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måndag 8 juni 2015

Deep Programming

If you yourself are awakening from some kind of programming, which been put there either by the society, some cult or other group think, including unhealthy relationship bonds, you will begin to notice how others in your surroundings behave. You will start to feel policed and controlled by the very same people who are also under the same oppression as you are. I will bring up one simple little example here, since it's been re-occurring again and again through many years now. I've had the same discussions so many times that it feels totally exhausting every time I feel the same control system re-awakened inside others, as soon as certain topics are discussed. It's like I can intellectually reach some people to understand the importance of an action, so to free oneself and open up the chains of brainwashing that has been put upon us to keep us down and hinder us from freely speaking the truth. But then the same very people retreat back to the programming and repeat the same very phrases, that tells of actions, or non-actions, that actually will hinder us from becoming free individuals. For instance, I've been speaking in length how silence and the virtue of silence been keeping humanity imprisoned for centuries, if not millenias. 

This behavior has been portraited as loyalty to the regime, or to the leaders, and also to the family you belong to. This is the behavior that keeps oppression going, on and on and on. Where the innocent can be exploited and the perpetrators are left to roam around freely. This silence is what has to go, as everyone has a right to a voice, a say. Freedom is when everyone can speak their truth, tell their story, without any threats or putdowns from neither authority or peers. But this is not what the programming of silent loyalty will tell people is "good", so despite others waking up and will be able to intellectually understand this concept, they will yet get lured into the trap with the slightest little suggestion from someone that they view as more excelled or popular then themselves. That is what is the most disheartening and sad for someone like me to see, as their brains and thinking can understand the importance of freedom of speech, but their subconsciousness cannot. In there is the deep programming that it's wrong to blew the whistles by telling your truths and speak about personal matters. In that programming sits the stigma that "fine people" will only speak out of personal matters, very non-personal, like what is spoken of is something almost non-real. 

I do agree that in many occasions you feel that you need to keep names and places out, since you are dealing with serious malicious forces that might want to smear you and threatens you, if you mention anything that they can use in their intimidation agenda against you, but in most cases all that is only pure bullocks and only shit they put out to scare you into silence, as your knowledge might actually bring out the truth about one or more of these monsters. That is why so many truthtellers have choosen to speak out anonymously, but there is a limit to this before you play right into the hands of the bullies and perpetrators. You need to be perfectly aware of the truth that those doing the oppression or bullying of the possible truthtelling whistleblower will shun no method of smearing and defaming this lone fighter for freedom and justice. The perpetrators of this world never show no shame of putting out the most horrendous made up stories about those that attempt to shine some light on their evil deeds, so the only weapon to fight back against these forces of evil is actually only the truth. And how can you possibly tell the truth with your mouth shut? 

I've written extensively about this evil, how I totally HATE this evil done to me and others in this place. Also statements like that can and WILL those asshats use as smear against you, when you speak out and tell the reality of this horrible world. This is a world dying and it's dying cause too many don't give a shit. Too many believe they are good when they wont speak out against the evil deeds that is done in this world on every level it's done. They think they are good enough if they turn away their heads and shut their mouths against evil nearby themselves, that they actually could do something about, and only care about famine, wars and greater things. That might make them feel good about themselves, but it's only fake care, as none of that can they actually do anything about. We must always start to change from within ourselves. First we need to change how we think, when we are sufferers of Trauma bonding, like Stockholms Syndrome, with the bullies and psychopaths running our world on every level of it. So we need to stand up against the bullies in our own lives and dare to oppose them. That is where the revolution begins, with our close relationships. 

If you are someone waking up to this realization you will soon notice how many that pretends to be enlightened and wise, but will hold silence as a holy dogma. I've myself been told to not speak the truth, by those pretending to run some truth movements. I've been told by a man, who thought himself much more enlightened then me, that I should never speak the truth, as truth could speak for itself. Both these thought forms are totally insane, contradictory and insane, and hence obviously derived from deep programming. One was controlled by thought forms that had been put into the truth movement to stop too many to start to think for themselves. It was meant to bring back people to the herd, so they could be controlled by some authority figure. The other one was being influenced by typical New Age doctrines, which also is a program, based on the old paradigm, despite it's name. It's just another con to put you back into the herd, so you will leave the thinking to some authority figure and shut the fuck up and be loyal. The new paradigm is about loyalty from soul to soul, from heart to heart, where truth is the key. 

