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onsdag 21 december 2016

Women abusers, threats, and lies

Copied and pasted from another place. About women abuse. What is it really? And about people helping the abuser to abuse, by shaming the victim instead of the abuser. And also how women help abusers to abuse other women. So hence I paste it here.

So annoyed still about the OTHER man phoning me up, yelling at me. A man who knows nothing about this man, met him for a few minutes, fallen for his charm (he's very good playing the victim, lying about women and others) and also totally buying into his sister's "rightful anger", while SHE in turn been lied to and still is. This other man refused to let me reply to ANYTHING, and explain he's gotten everything backwards. He denied 100% my reality, of what really happened, and demanded that I should stop having FEELINGS for this charmer. Feelings he himself seems to suddenly gotten alot of! Yep, that is how good he is. Buhu, poor guy suffering evil women abusing him... Sob sob. I could not believe how this man (phoning me) who I thought was a FRIEND (blood bond is about friendship) would turn on me, after all I had told him. Totally believing the shit his sister told him, which I can prove are LIES. Most likely created for her benefit. How could he not see HIS SISTER is with a woman abuser? A CONVICTED one at that! And he's attacking ME!!! 

I'm out of there for sure, only wanted a straight answer, and not more bogus texts from the charmer about "hang on", "I'll phone you", "I'm in deep problem", and so on, making me wonder what was I waiting for. Yep, that is how he does it. Tells you that you are "special", that he can't get you out of his head, been thinking quite alot about you, wishing to meet you atlast. Then he says you are totally "right" for him, and that he wishes to keep up the relationship, tells you to keep calling him and he'll get back to you too. Then he doesn't really, and when you do text he rarely replies, and when you do call him he always doesn't have time to pick up. I was told this 17 November, that we would keep seeing each other, reassured the next day I would for sure see him again. On the 23 I got a weird text as if he was depressed and also seemed to blame ME for what had happened! Yep, that he always does. Always the evil woman. After that several weird texts not saying much, as if alot was going on and he had issues to solve. And not more then 16 days later (not long at all, right?) I got him to pick up the phone. Obviously he had already deleted my number! 

That was when I finally HEARD in his voice the MALICE, and knew he'd only been messing with my head. And knew that he obviously was only trying to make me out as a stalker again. That is what he does to women who are in love with him. Tells them to call him and then pretends to his other woman that she's a nutter. He's the nutter. He keeps leading beautiful women on he's avaliable, when he's not. He's with an ugly skank now who has nothing but tons of kids with different fathers. She's never had a proper marriage or steady life. He's had good women he's lost cause he's an asshole. I am a VERY good catch, who's been faithful and forgiving to the one and only man I ever lived with. The ONLY distraction has been this man, who for years was "best friends" with my husband. It is obvious that his main agenda seducing me was to get one over his old friend. He talked ALOT about him for sure! Wanting to hear he was better then him in every way. Maybe he should had slept with his ex friend instead of me? They both have GAY vibes, so why not. Spent plenty of nights together out in the wilderness, so maybe they did. 

I know, I'm hitting low here, but honestly. He did tell me - admitted to me what I already knew - he'd contemplated being gay. And my husband is not the least interested in me. I could as well be a piece of furniture, when it comes to "that" side. There is nothing stiring up there looking at me, so either I'm that ugly, or he's just not attracted to me. As I see it he's not attracted that much to women at all. He mostly adores some man he's taken a shine to. And back in the days I had a super gay co-worker who was totally smithen by my husband. Told him to divorce his wife (he didn't know it was my husband he was flirting with). He did look good in make up too, so I once remade him into a girl. We were kind of "friends" more then anything, and then we married and had kids. Which was very hard to get, as you need sex to get pregnant. Luckily I was very fertile! I loved having kids. That charmer guy so hates me having all those children, so that was one of the things he picked on me for. That I kept being pregnant, and now he'd bashed me for driving around with my children back when we lived in the same small town. What an odd thing to say! 

