lack EMPATHY, which is the ability to understand OTHER peoples reactions and emotions. It's NOT nuts to be in shock and awe when someone being so smithen by you, promising to NEVER go away, and being so happy to have you telling you he wants you as a girlfriend, then suddenly vanishing and turning into a MONSTER. 
I had to experience it to finally understand that all his weird behavior from the past - flipping from acting totally in love with me, making huge promises, to vanishing - was not by accident. He finds great pleasure in luring women to LOVE him totally, then humiliate them and treat them like nothing. So his ex-wife was right, when she told me he does not like me. Yes, he obviusly lied to me last fall when he promised me he does not hate me. You have to totally hate someone to do this to another human being. Tricking you to fall in love, by making it out you are in love, flattering alot, charming, bragging to make yourself sound good enough, making promises how well you will take care of the other, and so on. And then totally have ZERO feelings and smearing the one you've lifted up and letting the one longing for you (like there is no purpose in life without him) know that she will NEVER EVER see him again! It's so cruel. It's pure EVIL.
His humiliation has been about making it out as if I've been obsessing about him since 2001. That is when he lied to me he was to take care of me, if I only divorced. His friends don't care he's a liar. They don't care he's a woman abuser. They are totally smithen by him. Like CULT MEMBERS. I know, cause I used to be married to one. We did not divorce cause I believed Janne would come running for me, but cause he was sending out flying monkeys torturing his old friend, and he wanted nothing to do with Janne and was mad at me for giving him second chance. Well, he had at first been contemplating forgiving Janne, but after he ghosted me in the most cruel way possible he just got angry at him. He comforted me when I cried for months, devestated, that Janne had lied again. 
So I know the difference from how smithen he used to be by Janne and how he is now. He is more a man then Janne ever will be. He's just not into me and I'm not into him. We don't have chemistry or attraction, just friendship. We used to be friends and that was the kind of feelings I had for him. No attraction, no falling in love. Looking at how mean Janne treated me when I dared to fall in love and believed in following my heart I can see I was clever choosing to marry a friend. Someone who stayed and took care of me and the children. Not an asshole who lies he will, then vanishes and treats me like filth. Like Janne did. So his friends is the kind who wont question him, and that is why they believe his lies. No matter how insane they are.
The ugly slapper he's with lies deliberately. I know that now. She spreads Janne's lies wide and far, as the truth will show what a pathetic desperate woman she is, who turns on the heartbroken woman instead of her cheating boyfriend. Jane was supposed to just be a friendly woman, someone Janne did not need anymore in his life, as he wanted ME in his life. She knows all of this, so she lies to people that I am a liar. No, you are Jane. Mocking me for being in love when you are in love is dumb at best. Illwilled and wicked at worst. She supports Jannes obvious lies about my behavior, which is only ment to humiliate me and make everyone hate me like Jane does. I suspect that is what Janne has been doing all his life. Put one woman up against another. It's typical Cluster-B "player" tactics. He can sleep around and all his women are fighting each other!
The truth has no importance here - all is deception and illusion. So the FACT that I moved far away from Janne in 2001, and started this plan already in 1998-99 - even before he hit on me - that fact is ignored. Why would I do that if I was obsessing over him? Would I not hang around trying to end his marriage? I did the opposite. In 1999 I tried to make them go back to each other, and wrote a mail to Janne to get his wife to come back to him. Has he EVER admitted that to anyone? Of course not. That would not fit with his deception! In 2000 all the plans to move were already in full swing. My husband had started to work elsewhere and we were looking for a house. That is when Janne phones me up in March 2001 and asks me to stay and to become HIS WOMAN. He begs me to divorce and let him fullfill all my dreams. He is so much in love with me!!! I'm in shock. I keep telling him I just want us to be friends, as I can't understand how he could love me after all his ignoring games.
Janne swears he's been ignoring me cause it's been too painful for him to have anything to do with me. And he promises he will be in contact soon. He also tells me he will come home to me soon, when my husband is at work far away. Of course, Janne doing this is nothing his friends would even acknowledge or believe, as he's told everyone I'm a liar and obsessing with him and making up stories, since I'm insane. I know this as Janne the week after making this phone call tells all those lies to my husband. And I know this as Jane's brother phoned me up in December warning me about the horrific things Janne says about me. Since Jane backed up the lies and lied to cover them her brother soon also believed the lies and stabbed me in the back. I have a hard time trusting people, and his betrayal came when I had started to trust him. Janne's betrayal came when I had given all my trust and love to him.
So no - I am not obsessing cause I'm mentally ill. I'm trying to heal my broken heart and my crushed trust for someone I totally love. I still love him and I don't know how long it will take to stop being in love with him. I miss him every day, every night and I dream about him alot. I wish he'd been for real and that I would had had love of that kind in my life. The kind you have as a woman with a man who finds you utterly adorable and very attractive. He made me feel that way and then he changed and all of that was gone. Everything I do now is filthy and stupid and I feel as if he does not understand me or appreciate me, which were reasons I fell for him. He looked at me as if I was the most beautiful woman on earth. He spoke to me as if he adored everything about me and admired my abilities and qualities. He totally lifted me up, just to put me down in the most horrific way. All of which I know are typical narcopathic tricks to hurt as much as possible someone. The way of EVIL. 

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