Where there is no truth you have not honored others souls and you have broken their hearts. This place is a horrible place as the dishonoring of the good and honest peoples souls are an ongoing agenda. So therefore the braking of these good hearts is an ongoing agenda. To be able to break as many hearts as possible the program that is most deep has made it into something cheep and low to speak your personal truths. Those wishing to come out as intellectuals lure themselves into declining speaking out of their personal experiences, and when doing that also distancing themselves to the essence of their personal truths. It's a trap the controllers put there to make you feel clever and intelligent, when you never ever say anything that is deep and personal. This is a trick all psychopathic families use against their scapegoats, where only the liars and narcissists in such families are allowed to wallow in self pity and tell tales of what the members did or did not do. In such families the scapegoats are demonized for the slightest discretion of stepping out of line and revealing the true nature of this backwards mini-society. 

When you study such a family you are actually studying a psychopathic society on larger scales too, as they all work in the same way. You know you live in a pretty sick world, when the victims are made into villains and the sick murderers and thieves into poor victims, and boy do we know alot about such agendas in our world today. And as time goes by more and more scandals and truths are unearthed, as people open their mouths and speak out. To shame those speaking out the perpetrators have long ago put this idea into all our heads that it's bad to speak out. All who's tried to open up such Pandoras Boxes know this, as they've all been viciously attacked and had sick made up smear campaigns created about themselves to defame their words and silence them. But what is even worse is how so many will let themselves be affected and be re-programmed by such behavior from the perps. So many will start looking at themselves as "good" for not speaking out and telling what they know. They will openly brag to those speaking out, that they are not. That is nothing to be proud of. Not a thing. 

It's not a good thing to keep silent in the face of evil, it's a bad thing. It's a good thing to not speak to evil, however. I want to point that out, that there is no point what so ever to try and reason with criminal minds. I've seen this from those not understanding how deeply programmed they really are, that they constantly legitimize bullies by conversing with them. At the same time they are again and again trying to reason with this evil force, they are feeling good for not being "naughty" and speaking about what they know about these fucktards. The less they are willing to speak out and the more they focus all their attention towards this reasoning with the bullies of this world, the more deeply into the program they are. The absolute vital point in becoming free of the program is to NEVER reason with a person that you've realized is an evil liar, who willfully and purposefully lie to you, about you and also in other ways proven to be an unreliable turd. The second point is to tell what this turd is doing and what kind of tactics that was used to fool you. This is vital as you will then reveal the tricks and help others to understand this evil, as con artists and other cheats are more or less following the same rule book. 

They literary follow the same script, and the more you learn about this the less you will feel bad for being so stupid all those years, as these tricks they use are so devious and so cunning you really need education to understand how you were used for so long, without realizing it. We are actually all being cult-victimized on some level right now, so this knowledge is not only for a husband or wife, or child or parent, or employer or co-worker, who's been harassed by someone like this. Most of the times you will also see that there is more then one perpetrator, as this person has several people supporting the vile actions. Those are the enablers. Then you will also see that the major problem in this world is not the perpetrators themselves, as they'd been powerless without all their enablers. The second group that is to blame are everyone that just can't be bothered. These people are everyone that laugh it off, whenever they hear about others sufferings, as they weren't affected themselves. These are the people who like to think that "surely they deserved it", when someone has been treated horribly. 

They are too lazy and stupid to find out anything and will guilt trip you for actually doing all that hard work. They are apathetic to others pain, and only cares for their own little lives. One day they will themselves personally be affected, but when that day happens they will not remember how they treated those others, as they have too little empathy to make that connection. This is a vast group of mankind and here is where those controlling us wish us to stay, on a spiritual level. People like this are very easy to control, as they are like a typical herd of sheep. This is also the people that become codependent of authorities and bullies of this world. They have been snared by all the hooks put out and cannot separate themselves from the bullies anymore. Their mind have become the same as the ones that oppress them. This is what Castaneda writes about when he says that the predators gave us their mind. This is the sign of Trauma bonding. They've even snared alot of empaths as they are so cunning to turn reality backwards, hence turning the true victims into villains and themselves into heroes or actual victims. 