Why even mention my kids like that? And when he for some reason had freaked out on me, AFTER he'd told me to divorce my husband and become HIS woman, he'd gone to the social office scolding me as a bad mother to my children. Maybe he wished he was their father? I'm sure he deep down do, as I can tell he's having alot of weird bottled up shit going on in there, he does not want to deal with. There are layers upon layers of this, those new people in his life have no clue about, and do not understand. Shit that made him fall apart and become the crazy murderer he then became to many. I'm sure running away to Stockholm seems like the best option. Criminals often hide in big cities. His rapist friend said the same thing to me, that him being in Gothenburg he could vanish, and people didn't care what he'd done. Which was raping a woman. Yup, he for sure had. And the rapist also told me his friend, the murderer, for sure had cut that woman's throat on purpose. Which was what I believed too after reading the court papers. 

Then I wanted him to not have done it, when speaking to him. I so wanted him to be innocent. But he's guilty as hell. Cause he's a woman abuser. He mainly abuse women emotionally. Makes them believe he loves them, then he hurts them by abandoning them. This he admitted to me doing since his teens. He also likes to torment them by leading them on they have a chance, like he did with me now, and smears them to others behind their backs, making them look stupid and crazy. Back when he did that the first time he totally devestated me. He knows all about that, and how depressed I got. So he obviously is aiming for me getting depressed again, and hopefully commit suicide. That is something woman abusers like to do - destroy women's lives by destroying their mental health, and even MURDER THROUGH SUICIDE. It's well documented.

If you seduce a woman to have sex with you, you are not a rapist. Even if you actually are, as you are lying to her and making her think she's now your woman, but she had no chance ever being that. If you break a woman's spirit so she kills herself, you are not a murderer. Even if you actually are, as you killed her will to live by mistreating her until she is broken, hurting her on the deepest levels of her soul and heart. And all abusers become WORSE AND WORSE by time. Not better. So no wonder he later started to more and more openly verbally abusing women, then hitting them, and then cutting that woman. Now he's with a stupid woman who thinks she is better then everyone else he's been with. She's the fat cow who lost weight, and has a loud sharp voice. She should know he already was beginning to get annoyed with her when he "dated" me. Already getting bored with her. So he lured another woman into his little den. Not that I needed much luring as I was out on a quest. I needed to see him, talk to him, feel him, know that despite his craziness, deep down under all of that, he's the one I know from beyond time and space. 

Yes, I had a vision. He's butt shit nuts in a cute and annoying way, but he's also a SOUL. So that makes it hard to know what is truthful of what he says and does, and what is his acting. I could feel him going from authentic feelings to charmer mood now and then. And I am sure he knows how to turn feelings off, and to turn feelings of devotion into deep disrespect. Women loving him will in most cases end up being despised by him, for the slightest reasons. So this new loud mouthed woman got him straight out of jail, picked him up when he was broken, and she's his MOTHER figure. He needs mothers, so he has a few. But he will move on from her eventually. Just so she knows that. If he already are acting like this, shit will just get worse by time. He will pretend for awhile, get annoyed by stuff, feel overwhelmed with day to day life and all her screaming kids. It will feel secure and like a soft blanket until he feels stronger and then he will leave her. Or just start abusing her in subtle ways, as this he did to her now - cheating with another woman - THAT was abuse! It truly was. 

Her knee jerk reaction lashing out on ME, trying to harm ME, was her DENIAL. She's in denial and believes by getting ME out of his life, suddenly they will get happy. No, they won't. What happened had nothing to do with me. He was the one stalking my Facebook accounts (yep several and he kept being friends on one long after officially unfriending me). He was also the one starting to send me messages, and inviting me over to see him. Him telling me he was thinking about me alot, and flattering me with how good looking I still was. Telling me he not at all ever hated me, but the opposite. So now I'm supposed to think he hates me for good? I thought so last time, and he didn't. He seems to hate for awhile then he cools down and forgets why he was so mad for nothing. He knows what he did. He knows that it's himself he should be mad at, as he more or less admitted that in a weird way in his texts. Well, on the 23rd he kind of blamed me, but in later texts he seems to realize he did it. 

