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måndag 2 november 2015

Spirit Alchemy & Souls

As I was listening to this video I yet again was reminded of the truth of this realm. How we all need to take a good look at ourselves and make a conscious decision to evolve from petty connery and scams and into being loving honest souls. You are what you are, but you are the only one who can deciede if this is all you are. Whatever you are is not able to change by conning others into believing you are what you are not. So scammers pretending to be saints, while villifying innocent people and lying about their own true nature, are not conning anyone but themselves in the end. If you think your tricks and lies will make you a better person, think again. The only one loosing is you. The person you have hurt through your lies is at the end better off then you are, as that person decieded to not lie and cheat and pretend to be someone they were not. They either walked away in tears from your lying, and decieded that if this is how you want things to be between you two, so be it. Or they decieded to set record straight and told the truth, whether that was used against them or not. 

It is like this you see, liar, that when you are conning others using false perceptions to make the innocent look bad and the perpetrator to look good, this will fall back on yourself. When you then go on and use the lied about persons corrections of your lies as further victimizations of the innocent, you are yet again cursing yourself further. The more you are lying and trying to bully and force the truthful person into seize revealing what was really going on, the more you are damaging yourself and your own souls progression. When you are helping out, as a bystander, to bully the truthteller and falsly accused and shaming them to not speak out and not defend themselves, you are also cursing yourself the same way. This is the reason the wisdom says you shall not meddle when you are not wanted by all parties. And when a person is lured into a situation by one or a few parties, and told to meddle and sort out the "bad ones" it is most likely the lying bullies who try to use the force of many to subdue the ones standing up for themselves.

When you die you will travel to the point where your soul is at, so if you are believing in lies and deliberately helping out to bully innocent people and harming them, you will be reborn into a situation that fits your vibration. You will then have to endure another lifetime of unfairness and lies and be tossed between feeling yourself victimized and then yourself lending your powers to bully others, just as you've done in the past. It will be an endless cycle of very low vibrations and you will not come one bit closer to go home or go back to Source. Your suffering will feed the entities that live on such misconduct and everyone of them will be ever so thankful for your selfsacrifiece, as at the end they will have consumed all the juice from your soul. Whatever happens at that time I'm not privilieged to know, and I really don't want to find out. Hopefully there is no such thing as "soul death" but I would not bet against it. Maybe you get to be born into such an empty being yourself, who have to suck the life out of others as you have totally lost all connection with Source.

I think you know yourself when you read this if you still have a connection at all, at this moment. If you do there is still time and you can fix this mess as it's not too late yet. Whatever lies you've believed you can deciede to work towards the truth. You can deciede that you will no longer lend your services to conners and liars, and that you will no longer yourself make up such schemes to hurt innocent and kindhearted people, just cause it's easy picking with them. It is neither cool or brave to trick those that believe in you and who trust you. It is just pathetic and weak. But if you read this and can not understand a word I've just written, my guess is that it's far too late for you. Unless you don't understand my english, in which case that might be why. A person who have no honest own creativity and imaginary powers, and only can use deception and trickery to get ahead is most likely too far gone. It is very hard to figure out whom such people are, as that is something only they themselves could know as such people tend to pretend to be creative and use words and flattery to seem sweet.

More or less I'd say that someone who know they've hurt someone else, through manipulations and deceptions, and will react with further hurt and lies when the person speaks the truth, that is most likely such a lost soul. If it's such an individual who willingly and fully aware can calmly and calculating lie to make the truthteller look like a bafoon. And smearing and defaming and doing all sorts of trickery, with a joyful smirk and no own pains or sufferings. That is such a dead soul I think. A living soul will feel and react to others pain and want to help out to make misunderstandings go away. When someone rather choose to believe lies and despite all proof rather pick on the proven innocent, that one definitely has choosen the dark path of doom. So you have both the original liar and those choosing to follow them down this very gloomy way. As long as both of them choose the lies and deception before truth and honesty I think they are equally doomed. The same goes for those who desperately hang onto the liars lies, despite them hearing testimonies of their falsehood. 

True believers in liars will make up lies to themselves to comfort their primary believes and to make themselves feel better for haunting and tormenting the innocent. So when trying to feel better themselves they are searching for any slight little piece of shit about the innocent one, which they can build a mountain of, so to pin all the guilt and blame onto this little speck. It might not be more then a made up fault or something totally exaggerated that normally anyone is allowed to do, but to feel better about believing lies about the innocent, the one who wont meet his own shame will do this. That is yet again a terrible act and will take the doer on a dark path. All these actions are only there to fool the weak minded into choosing the path those refusing to walk towards the Source want mankind to walk. They cannot stay and have to leave very soon, and their wish is for you to come with them. To that I say no thank you, but if the liars and con artists want to go, be my guest. As I've said many times before it's very late now and for many the train has already left the station. 

When I talk about it being too late, it's never too late on the greater scale of things, but it is too late for the here and now. In the reality we live in now it's getting very late and alot of people have choosen the dark path and will not be able to stay here anymore soon. All those will be taken away somewhere, and I don't really know how this will happen, but I suspect they will die and not be allowed to get reborn onto this realm again, but sent elsewhere. This realm is this very dimension, this plane, and not far away from here lies a very depressing place, I've visited many times, as so many souls are aspiring to go there. In that realm there is constant war and terror, and it's a typical dystopia. That is the place all who wont choose the lighter path will go to and I wish you all the best of luck there. You will always have your mouthful of constant struggle and suffering, lies, deception, and unfairness in abundance. It's a place I like to call Hell, as there is no other place I've been to that would be more suited to call that. 

When I say I've visited it, I don't mean in real life, but only in spirit, and only to see and learn how far gone those belonging there is lost to Sourse. It's been a constant struggle to go there and try to save a few of the more innocent souls and bring them with me to safety. Those few I got with me were almost always only children, who'd suffered endlessly in that place, while their parents showed them no concern as care is not present in that place. What is present however is greed and cruelty, which is why there is never ending wars and torture going on in such a realm. Even the evil ones, who you cannot really see here, are openly visable in that place and they make all the inhabitants obey them without any sign of own will. It's cause this is the true homeworld of these entities and they want you to come and live with them. Good luck with that, liars. Or rather I would like to urge you to take back all your lies and ask those you've wronged for forgiveness, but I know you wont as liars rarely do and the longer someone believed lying is the way of life, the harder it gets.

And that was about all I had to say about this matter and what will happen to all who lie to get ahead and bring suffering to others, while themselves laughing, drinking and thinking they are the best, due to their ability to con others. Mind you that what you think a person is does not matter, as what the person really is matters only. So those looking happy and successful and trustworthy, while villifying others as terrible people, might actually be total shitheads who ruthlessly steal from others both money and honor. The Source does not care one eota for your mind tricks and little acts and plays as Source knows who you are inside. 

If you are rotten to the core and love to trick and lie and smear innocent people, Source knows this and therefore your soul knows it and that means you will soon reap what you've sown in the greater scales then this short and pathetic life you have now. The con pulled on people like you is that this is all there is, as this is very little of all that is. It is a speck in it all and shortly none of us will remember much of it, as greater things will come to be for us who choose to not lie and not act like mean prats. Just so you know!

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