All of this makes it so vital that those knowing truth, having lessons to teach and wisdom to share actually do this and don't fall for the trick that it's good and honorable to keep your mouth shut. Remember, that whatever you do when you start to reveal the slightest of truth about the perpetrators of this world, they will launch a full blown hate campaign about you, with photos, names and the lot. They will not be sensitive, not loyal or honorable, but vile and disgusting. So you have nothing to win by sitting on your pedestal pretending to be a better person then those terrible "whistle blowers". It's not gossip when it's not spread like tales from one house to the next, whispered behind others back. That is how the predators in your life spread their smear on you, however! It's not slander when it's true and spoken from your honest mind as you remember things. Slander is however the kind of tales that will be used to defame you by your oppressors and bullies. All they do to hurt you, will be what they tell others you do to hurt them. That is what psychopathic bullies do - project all their own vileness and naughtiness unto those threatening to blow their cover. It's a cover as these kind of entities don't belong with us who have a living spirit inside of us. 

They are spiritually dead and need to be treated as such, or they will do terrible harm to others. The way to treat them is to not engage with them. Ever. Do not speak to them, don't give them power by communicating with them, don't try to explain yourself to them or try to make them see the truth. They are empty shells of non-humans and they don't care about nonsense like "truth". They care about what they want. Right is what they want and think they should have. Wrong is when they don't get what they want. Those trying to stop them from getting what they want are evil. Those revealing their lies and tricks to unlawfully get what they want are also evil. These spiritually dead entities, the psychopaths, hate one kind of person more then anyone else - the one revealing their true nature. If you tell on them you are their enemy number one. To speak out against them are therefore considered the most horrible thing to do in a psychopathic society, and in my opinion we now live in a thriving psychopathic society. It looks dandy and fine on the surface, but it's rotten inside, just like any psychopath is. There is no true care about others, only robotic duties meant to mimic care. 

This society is pretty fucked up and if you haven't noticed it I don't know under what rock you've been living your life. Most likely you're trauma bonded to the perpetrators and you are too scared to go against them by speaking out and telling what you see. That is the worst you can do - according to the perpetrators that are slowly destroying us all. Telling YOUR truth. That is why the most awaken can discuss endlessly how important it is to speak out, but then all of a sudden retreat back to the idea that it's a good thing to keep quite about personal affairs. You are a human being, and all you know and experience arrive from your personal affairs. There is nothing good about lying about your own life, as silence is another form of lying. There is no honor in not telling about your wisdom, where you have such, in how these perps used you, mind controlled you, and made you do things that was not good for you. There is no honor at all in such selfabuse, but still so many will say this with so much pride in every syllable, that they are never speaking about anything personal to others. Everything they do are about other people! That is what they are saying, truly. When you are not speaking about yourself, but others, you are actually gossiping. 

How can gossiping be better then life experience? It's not to me. Gossiping is worse. Sharing your own memories are not as bad, even if it sometimes might put people in a bad light. Most those put in bad lights will be these turds, the perpetrators, the bullies. Those turds that love to tell tales about everyone they know, which they've spun so all that they themselves did are now framed on someone else. That is the very reason they con you to shut up, as if you speak out the truth people will hear that your stories ring so much truer then theirs. They only want people to hear the lies, so they program us to honor silence. I don't say this to make you feel bad, or make me out as something better, as I've been there too, believing that my silence was loyalty. It was loyalty to liars so it was not an honorable silence. However, I did not in most cases even know they were lying, but I did know in a few that they did, but not to what extent they did. That is something to be very wary of, the lies. First off they will lie about others lying. Check it out and you might very well find out that the tales about the others lies where the only lies. Secondly they will lie themselves in so much more then you ever could believe, so start to bring up old events yourself, when being alone with others that are not the bullies themselves. You might soon come to see you've both been lied to.