For some bizarre reason he will not tell me to go away. For good. It's when his girlfriend gets his story about me stalking him she starts to yell and scream. That is when he seems to finally realize he has to delete me from that secret Facebook account and stop messing with my head. He's had his little fun. His girlfriend's brother was right about the charmer having his fun. But telling ME it was fun being messed around, smeared and lied to and about? Where was the fun in THAT? It was educational. Not "fun". It was fun seeing him, and feeling as if we did belong together, and that I was not nuts for having feelings for him. But this brother believing I could move on and still be friends with the brother to Janne's girlfriend. Now THAT is nuts. I have had huge problems even staying with my husband, as he is a constant reminder of Janne. As they used to be friends. It's like always having a small piece of Janne, whos's not the slightest attracted to me, and it drives me nuts. 

Now I know that the REAL Janne is VERY much attracted to me. That he makes me feel beautiful, happy and calm. As if I was at home. But he doesn't want that. For some reason. I have a feeling he would maybe - don't know - rather want me to divorce first. He did tell me that 15 years ago, but he never mentioned it now. Just hinted if I was still married. SO I took it as him being a coward, just wanting me to be single, more vulnerable. Many people just stay married, as they see no point in not being it. My advice however is to avoide marriage, as that will end you in jail for life. You have no freedom as married. If your partner ends your relationship by starting with others, and you get nothing, you are stuck, if you don't divorce, live all by yourself and struggle with paying your rent and taking all alone care of your children. I could not possibly had stayed in the house we had. I had not enough income. Not even to pay rent for an appartment. Where would I go? Live on the street? 

All women I know who got out of marriages or solid relationships in a good way, they got stolen by ANOTHER MAN. Hence ending up on their feet, being loved, cared for and strong enough to take care of their children. This Janne has now told me enough times he thinks I deserve so much better treatment and painting himself out as the one able to do so. But all his words so far has been utter shit worth. And now he lets people threatening me!!! Which is again - WOMEN ABUSE. As nobody is stalking anybody for 2-3 WEEKS. That is what happens when you lie to a woman and leads her on and refuses to tell her what is up and behaves like a proper shithead. Imagine that every man seducing women, getting angry texts or just flirty texts or normal texts from this woman a few weeks afterwards could SUE her for stalking would be totally nuts. So these two sibblings threatening me ARE NUTS.

He tells me no texts TODAY. He will get in touch tomorrow.
Late at night I get a text he will phone me the next day.
Why is he doing this? I don't know. As he'd already choosen
the ugly slutty girlfriend he should had told me so!
The abusers here I will shame are obviously the brother, who helped out and BACKSTABBED me - a friend. Friends are those you share BLOOD with, by the way. Siblings you share WATER with only. Stupid retard. Knows nothing about anything, like minions don't. Knows nothing about me, or my wisdom, or what he's been messing with. And the charmer obviously is an abuser, as he keeps breaking my heart by misleadning me, then shaming me for deeds of his or what I see as mutual feelings. If he doesn't have them, more shame on him for what he did. I totally stand by my feelings for him. His girlfriend is also an abuser, however being abused too, as she now found out her new boyfriend is not treating her with proper respect. Not that I now think she deserves any, due to how she treated me. I will and can post their photos and will and can post their real full names and dates and everything, to shame them as the ABUSERS they are. Trying to scare a lonely kindhearted soul who's been tricked to keep in contact with this convicted murderer. Does not look very good for them, does it? As I'm a respected woman, with friends in very high places. Their mistake? Believing their own fiction about me. They know nothing, nore what I'm capable of doing, or what I already done.

Blessed be the Truth, and in Deception lays your destruction, dear murderer of bodies, hearts and souls. Stay true to your Heart, try remember what was Good, and find Peace.

LunaIngRuna - Kärlekens Cirkel
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