In most cases the perps like to control all information, so they try to disconnect you from others using lies. As soon as they are the hub of all information everyone have to go through them to find out anything. This is what is done in our society at large, but also in pathological families and cults. This is the major trick of these psychopathic minds, to control everyones perception. They are the masters of perception, so be very wary of what you believe is a good thing and what is a bad thing to do. A fuzzy feeling of "goodness" might very well just be your programming kicking in. On top of all this there is also another program I've seen in even the most awaken people. That is the need to imagine what the perps will do and interpret anything that a disobedient "underling" is doing. They will tell others that if you do this, that will happen, as if this is how the perps will react. In many occasions this only serves the perps, as it makes everyone on edge. It breeds fear. And to be honest it has no real purpose when it's done on random things and excessively. I wish to share an event that happened yesterday. I was yet again telling about a play with dolls I did as a very small child, but this time to a new girlfriend. 

It was this play where I had three dolls, two bigger and one little sister. I was playing the mother and behaved then totally contradictory to my true emotions, as I as myself loved the doll that was a playful, lively and cheerful girl, but the doll-mother hated her. She banged her and hit her and yelled at her and called her terrible names. I as myself did not like the other big doll, who was smug and overbearing. But when I was the doll-mother I idolized this doll and anything she did was interpreted as good and kind. The doll-mother even blamed the hated doll for anything wrong the "good" doll did. My girlfriend seemed to understand the message in the play and why the little girl, that was me, played this with her dolls. I didn't tell her about the end, however, as at the end of every playtime I used to pick up the beaten doll and hold her in my arms, crying my eyes out as my heart bled for her pain and suffering. I didn't want to share that part as it was very personal, and I'm not a close friend to this other woman. But after we left her house my companion, whom I believe very well could had been the role model for the beaten doll, said something that through me back. He started to ponder about how our perps would interpret this play I had as a child. 

It threw me back as it had no whatsoever importance. It was a no factor to me. I don't give a shit what they'd say about that play, as one of the perps definitely was the role model of the phony "good" doll and one the evil doll-mother. Why on earth would I even care what they thought about me in connection to that play? I was a five year old little girl and anyone saying anything bad about a little child acting out traumatic events in her play with dolls is a sick motherfucker. Period. But for some reason he felt a need to bring it up, like it mattered to him somehow. I pondered about that afterwards, as to me it yet again sounded like a warning. Like one of those deep programs that make people speak out against those stepping out of line. Again and again we police ourselves by putting the fear into each others, what terrible imaginary things that might happen if we go against our oppressors. Whether it's our own mind ghost or real assumptions does not really matter, as the way they are said and when they are said serves only one plane - the oppressing of our own power. It's cause it's kind of spoken out of fear, whenever anyone dared to reveal something that's been hidden. 

My play revealed a truth about our family of origin, so it was against our deepest programming to keep all the skeletons safely tucked away to speak about this. My interpretation of this kind of outlets is that it's actually a virus that starts to run, but not consciously. Just so something fearful is put out there so I will in the future start to second guess myself before I'm "crazy enough" to speak about this play ever again. It's cause we cannot sit around contemplating like that what our bullies and smearers have to say about everything we do or say. To do that is to play right into their hands and to become duped little underlings again. This is the programming of trauma. This is to suffer from left overs of Stockholms Syndrome. No matter what shit those fuckers that held that hostage imprisoned did, somehow it was interpreted in the best of light. At the same time someone suffering from Stockholms Syndrome will exaggerate anything done opposed to their tormentors. That is what is so sick about their behavior, that they will attack those trying to free them. Just like humanity today are attacking those souls that have come here to free them. Those souls come from the Source and they have given every living spirit on earth the opportunity to free themselves right now. 

But just like always humanity at vast have chosen to actually kill the ones trying to free them. It's like the wise saying that if Jesus came back to earth, all those Jesus-lovers would be the first to kill him. I've experienced the very same thing, that as soon as I talk about the true nature of this existence, and talk about Source and how I was downloaded directly from there to here, I'm attacked and mentally "killed". I've even been told to go to hell, both by Jesus-followers and by the perp being the role-model of my phony "good" doll in that play I played as a little girl. I wish to be very clear here that psychologists normally would use play as a means to see how a child interacts with dolls. Not to diagnose that child as "insane", but since the child will more likely demonstrate matters when playing with the dolls, that otherwise they cannot express. It's not to put the child down, but to help the professionals to understand what is wrong in the environment of the child. A child that plays inappropriate with dolls, making them have sex for instance, might have experienced things of that nature. Children who express anger, violence or other forms of wickedness, might had seen such things in their family unit. 

So only a very unprofessional therapist would ever dream up, or even suggest, that a child playing like I did back then, was doing that cause of their own mental illness. Such a therapist would by that statement had immediately proven themselves to be quacks. If a stupid person that had no such professional training would do such a judgement, that person would only prove themselves to be just as stupid as they are. So therefore that statement about how these perps would interpreted my play was totally unnecessary, but in my opinion something done involuntary, like any deep programming. Just like a trauma bonded person would immediately find something good about the designated "good" person, such a person will find something fearful to say about speaking out of order. That is why the normal reaction to anything you will say about the perps, will be something of this nature, from those that have been also traumatized by them. It's due to this deep programming. I'm quite sick and tired of it, as I'm sick and tired of running uphill with no push from behind. I can be told that stuff I do will be interpreted as proof of my insanity again and again, and it's very useless information. It's draining. 

I can also be put down for bringing up issues that are not totally proven as true, which might be untrue even, but there is no conclusive evidence for neither. So I will be told that is not wise of me as it can be hold against all of us "truthtellers" if I use such not proven intel. At the same time the same person can take a totally fake, and provable fake story from a stranger and run with it. It happened to me with the chemtrails issue, where someone posted "evidence" of how the spraying were turned on and off from a plane. I was then told that this was only gas that the plane let go of before landing. That explanation didn't feel right to me so I kept talking about it with others, and what I found out was that they stopped doing that, and what I remember is that too. Gas is expensive and it's an environmental hazard to toss it out over people, so what kind of explanation is that? I don't know if the footage I saw was on that or not, but I did not believe the story that they did this regularly. The person putting me down for this was at the same time promoting this crazy lady, who used a distortion filter to her videos to make her look funny in her face. She was so typical a liar one can get. 

If I don't remember wrongly the filter she most likely used to make those weird movements of her eyes are called Bug Eye, or something similar. It's been awhile since this issue was at hand, but the important point here is that I was met with hard, cold critique, while this perfect stranger was met with trust. My intel about chemtrails was from a source that has been severely trashed for some reason, and the buggy eyed women I have no idea who she was. Never heard of her before I got that video. This is a great lesson to learn here. We should not trust someone we know nothing about, who makes preposterous claims. Not without absolute proof that we ourselves cannot disprove or find anyone reliable who can disprove. If it's someone whom we've found to be a trustworthy person we might believe them even if they have no proof. If it's someone we've known for a long period of a time and who normally never lies and we feel tries their best to be honest. Nobody is perfect so anyone can be wrong, but lying and being wrong is two different things entirely. One is a deliberate act of deceit the other other is a freaking mistake. Many deliberate liars will however lie and say they made a mistake after they've been found out, so beware of that too. 

My gut feeling felt more sincerity from the person who'd sent me the chemtrail intel, then I felt from the horrible woman who'd made the buggey eye video. She seemed totally phony to me. That said I am totally aware that the person working with the chemtrail issue is a human being and he's trying to investigate and understand a subject from his own level of education and abilities. He's a very intelligent man, obviously, and I feel that he has alot of interesting things to share. There's not been anything in what he's talked about that would make me think he's a total fraud, like this shapeshifting phony woman immediately made me think she was, with her stupid video-filter and lies. I've seen the very same thing with tons of photoshopped photos, and being a user of such graphics programs myself I know some of what you can do. Many times I've spotted faults in images that others gullibly believed to be truthful. You can lie very well with fake photos. What I want to say with this is not that I'm infallible, but that I'm just as much worth as the rest. According to Source I am. I'm not less then others. No I'm not. 

But the program that has been injected into so many beings will make us believe the lies, and one of those lies is that some people are less then others. Some people might be heartless, lying bastards with no living spirits, but they still have a choice to become more then that, so by that they cannot blame their evilness due to their lower nature. Which such foul beings never would do, of course, as they themselves always believe they are the top of the food chain, calling themselves "predators" even, as Castaneda has helped them to promote it in his stories. The true nature of them are that of an animalistic man, basing all his actions on instinct, survival and making everything as good as possible for himself. By doing that such a simple person will harm others, as these goals are too basic and near the animal kingdom to make them prone to make more spiritually evolved choices. It's almost not possible for such a person. All people enjoying conning others, pulling the wool over others eyes to get attention and playing tricks on people are all of this soul group. It does not mean that they would all be able to diagnose as psychopaths, but they sure as hell all share a fair amount of the qualities that are under this diagnosis. 

Being what they are it's easy for the other kind of people, that are quite prevalent here, to feel superior as having a living spirit will make you feel higher up evolutionally wise. But also spiritual people choose to make evil acts and to fall under the spell of selfishness, so it's all down to choices. Therefore we are all equal when we arrive here, though different both on the outside and the inside, and we are making our own spiritual choices here that our worth should be based on. But it's not. We are not judged by others as trustworthy cause we are responsible and honest people, but by other standards. That is why a liar can go on lying in this realm, and still be trusted. It's cause of this programming. Somehow they've managed to hijack this existence and made us all trust the "evil doll" in my play, the one the evil doll-mother promoted. Such a person, whom we've heard so much good about from all directions, we will trust no matter what we know about them. We will ignore what we know and paint them in better colours then they deserve. The actually good doll in my play was made scapegoat, and such a person in our world will be made into a fool no matter how much he or she tries to be honest and without faults. 

The scapegoat is no saint and such a person is under deep programming to always second guess themselves. That is why a scapegoat rather believes a saluted personality, then another scapegoat. That's how insane this program is, that we are made to hinder each other to raise beyond it. We are made to put each other down and to always look for the faults in each other. Also, the scapegoats are brainwashed to be gullible and to believe liars, as we are trained to trust in the actually "evil child", the evil mother has been promoting all our lives. Since such evil children were liars we fool ourselves to believe they are trustworthy and we never question them - ever. By doing that we silence our instincts and we become gullible. It's actually more likely we'll believe a liar then a truth-teller, if we've been under such programming, and we've all been more or less. Some have been harder under this spell, as we've been raised in families with backwards treatment of their offspring. Others will encounter this program later in school and then on workplaces or other relationships. Everyone will see it in politics, how our legal system works and on a global scale. 

So I'm not telling all of this to make myself out as a hero, as I'm not. I'm someone trying to wake up from my sleep and get to know myself. I did know who I was, but the program almost made me forget. It filled me up with lies about myself and made me believe the most erroneous things about others. It made me look up on people who where full of shit, and narcissists, and it made me disbelieve people who was just trying their best to cope with all this shit themselves. You know when you are dealing with a narcissist and when you are not in how they treat others. A person writing about their personal believes, thoughts, memories and not running around with gossip in every house, whispering lies and smear to everyone to hear will not be a narc. It's someone minding their own business, which is your own life and memories, as what happened to you is your life and your business, no matter what these abusing bullies like to make out in all their evilness. They want to make you shut up and die. That is their goal and nothing else, and that is why I got that mail exactly 1½ years after my final mail to my second brother in 2013.

I wrote to him in May 2 years ago that I never ever wanted anything more to do with him, EVER, if he believed I was lying, like our sister claimed I was. He never replied back to me, so therefore confirming he did believe our sister's stories about me being a crazy bitch making up shit like a luny bin from the neither regions. He never replied back on that, but kept writing insulting mails to me, ignoring my request to leave me alone. That is one hallmark of a narc - that they ignore you, disrespects you, wont treat you as a human being, but like you were their property. It's very cruel and therefore they are like demons in human bodies. Actually it's cause they have these souls that have not source connection, so they are unable to respect other beings. Respect comes out of source and every being with a true source connection have deep respect for others and for creation and everything living on this planet. The lower connection to source you have, the less you care for others and the less you respect them. The hate mail I got on the day 1½ years after my request to be left alone from my second brother told me to go to hell. I'd not spoken to him, not written to him, but he'd been stalking my websites and found a blog of mine, and read something he didn't agree upon. Though in my eyes it was very true. 

The trigger however I think was his conversation with the attorney, where he most likely been told similar things I was told. Like that we all was to inherent the same, equal, fair share. So he obviously didn't like that idea, felt highly entitled and in his typical narc paranoid mind he figured out that I must had put these "ideas" into the attorney's mind. Stuff you find in the freaking law book! Later on we found out that the attorney had skipped the law book and wandered off into the mist of the obscure thinking of the narcs. Those minds are very cunning, don't follow any laws, and will lie and con you into believing in fairies and little midges making porridge for you at breakfast. Actually, I would rather believe such stories then any words spoken by these lying narcs, after all the lies that have been uncovered so far. Lies and the uncovering of them don't bother such people, mind you. They just ignore them and go on and escalate their hate campaign about you! So obviously that's what they are doing and do you know what? They can bugger off, as you need to rid yourself of all care for their evil actions to magically transform this reality from a hell hole ruled by liars and thieves, into a beautiful, enchanted place were living, loving souls can enjoy their existence in. 

This place could be totally magical without these lying bastards, you see. We don't need them. That is their last wool pulled over our eyes, which so many gullible people have been made to believe in, that we need their evilness to know good. No, we don't need their evilness, as in Source there is no evil. Evil is absence of something. It's not something in itself. It is absence of care, honesty, honor, love. Even hate is something better then evil, as you hate terrible things that happened to you. Evil cause terrible things to happen and good, caring people hate that. So hate is not evil. Evil is lack of care. Evil is lack. It's empty. Love is something and Source is everything. So if you like me, come from Source, you know no evil. Evil is unfathomable. It is what is not. That is why psychopaths are like empty vessels. They a broken buckets of nothingness and those inflicted with this illness like to steal from others, in an attempt to fill up. They will therefore con and cheat others out of all material wealth they can get their hands on, as all an empty psychopath know of is what he can see. 

They crave possession of worldly matter, and they don't understand people with living spirits or how their true essences work. They crave statues, as that will lead to more worldly wealth, and gain them more power over others lives. It's all a game for the psychopath, and they are the masters of this game as it was their master who once was put here to rule in this realm. Their master is the fake god with a lower "g", who's been ruling this place for a very long time now. He's had his fun, but he's not of the Source, so by that he's even lesser then many of those coming from Source to live in these pathetic small smelly bodies that we possess here on this plane of existence. I had a choice to not come back, but I choose to stay a little longer. That was soon four years ago, and since then I've woken up to alot of the fakeness and bullshit that's been programmed into me from early childhood. There was a reason what happened to me happened and I'm happy I got rid of so much nonsense from my mind that I did. 

To wake up it's not enough to see through the lies of politicians, it's not enough to see through lying media or any of these stuff that is far off and distant from ourselves and our own nature. We must search within, as the key to our slavedom lies within each and everyone of us. We've been bred to become slaves, so those born with living souls will have been handled by those sent out with spiritless souls to help this matrix to hold us back, to stop us from breaking free. Some of those "handlers" might had been family members, either born psychopathic or made into willing subjects to perform this duty through mind control. Much in our society has been created to mind control us. There is not much mystery about that issue. We've been made to control each other and hold each other back from evolving too rapidly. I will end at that note as I could go on forever on these issues, as all of this is vital for our very survival. It's actually a matter of evolve or die. This realm is not made to last, unless living, eternal souls are made to manifest it. The poorly made copies just wont make it, as they've had their chance and they blew it - big time.

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